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  1. This is going back a long way, but I was playing a round at Woodlands Golf Club in Melbourne back in 1999 (golf/wine trip after finishing post-graduate study). I was on the practice fairway and Steve Allan was hitting up next to me with the very club that the OP pictured. Feels like it was just yesterday! He was just starting to really perform well in Australian tournaments at the time. Impressive striker. He looked 14 years old at the time!
  2. I think a Nunchuk shaft would be good for me as I like to play shorter drivers/woods/hybrids and the increased shaft weight will be a positive in terms of the build. Having both the Nunchuk and shorter clubs will, I hope, increase fairways hit. Please count me in.
  3. [color=#282828] Thank you Discount Golf.com and GolfWRX. Please count me in.[/color]
  4. I live in Oz and get drivers sent down all the time. Cost tends to be $30-45 depending on seller. I've never encountered the 42" max length issue.
  5. I'm going to quote from a TrackMan presentation: "A Doppler radar does not only see one velocity, but a velocity spectrum. The velocity spectrum turns out to have discrete frequency components spaced with the spin frequency". For indoor purposes two full revolutions of the golf ball are apparently needed to get an accurate measurement of spin.
  6. Both phased array doppler systems (Flightscope and TrackMan) measure ball spin directly. Indoors an aluminium sticker on the ball is used to help spin measurement due to short distance of ball flight.
  7. I'm a fairly old-fashioned golfer and rate sound and feel very highly when considering a new driver purchase. I love that Adams are specifically addressing these issues with this launch.
  8. I live in Australia and buy plenty of clubs from eBay. I'd say that 90% have been sent via USPS and my experience has been great. It's the cheapest and it works.
  9. Welcome to GolfWRX. I pick an intermediate target and try to square my club face to it.
  10. It's smaller outer diameter not inner diameter... so no adjustment to shaft tip required.
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