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  1. I posted in another thread but I'll drop them here. Loved the feel, thought they looked good. Still hard for me to think my next clubs won't be blades, but these are close.
  2. Went over the Golf Works today to hit these and get some in hand pics. Kinda bummed I didn't get one behind the ball, but they felt great! May be getting these over the Srixon 765s I was planning on. Sorry for the angle...no clue why they are coming in flipped
  3. Did they make a vapor driver similar to the covert tour as a low spinning head? You think it would be worth trying to find a good deal on one?
  4. So here is the deal. I have a Covert Tour that I really do like and got a great deal on it a few years ago. I am mostly curious on how it compares and what there is to gain from some of the newer generation drivers. I have a few shafts that I am putting Nike tips on to have more variety to try out. The itch to get something new hits every once in a while and since it has been a few years I am not quite sure if there is anything to gain other than appearance and slightly newer tech. I guess the main question boils down to, those who have upgraded the last few years what did you feel was the big
  5. So a little background. I was at one point playing around scratch and always a very long hitter. My length and chipping has always bailed me out. I have noticed since playing less that my consistency has gone down and I think see two big reasons. One:my right foot comes way off the ground. I don't know if this helps generate the power I've had or what. Two: i feel like I get too long on the backswing and because my heel is off the ground on the downswing I get over the ball and have to really work my hands through. Any suggestions on how to work through this stuff with limited range time?
  6. Does this service include all the rounds? As in the early coverage and afternoon TV coverage? The site is a little vague on what it includes. Anyone who has this have any insight?
  7. Honest question for those who are adamantly opposed to blades. If you are a high spin, high ball flight players with a strong ss, what non blade iron can you play that will allow low ball flight shots to get out of trouble? One reason I play blades is for those shots, I can take my brothers ping G series iron and not hit a low hook out of trouble, it goes too high.
  8. Been around a while here at WRX, just not in recent years. Anyhow, I'm playing with Snake Eyes 675b 3-pw. I just wanted to say a quick couple of things. First, I had a great experience with a golf shop worker yesterday that gave me hope in this community. My wife and I just had our first child who is about to turn 1 next month . I've played a total of 54 holes of golf this year and no driving range sessions (stay at home navy husband). I have always been a highball high spin player who like to work the ball and hit many shots 3/4 height or lower depending on the situation. So, for me I like bl
  9. Well, I ate a Muscle Pharm protein bar yesterday.....so hopefully that will help him win!
  10. Trying to clean out some stuff...New dad here! Extras must go!! First the ADAMS 9015D 9.5 with miyazaki Kusala 72 X flex- I bought the shaft new for $250 and it went right into this clubhead at the shop. It measures 44.75" At this time I cannot separate them. If there is interest in both the head and shaft I will look into it. Asking Paypal/shipped - $120 OBO Next is a Fujikura Rombax 7z08 X flex... Low spin monster. 43.5" asking PP/Shipped $55 OBO
  11. I'm getting sooo sick of how terrible some companies apps are. On iOS or Android. Android's straight up didn't work for weeks at live streaming. The iOS one just plays a million commercials then the golf starts and it freezes more than it plays. Charge a freaking dollar for the app to get someone who is not technically challenged to fix these things!!
  12. Ok so my question is, with modern technology where does it stop???? Scenario: Player is in the rough, three high-def 3d cameras approach the ball with the player and they get shots of the balls and render it in 3d space with all axis's showing on a graph, player grounds club a couple inches behind the ball...the technology detects MICROSCOPIC movement, player gets penalty. TECHNICALLY it did move, nobody on earth saw it move, but those fancy cameras detected something. People somehow think that with the 4-6inch rough some of these courses have, when a player puts the club down the ball doesn
  13. Ok, here is the deal. I have an Adams 9015d and was thinking about getting a Covert Tour. I was wondering if there is anything extra I need to do with my Miyazaki I have in the Adams. Can I low-heat pull, install Nike tip and go? Or is there any sort of tipping I should be aware of? Also anyone know if the driver length would change much, insertion on the Adams is anywhere from 1.25-1.5"? Thanks for the help guys!
  14. Yeah, sounds to me like you don't create a lot of spin
  15. Those were the days when new drivers didn't come out every year and your investment was, well and investment. Anyone know how long the 975D stayed on the shelves at full retail. I know it was a long time. Funny that as I was helping family move this week I came across a picture of my 975d before I scanned it and ebayed it. Funny
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