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  1. The Non-TS VC .2 series was so under appreciated. Great shaft!
  2. the only real downside to a traditional ceramic coating is that ceramic is a great heat conductor so the panel get hotter in the sun and make it more prone to water spots. The graphene helps against this.
  3. It will definitely protect better against fine swirling and scratching from pulling the headcover on and off etc. a good coating is 9H hardness which is much harder than the clear coat used in the finishing process.
  4. Gotta unload some stuff and pay the darn government. So here it goes. Please add $8 west of the Mississippi for shipping. *all three odyssey putters are original o works versions with the removable weights* 1. O-Works Black 2W Putter with black shaft. Plays 33” and has golf pride tour only grip. Very clean no dings always had a cover. Includes brand new original cover. $old 2. O-Works Black 1WS Putter with black shaft. Plays 33” and has an Chinese oversized grip that feels pretty good actually! Very clean no dings always had a cover. Includes brand new works cover. $ol
  5. I still have that hybrid in my bag. Legendary
  6. Those hand warmers are legit. I have one of the first year prototypes that was sent to only the US Ryder Cup team. Pretty cool item.
  7. Both fair points, I just say an old headcover with that slogan and it got me thinking. Ya know?
  8. First off, I’m a solid Odyssey fan and have played a few O works models exclusively since their release. Even ordered a new one today. That said, I can’t help but notice how uninspiring their line has been lately. For a company that made hats, covers, bags etc with the slogan “innovate or die” only a few years ago, their two biggest things this year are a re-release of a 20 year old series and a TM Spider putter with their name on it. Not much innovation going on right now?
  9. I’ve finally (yeah right) committed to what’s in the bag for this year. Here are some amazing shafts that didn’t quite make the cut but need a good home. in order of picture top to bottom. * Add $10 for west of the Mississippi. Shipping rates for long packes are out of control these days. 1. Mitsubishi Fubuki V-Series 50 Stiff Driver shaft with Titleist Tip. Bought this shaft brand new about a week ago. Has hit about ten balls and has a brand new MCC +4 grip. $old 2. Item removed because I listed it 24 days ago. Will add back to this listing after 30 days
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