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  1. Both fair points, I just say an old headcover with that slogan and it got me thinking. Ya know?
  2. First off, I’m a solid Odyssey fan and have played a few O works models exclusively since their release. Even ordered a new one today. That said, I can’t help but notice how uninspiring their line has been lately. For a company that made hats, covers, bags etc with the slogan “innovate or die” only a few years ago, their two biggest things this year are a re-release of a 20 year old series and a TM Spider putter with their name on it. Not much innovation going on right now?
  3. I’ve finally (yeah right) committed to what’s in the bag for this year. Here are some amazing shafts that didn’t quite make the cut but need a good home. in order of picture top to bottom. * Add $10 for west of the Mississippi. Shipping rates for long packes are out of control these days. 1. Mitsubishi Fubuki V-Series 50 Stiff Driver shaft with Titleist Tip. Bought this shaft brand new about a week ago. Has hit about ten balls and has a brand new MCC +4 grip. $150 shipped 2. Item removed because I listed it 24 days ago. Will add back to this listing after 30 days
  4. Maybe I’m just late to the party but I think Tensei AV Blue is a very underrated and overlooked shaft simply because it’s become a stock shaft in a handful of clubs. It was the clear winner for me versus a few Fubukis, Diamana, Fuji Pro 2.0 and other. It was just better in every category. I’m very excited to game these shafts this year. Also saved me a ton of money!!
  5. Tensei AV Blue or Diamana BF might work.
  6. The more I learn about this shaft all of this doesn’t surprise me at all. I just tried AV Blue in my TS3 and the very preliminary tests show that it’s great for me too. I was most intrigued after looking at all the shafts on the shaft guide on Titleist’s site and within the same weight range (<60g for me) the AV Blue (and raw of course) has a much stiffer tip section that every other shaft including D+ whiteboard! It’s no surprise that this shaft is incredibly stable with great dispersion and less spin than you’d expect from such a smooth shaft. Like some of you, I have to swallow
  7. Looking for a black 1W slant o works putter. Black shaft is a bonus!
  8. Got some fun new shafts to try to confirm one for the bag this year.
  9. Always been a big Fubuki guy. My 2021 shaft shootout begins tomorrow!
  10. though I did have the same thought watching the video, remember that they don’t show us the video or data from consecutive shots. So if you go in off the street and hit all of these irons, one or two may certainly prove to be more consistent, longer or more forgiving for you on that particular day. But yeah, fun to see how close they all are. Though I’m a total ho, I really think we reached the point of diminishing returns years ago.
  11. To be fair, he was referring to Ian mentioning in the video that he predicts it will be THEIR #1 selling iron this year. This is a fair assessment as he’s mentioned in several prior videos that Srixon irons have been their best sellers in past years.
  12. I was excited to hear when he said it wasn’t that hard to hit either. Then I watched Shiels’ new video today....
  13. Just added a 17* to my bag and love it. I think it might go too far though! Might find someone to trade for a 19*
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