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  1. I've got a set on order and used the +50% bump in trade allowance for my used clubs to make it an even wash. I think they look great and am looking forward to the character that develops once the face gets a bit worn. All of my other clubs have black finished faces so I'm not too worried about it.... just hit the ball on center.
  2. I play mine at 44.75" with a swing weight of d5. I'll take the accuracy all day long!
  3. I think one thing that should be factored in when posting a round is the what kind of round it was. By this I mean was it stroke play or match play. Typically in match play, the scores will differ because the hole is not always finished. Not sure how to factor this in, but it would seem this would have an effect.
  4. T.P. Mills Fleetwood Hi-Toe Twins....one of them is naked!
  5. I have been playing the XR Pro with recoil f4 shafts for about a month now. These replaced the Apex with the same shaft that I played last season. The Apex felt better, but, everything else about the XR Pro is significantly better for me. Better ball speed, flight, distance and forgiveness. I play to a 6 and have been hitting some of the best shots that I can remember in a long time. Terrific irons!
  6. I played my first round with these today. I ordered them with the Recoils F4 shafts which I really like. The feel for me was just as good as the Apex irons that I played last season. I would credit some of this to the shafts. The sound is a bit different, but nothing alarming. The ball flight was VERY different for me with this set. Much higher than I was used to.... but a penetrating flight. This led to more distance and I was overshooting greens early in the round. Once I was able to get a better feel, I had to convince myself that it was OK to pull the club that is usually one shorter. I th
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