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  1. Today I have 4 Whiteboards for sale. All flowerband versions. Shipping is from Canada, shipped to the lower 48. Please keep in mind that it costs about $40 to ship to the US and $30 to Canada. 73X with 910 tip. A couple of scuff marks but no deep scratches. Plays 45". $125 obo SOLD 83X with 913 tip. Mint condition. Plays 45". $150 obo 83X pair 42.75" and 41.5" both 2" tip prep. Longer one is in nice shape, the other has most of the graphics rubbed off and the butt split a little bit from an extension. $110 for the pair. SOLD
  2. Just as the title says, Titleist 712 CB 2 iron & 3 iron X100 shafts, 1/4" over length Supposedly tour issue with leading edge relief sole grind Tour Velvet grips with 1 extra wrap in good shape $130 obo shipped for both in the US SOLD Adams A12 Pro 18* Axivcore Black Tour 100 X Spot near the bottom of shaft where the club builder scratched the paint when he was making the cut. Absolutely doesn't affect play and not noticeable at address. $95 obo shipped in the US
  3. Hey guys, I don't really need anything in trade so lets go sale only. If my prices are out of line, make me an offer (but not a stupid one). Shipping from Phoenix. If you're local, we could meet up. Thanks! Mitsubishi Fubuki Alpha 70 X 43.5" tip to end of grip I had this installed in a 910 so it's been tipped 0.5" Comes with NDMC whiteout black In really good shape with the exception of a tiny spot that got scratched on the bottom throwing star graphic. Wouldn't notice it unless you were looking for it. $100 SOLD Adams Pro Black 9031 18* Club is used but taken care of. I'll let the pictu
  4. Thanks for the input! I'm going down with a few others who were set up pretty well last year - $1000 life time initiation, $250/month (come and go as you please). Unfortunately the guy who set that up for them is not working there anymore so we're not sure if that will still be honored. I've heard Vista Verde sets guys up sometimes and Legacy used to be the home course for Gateway players right? I don't expect anything for free. Just hoping to find something reasonable, probably $400-500/month max. I'll try sending a couple messages to the courses listed above. Thanks Thrillhouse!
  5. Hey guys! Hoping some of you can help me out. I currently live in BC in Canada. I plan on going to Canadian Tour (now PGA Tour Canada) Q School this Spring which will most likely be down near Palm Springs. I feel that if I play four rounds of my good solid golf I will make it! But I want to make sure that my game is as sharp as possible, so would like to spend a few months practicing in good weather before heading to Q School. I'm looking to move to Arizona with my girlfriend (she will play Cactus Tour) and a couple other guys in the same position as me. Can anyone suggest a course tha
  6. Hey guys! Selling the Button Back for my friend and the rest are mine, hopefully soon to be yours. Shipping is included to Canada and the lower 48. Please keep in mind that shipping a putter from here to the US costs about $30-$35. PM me with any questions. Make offers but no low balls please. SCOTTY CAMERON BUTTON BACK NEWPORT 2 34 1/4" by my measurement 10g weights Translucent red pain fill Dancing Cameron red cord grip. Comes with Studio Select headcover. One tiny mark just off the toe of the insert but overall this putter is beautiful. $530 SOLD SCOTTY CAMERON DEL MAR 3.5 340G Ja
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