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  1. golfluvzme


    Wasn't "Be the right club, today", caught on air from Hal Sutton? Not positive, but Floyd just doesn't come to mind when I picture that saying. Zebras were the cat's meow when I was young. It was the most expensive putter on the rack and all of the range rats drooled over it. I've become a bit of a Zebra hoarder. There is another recent thread that covers this design, I just cannot recall the title of it. Good luck with your project! LaMont in AZ
  2. He put the Slant Neck putter in the bag, shortly before the Mylan Classic. If you find pix, the head will be black. Even with a worm camera shot, it is nearly impossible to identify. LaMont in AZ
  3. Can anyone guess what putter this NIKE version was modeled after, trying to get Kiz to roll a NIKE putter? I know what MY thoughts are, knowing the build style of the putter he used to win the 2010 Mylan Classic on the Nationwide Tour. Throw out some ideas. If you know, you know. If you have to guess, then you may miss the target. LaMont in AZ
  4. Those stainless dots on the face are killer to see, again. He did an amazingly even finish on it and it looks awesome. We all have some sort of putter sickness, that is why we are in this forum. Never apologize. Embrace the condition and enjoy! Thanks for sharing those pix! LaMont in AZ
  5. My first memories of the Zebra putter was in the mid-to-late 70's. It was the most expensive putter that the pro shop at MeadowBrook GC carried. Ray Floyd rolled one and that was a positive, for marketing sake. I was 10-12 years old and dreamed of being able to afford one, someday. Well, needless to say, that idea sort of played out over the years. This bag is just what I have centralized in the shop. If I take a few minutes and go thru bins and drawers, the picture gets worse.......or better, depending upon your view. I am not positive what grip is on each of these, but I'll dig o
  6. I have a Lamkin Deep Etched with the Zebra logo down the front. Reach out via [email protected] and we can figure out how to get it in your hands. LaMont in AZ
  7. Just when you think that the horse is dead and you can stop beating it, somebody brings it back up. Personally, I think the ban was a joke of a thing to do, in the first place. But, it's now a rule, so if a guy breaks it, BOOM! Call it, assess the penalty and be over it. LaMont in AZ
  8. IMHO, this is the best OTR putter that Scotty ever produced. It was made for Asian export, but you could also get them as part of a promo that Titleist ran thru green grass accounts. If you bought 25, you got to design your own cover for them. This model is where the FOV covers came from. I was fortunate enough to wind up with one of the covers and a head that had some DIY stamping damage in the cavity. Rolled it for a couple years and loved it! If you don't need the money, I'd put it aside and circle back around when the mood strikes. Great run of putters! Just one Mann
  9. I am hoping for a little more "feel" than what has seems to be the standard in a lot of the new tech putter shafts. If low torque is your goal, you have a lot of products to choose from. If something that brings back the feel of the old 12" first step True Temper, we seem to be getting the shaft, .......or NOT getting the shaft. From the extremely few pix I have found of the One Step, I have a little hope that this is Kim Braly's goal in this new one. Got my fingers crossed. LaMont in AZ
  10. I am all for a guy buying what they like, what looks good to them when they stand over a putter, or just buying something because they know it is a one of a kind that nobody else will ever own. At the same time, I believe that there are golfers who benefit from putter fittings. Some guys NEED someone who they believe knows more than them about the fitment of a putter to their own personal game. Some guys just want reinforcement of their gut feelings as to what will work best in their hands and will fit their game. IMHO, no "Set in Stone" method will fit every player. Now, when it com
  11. I think that you'll be shocked at the sloppiness of a prepped .370 Tipped shaft, going into a .375 bore. It doesn't sound like much, right? Just .005". It is a lot of gap to have in the port that a shaft is set to be anchored into. I learned the hard way, LaMont in AZ
  12. Well, legend and public record has part of the reason being that a son in the family of the owners of BOS, decided to sell some putters that did not belong to him and were tour stamped. But, as legend goes, things always grow with time. LaMont in AZ
  13. I'll repeat. Germany does not have a designation of "303 Stainless Steel". ALL of these theories are based on every makers' "GSS" as being the same grade. Not one maker has come out with the designation of what his stainless steel actually is, grade-wise in the German spec. Like most of you, I have seen "303 GSS" stamped on one of the major maker's putters. Sorry, but that might be a phrase or term that has a copyright, but it is not an accurate designation for a grade of stainless steel on the German market. I do not claim to be an expert, but I know what the verbal exchange was wh
  14. These are always fun threads to watch. So many "legends" out there that get larger every time a story is told. Anyone got popcorn? LaMont in AZ
  15. I was looking at my own profile and realized that I've been here a decent number of years. In that time, I've learned, shared, watched and participated in some very cool trends and putter ideas. I just wanted to thank anyone who I have dealt with or shared with and wish you all a Merry Christmas. 2020 has been a wild ride and it will be nice to get out and have a new year to build upon. If you celebrate Christmas, consider yourself wished a very MERRY CHRISTMAS from a putter junkie in Arizona. Cheers to a less crazy 2021! LaMont in AZ
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