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  1. Hey everyone -- thanks for all of your suggestions. It was a busy week, but now that I'm getting ready to hit the road, I'll definitely look these places up.
  2. looking for a couple of places to play while travelingI'll be spending some time in Philadelphia (center city) and the Bethany/Rehoboth Beach areas, and would love to get a round or two in while I am at it. I prefer to walk rather than drive a cart, convenient locations (especially in and around Philly) would be a plus, and wouldn't mind a nine-hole option or two in case time is tight. Thanks for any suggestions you might have!
  3. I picked up a 3-pack of these at rockbottomgolf last year (I carry two CPRs and had the same issue as you). Technically putter covers, but they do the job pretty nicely (but you should know they don't cover all the way down to the bag). I got the black ones, though red or blue would also look good on the clubs. Not the fanciest, but inexpensive and they work well for me.
  4. [quote name='kenk7us2002' post='826974' date='Dec 16 2007, 07:54 PM'][quote name='Konrad' post='826964' date='Dec 16 2007, 07:40 PM'][quote name='kenk7us2002' post='826901' date='Dec 16 2007, 06:47 PM']Konrad sooner or later we have to quit making the ball go longer its that simple or the game will out grow the courses and the real estate. But I am and old guy and am in no way in favor of rolling the current ball back or coming up with a special ball for tour players.[/quote] We've made the ball go as far as possible. The COR has been maxed out on clubs and balls. Anything else you read is
  5. Just to finish off that history lesson, that was three years ago in 2004. Just last year, Tiger turned the tables pretty handily, dusting Singh by 5 shots in the final round for a comback victory by 2. http://sports.espn.go.com/golf/news/story?id=2573319
  6. dpwrx

    Pixl Golf

    some answers, but by no means the whole story. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/index.php?sh...496&hl=pixl
  7. Competing in a market as tight as golf clubs requires branding. All of these prominent color schemes and design features are probably just as much to distinguish an iron when it is in the bag of a pro on TV (or your weekend playing partner) as it is actual engineering. Yes, I know there are big logos on bags, shirts, and hats, but this is simply another step. The shape, coloring, and badges on a set of ping/TM/Nike/Nickent/Titleist/any manufacturer's clubs is branding space that more and more manufacturers are bound to take advantage of.
  8. dpwrx


    It took Vijay Singh having one of the single greatest seasons in the modern era to nose *barely* ahead of Woods for half a year while Woods changed his swing. Ernie Els is deluded if he thinks he can do that. He is done being a dominant player. Right now, Mickelson is a mess, Furyk is having trouble closing out, Vijay plays well but is not better than Woods, Goosen is just not the player he once was. Harrington is good, but not a consistent winner. As for the young crop, Garcia still has a soft psyche, Scott is still a robot, Donald can't dominate a layout (much less a full field), Casey
  9. the Cleveland 588 60* wedges have only 3* of bounce. Don't know how the sole width compares with the Vokeys, but the 588 is not as wide as some other lob wedges out there.
  10. Most Barnes & Noble locations carry it (as well as a couple of other UK/Europe golf pubs).
  11. Big business, it would seem, is not above such backbiting when millions of dollars and investors' perception is at stake. As for the "almost switched to TaylorMade" comment, it was common knowledge that Tiger was trying almost any driver under the sun while Nike tried to come up with something more viable than its 1st generation of driver (the Forged series), which were universally panned. But the R7 quad launch was almost four years ago. Talk about hanging your hat on old news, and an "almost" at that.
  12. Out with injury -- herniated disks in her back, I think. http://www.thegolfblog.com/2007/06/natalie...ack-injury.html
  13. He drew a lot of fans and interest over the years, was a good player, and shared with those less forunate. But now all I can think is that he's a joke as a professional golfer.
  14. It could also just be his main "A" set, as opposed to his backups ("Weir-B") that the tour van might store.
  15. I liked O'Hair's play better than Imada's play. O'Hair -- two shots back, could not rely on a two shot swing on 18 (i.e. Phil birdie, him Bogie). Also, even if Phil plays safe on 17, there's always an outside chance at a Phil birdie on the island hole that would sink any comeback hopes. If O'Hair reads the wind better, things could be very different. His club selection was the result of a bad wind read. Imada -- tied (first playoff hole). Bad lie. Needs to rely on an absolutely perfect 3-wood shot over water to make the green. Yes, Johnson will be on in 2 and might make eagle, but si
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