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  1. My course is at 7500' altitude and we have more mountain Ravens than we need. They can put out a lot of noise sometimes, and they have quite a large vocabulary. We also have some birds that we call "Johnny One Notes" because they make ONE quick chirp, same sound, on & on.
  2. I sincerely hope his quality of life is better......tough decision though, for sure.
  3. The feeling is probably mutual. Who really likes Lanny?
  4. I have a funny feeling that after watching 6 or so holes of those two, I will have seen enough.
  5. I've been to Mission Hills and the desert communities there.....didn't see any homeless villages. Saw lots of Benzes, Teslas, Jags, Porches, Bentleys, & Rolls Royces though.
  6. My first thoughts on this move..........negative! Ever been to Houston in the spring (or most anytime)? Hot, humid, mosquitoes, traffic is horrendous, and yes, it can have flooding rains.
  7. Congrats to Celine Boutier! She rose to the top on Sunday, in her very quiet & unassuming way. I like her style!
  8. You can start a "Cats" thread, might get a lot of participants, but you know that cats won't cooperate.
  9. I always come to this thread to find some love & laughter. Nothing here ends up in guys arguing forever over pretty much nothing.
  10. Sleeping puppies are the best!
  11. Looks like he's got "relaxing on the sofa with Dad" down pat.
  12. What handsome guy!!! An English Setter? Don't see too many around these days.
  13. I live in a private golf course community, & you would not believe some of the crazy things I've seen with golf carts. The biggest problem here is very elderly men (& a few women) who have super fast golf carts and they cannot handle the speed around corners, steep hills, etc. Our courses are mountain courses so there's plenty of opportunity for accidents....some have been very serious. I believe golf carts do not need to go 30+ mph. That's just asking for trouble.
  14. I have a couple hoodies I love to wear playing golf, but not if it's windy. The hood just keeps flopping around getting in the way.
  15. Is Bryson wearing his old style hats for the Long Drive competition? IMO, he looks MUCH better in the baseball style cap he probably was forced to wear during the Ryder Cup. Trivial I know, but no more than the dozens of discussions by men on this board about how the LPGA women dress, ya think???
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