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  1. I keep expecting Mike to tell Jordan to just hit the ball, shut up, & stop your whining.
  2. Cockers DO know how to relax!!!
  3. Google Ruidoso.....snow skiing, golf, TREES, all at about 7000' altitude. It's a beautiful little town. Fulltime population is about 10,000 or so, with summer months at around 30,000. My house is at 7200' , we have very low humidity, 4 seasons, but nothing extreme. I have skied & played golf on the same day many times. This year, like everywhere in the SW, we need snow/rain badly. Visitors from Texas & AZ flock here in the summer months to escape the extreme heat.
  4. No I don't live in Albuq....too much crime, Covid, & traffic there. I live in the Ruidoso area....south central Sacramento mountains.
  5. YAY...congrats to Danielle, great win! She's been a fav of mine for several years. She's got spunk! (I know, some people hate spunk).
  6. So sad for his family. I read that Tim retired in 2019 when he knew he was having memory issues. The only good thing about this is that he didn't suffer with the disease for many many years, as some do. I think that would be the hardest for a family to deal with, watching their loved one slowly fade away for years.
  7. I like Notah, & him being a Native New Mexican doesn't hurt. He does lots of things in NM to help junior golf, Native juniors, and juniors in general. He knows the obstacles young Native Americans face in their daily lives & does all he can to encourage them & be positive role model for them.
  8. Well, after reading about all the "commentary" I've never been happier that I record & FF later to avoid listening to all the BS & local knowledge provided by Rolfing.
  9. He's screaming for attention. Everyone's talking about Tiger & Charlie and not Bryson & Brooks.
  10. Kaysquare

    PNC 2021

    Congrats to John & John II Daly. Young John (glad he's dropped the Little John nickname) looks more fit this year & is playing well. Can't say the same for old John.
  11. I'm watching & enjoying it. Nice to see the players mostly having fun & not so intense over their games. You see a side of them that you normally don't see in "real" tournaments. And....since I fractured a bone in my left hand a few weeks ago, I'm not able to play golf for a little while.
  12. I'm so so sorry for your loss, believe me, I know how much it hurts, and how long it takes to get over it. I've been there a number of times and it never gets easier. All dog lovers have that one or two very special "heart" dogs that they never get over, but of course, they love all the dogs in their life with all their hearts. Fortunately, our hearts have room for more love, it just might take a while to be ready to love a dog that much again, but you WILL, & eventually wonder why you didn't do it sooner, I promise.
  13. Well, this thread turned into the predictable outcome. The couple is "in love".....don't you remember how that is? If you don't, I feel sorry for you. Some couples remain that way for many years (believe it or not).
  14. You'd have to see it to believe it.......the whole day.
  15. This is bizarre for sure. As Feherty says, this course is haunted.
  16. Well, yes the mute button got overworked. I've never been crazy about Phil, but even more so now. Someone said Bryson was insufferable......I agree.
  17. I'm recording this "event" & just watched the first drive on #1......it's the mute button for me, I cannot listen to their schtick. I'd as soon listen to 7th graders trash talk each other.
  18. Just how the heck do you watch two guys play 12 holes of golf, when you want both of them to screw up?
  19. I've cooked turkeys in Reynolds Cook'in Bags for years.....super moist, lots of juice for gravy. Never had a disaster, ever. And the turkey cooks in much less time than conventional ways. I don't stuff the turkey, I cook the dressing separately. Never had any complaints.....
  20. I'll bet Austin's new husband is more excited about the Lamborghini than Austin is.
  21. Congrats to Viktor on this win! Easy to root for him! I suspect a major might be in his not-too-distant future.
  22. There are "some" gals wearing shorts or skorts (no leggings) short sleeve shirts with arms bare.
  23. Lorena was my favorite for a very long time. Would love to see her make some guest appearances now & then!
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