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  1. Looking for a 3 wood shaft to try in my Epic Flash SZ. Prefer a heavier stiff or light X. Not looking for anything super premium, as I'm testing a strong 3 for the first time. Cheers
  2. Well team, I have 2 months to go until my first kid arrives, so I'm letting go some of the good stuff. Ideally, I'd like a partial trade for a blade with either a plumbers or slant/crescent neck. Anser/Newport shapes preferred, but might go for a Matera or Fleetwood shape...Byron tops the list though. Took this in trade some time ago for some Miuras from another reputable/regular member here and gamed it once. I'm just not a mallet guy. I'll ship same or next day, depending on when it sells and provide tracking immediately upon dropping off. Trades (parti
  3. I've been doing the proper WRX thing and accumulating without being fit (at least in a while), so now it's time to pass on some great deals and gear to others. Prices are PP'd and Shipped Priority. If purchased today, will ship tomorrow. Please note, I'll be away Thurs-Sunday, so if not sold by tomorrow, shipping will be next Monday. The gear: 1. Miura TC201/MB101 combo. 5/6/7 TC201, 8/9/PW MB101. The new Project X LS 6.0's. Midsize Z-Cords. Standard length, blades are 1 strong to blend w/201's. 1.5* flat. This combo looks amazing and feels better...I just need
  4. They're one of those shaft sets that have never made it out of my garage, despite having a love/hate relationship with them. Anyone still gaming irons with these in them? What heads? And if you used to play them, what did you transition into?
  5. Not for me. I have a set of 1008's currently and mine have both versions of 'made in japan'...though in slightly different configurations. I bought mine through Chip Usher a while back, so i know they're legit. Someone more educated on Miura folklore might be able to comment on why they're that way, but i can't.
  6. Deciding on how to build up my new set...and have been through a fitting already (indoors). Trying to decide if I should go for a full set of TC201s, or combo them in 8-pw with MB101's. Forgiveness on the 201's felt a tiny bit more substantial, but I hit the 101's just fine in my fitting (again, indoors). I did perceive the leading edge on the 101's to be pretty sharp, so I do wonder if they'd dig a bit more. We all know we can benefit from whatever additional forgiveness is out there, but the 101's looked so good to my eye, I'm wondering if that comfort is worth the
  7. I'll take the Pings. PM
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