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  1. Chrome vokey sold. open to offers on the irons and other vokeys! Might be tempted by a nice putter too
  2. Thanks for the kind words folks, just trying to pass on some good deals. Might as well take advantage of me trying every wedge/bounce/loft combo this year!
  3. Hi Team, Moving on from some experiments and things I took in trade this year. Prices are shipped and PP'd. Not interested in splitting up the wedge sets. I'm open to trades, but they're limited to: 52/58 Wedge set - lower bounce and flat 8* TSI3 head Callaway TCB or maybe x Forged CB set, standard or flat lies. The goods: Miura CB57 3-pw set. Fantastic condition. Modus 120X, 1/4" over, 1 flat. Red Karma grips in great shape, except the 3 iron which has a new tour velvet align. Some of the all-time greats. $700 SM8 set, 50/54/58, tour chrome. about 12 rounds on them, stock specs, just moving to a 52/58 setup. $OLD SM8 Set, 52/56/60, raw/blackout/raw. Bought here to try different loft setup, in excellent shape, stock specs. $260 Let me know if you have questions and thanks for looking!
  4. title says it all…head only is fine or shafted. Doesn’t have to be mint. Thanks!
  5. Hi team, didn’t think I’d sell these, but I’m moving in a few days, so here we are. Price is shipped and PP’d. I’ll look at partial trades plus cash. Trades include: - high end putters - 21-23* hybrids with exotic shafts - tmb 4 iron - Players CB's with graphite shafts, Accra isteel, or modus (can’t do heavy x flex any more) - Black SM8 set (low bounces) - try me with others The goods: Miura MB101, 4-pw, standard l/l/l. Black $-taper 125 (s+), brand new white Pure DTX (+1 wrap), new BB&F ferrules. These have 5 rounds and range time on them. Pretty amazing looking setup to my eye. Can take and send any additional pics anyone would like, but someone is going to be incredibly happy with these. $1475 shipped and PP’d pin 9/14
  6. My house move is rapidly approaching, so here are some more extras that will help me pay for movers. No trades this time around, please. Shipping is Priority (unless asked otherwise) and it and PP are included. 1. 8* SIM head. Great shape with the HC included. I just needed more loft. $OLD 2. Ping TR 1966 Anser 2. This one is a gamer that I bought here on the forums. Still in good shape and would make a great refinish candidate. Just under 34". These are getting harder to find. $75 Take em both for $275
  7. I’ve been fit at TXG…you’re in for a treat! im -2* and bounce between miura 201’s and callaway apex pros. what’s been interesting for me is going to lighter shafts…it actually shallowed me out an extra degree or so. curious if anyone else has had a similar experience?
  8. I've owned both, but I keep trying Srixons knowing I don't jive with their V sole that well. They feel great though, and in my opinion look quite a bit better than the previous 7 series. As mentioned, the Callaways are rounder-toed, so if that's your preference, start with those. Some didnt like the 'hotter' feeling of the Apex Pros, but I never minded it...in fact i really liked it in the 4 &5 iron. They spun plenty, despite that more explosive feeling.
  9. Just got through a fitting where irons were my focus and came away with some heads I might not have considered. Also hadn't been on a launch monitor for the better part of a year, so seeing where my swing was at was interesting. Rather than get into the sweeper/digger, skinny/thick sole conversation (directly anyways)...let me know what you're playing for an iron setup and your AoA. Curious to see how things line up. Cheers!
  10. Hi Team, Just a lonely Srixon ZX utility up for grabs today. Near mint, as I went back to regular hybrids. Standard specs. $140 shipped and PP'd.
  11. Hi team, Selling off some extras that I'm not using this season. No trades this time around please (unless you have a Red X in great shape, or something from Mr TP Mills). Prices are shipped and PP'd. I ship next day and Priority Mail. 1. Wilson Staff Model Blades, 6-pw. s300's. +.5" and 1 up. Bag chatter, but the faces are excellent. Grips are a mishmash, so I can include some midsize lamkin sonars for full asking. These are beautiful and deserve a good home. $OLD 2. Ping Glide Stealth. 50ss, 54ss, 58ts, all standard. Tour issue s400's. Only used these for about 5 rounds. Lamkin crosslines in good shape. $OLD Cheers!
  12. I appreciate the offer, but I need to stick to the 8* heads, per my fit.
  13. Hi Team, I just bought a house...so I need some cash. So here is this beautiful set of sticks. I should mention, I'm open to a very small number of trades: those are: 8* Sim2 or TSi2/3. I'd prefer a stout stiff shaft or a softer X (ss is about 106). That's it for trades, so please don't offer others. Price includes shipping. I pack well and ship quickly. Miura TC201 4/5/6 and MB101 7/8/9/PW with a HB gap wedge. All have MMT 105 stiff shafts, hard stepped x1. Stock l/l/l. Miura/lamkin UTX grips on all but the 4 iron, which has a tour velvet. These are VERY clean. A touch of bag chatter, but nothing notable. Faces and grooves are excellent. Happy to send more pics of anything you like, if you'd like. $1295 shipped and PP'd
  14. Personally, I think 1008’s are more forgiving than 57’s, particularly heel-toe. They’re a bit meatier too
  15. Have owned BB's, CB501's, 57's, 1008's, 201's, and MB101's. If I just wanted to admire them; BB's If I wanted to game them; 1008's. For me, the 1008's are just a great blend of everything and were sneaky forgiving. I would mention, if the MC501's had less offset, I think they could have been real contenders for the GOAT
  16. Lots of questions about flex...'FOUR' is VA's stiff flex
  17. Hi Team, 2 items that didnt make the bag this season. Prices are shipped and PP'd. Please, no trades. 1. 9* SIM in great shape. Comes with a UST Helium 5s that I never used and an Aldila Copper Mamba 60s. Both play just over 45". SIM was gamed for about 1/2 a season and has no uglies. HC included $OLD 2. VA Raijin hybrid shaft with a Ping tip. I tried this in a 17* 410 head, but didnt get on with it. It's in excellent shape and measures 40" grip to tip. NDMC standard grip. Wicked looking shaft! $85
  18. Hi Team, Just one item today, as I think I've tried/owned every iron this season, despite playing less than normal. ONLY trade would be a TS2 or TSi2 21/23* hybrid plus cash. Here's a set of ZX7/Z-Forged combos. They play +.25 and 1 flat of Mizuno standard. Stock lofts. ZX7's in 4/5/6, Forged in 7-PW. Roughly 10 rounds a a couple range sessions on them...excellent shape. PX LZ 6.5's and NDMC's. Lead tape will be removed if desired (it's only on the blades). Someone should love these. Priced firm at $595 shipped and PP'd. I'll ship tomorrow morning and provide tracking asap.
  19. Hi Team, I've gone a little crazy with irons over the past few months, so I need to unload a few. Prices are shipped and PP'd and I'll ship next day. ONLY TRADES ARE: Ping Anser Milled putters Titleist TS2 or TSI2 21-24* hybrids Accra TZ5 M4 w/TM tip (driver) other players irons/blades with Modus 120X 1. Wilson Staff Players CB, 4-pw. Bone stock with s300's. only the 4, 7, PW have been hit, the others are still in plastic. Pics shown are of the used irons. PENDING... 2. Mizuno HMB/MB combo. 4-6 HMB, 7-PW MB. Modus 120X SSx1. -1/4" & 1 flat. GP tour wraps. 6 iron still in plastic. Bought these here, played 1 round and 1 range session with them. They're beauties, but couldnt kick the gamers. $OLD!! These deserve to be played this season, so trying to pass on some good deals.
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