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  1. I'll take the Pings. PM
  2. Hi Team, Couple items up for sale tonight. No trades this time around please, unless you have flat Ping i500's or a blue T20 lob wedge. Prices are PP and shipped Priority Mail. Pricing these aggressively, so prices are firm. Can ship tomorrow if sold tonight. 1. Titleist TS3, 8.5* driver with a Diamana S Limited 60X. Gamed for 1/2 this season. Very Good condition. HC included. $235 shipped 2. Taylormade SIM 15* 3w. Stock S Limited 75s. Only 1 round and a couple range sessions on it, but I did hit a couple sandy range balls when traveling. No HC, but will come protected in a generic one. $245 shipped. Take em both for $450 Cheers
  3. great call out, as I play a BF 60x in the driver now. Never jived with whiteboard profiles, even when the launch conditions were good, something always felt off. I can get a little handsy, but liked the feeling PX gave me of being able to steer it a bit more.
  4. Wondering about you smooth swingers out there who might be using normal Project X. Been using modus 105x but was feeling a little out of sync after working on the move all season, so went for a fit. Don't load the shaft a ton, smooth to moderate tempo, usually fit into PX LZ, modus, etc, but was really in a groove with normal PX 6.0. Anyone making a smooth tempo work with these, even though it's not the shaft's MO?
  5. Hi team, Posting my experiments. Cash is king. Prices include priority mail shipping with tracking. Always had great luck buying and selling here, so rest assured, you'll be happy with what you get. Only trades are listed below: Trades: Accra or VA shafts w/TM tips (driver or 3wood) Callaway fw shaft Piretti or TP mills Miura things Ping Hoofer Lite The goods: 1. Callaway Apex Pro 19, 4-pw with upgraded black $-taper 120s. Standard L/L/L. Excellent shape, about 15 rounds on them. Comes with raw Mack Daddy Forged wedges with $-taper 125 shafts and new z-cords. Wedges are 1* up. Selling together for $730 shipped. 2. Bettinardi QB9, 34" with a limited run black shaft and deep etch grip. Mint and HC included. $OLD
  6. More face pics....all I have at the moment. Can take a group photo when Im back from work...but you get the idea...they all look like this
  7. Hi team, Up for grabs is a pretty mint set of Miura CB-1007's, 4-pw, w/Modus 120X shafts. Specs are 4 - w, 38.5" on the 5 iron, 47 degree pw and 1 degree flat on the lie. Basically new midsize Lamkin Crossline full cord grips Essentially the Japanese version of the CB-57. Bought them here to try the Modus shafts, but they're a no-go for me. Only a handful of rounds and a couple practice sessions on them. $700 shipped Priority Mail Cash is king...BUT....Trades (partials welcome): TS3 15 or 16.5* w/stiff or smoother X shafts 785's with something other than Modus 120 iBlades/210's (standard or flat please) other Miuras Glide stealth wedges Anything else interesting
  8. Tons of great thoughts here folks, thanks for all the conversation. 785's are on my short-list. And I've got a love-hate relationship with Ping's i series. I've had i200's and 210's over the past couple years and played some of my best golf with them, but my miss, particularly with the shorter irons was fat. Still thinking of iBlades or even Blueprints. My Miuras have been great, but that funny PW shape they and other Japanese wedges have still throws my eye a little. Not to throw the thread direction, but are all of you relatively neutral with the driver too? I know I'm working on getting more upward AoA, but always hover around 0*.
  9. Sweeper here...looking at new irons this season and putting together the shortlist of heads to try. Players irons preferred, maybe a combo in the very short irons. Coming from Miura CB1008's, which have been great, but just time for something new (new miura's are not in the budget). The Miuras were longer than i expected and I'm not super concerned about gaining iron distance, consistency is what I'm after. What's in your bag and what did you try? Cheers
  10. Good morning team...Hope you're all well, Up for grabs is a set of Mizuno 919 Tour irons. I bought these on a whim here a bit ago, but didn't pay close attention to shaft flex. My mistake. Specs are: Custom build with A weight heads, Project X 5.5 shafts +1/2”, 1’ upright, 1’ strong from Mizuno 919 Tour standard. Golfpride Multi Compound +1/32”. D5 swing weight. Everything is in excellent shape.Price: $OLD Cash gets first priority...but...possible trades: Current Drivers (stiff shaft), particularly in the lower spin category Other Iron sets (785, iBlades, i210's, etc) with something like PX LZ 6.0, modus 120 or 105x, DG120, etc Might be open to trade plus cash as well. Cheers!
  11. Hi Team, A couple real beauties here. The ONLY trades I'd be open to are a Miura 60* or a TS3 15 or 16.5* with a stiff shaft. Prices are 'shipped'. Shipping is via USPS and will have tracking. Like everyone else, things have changed and hope these can go to a good home (also got 6" of snow last night, so even golf is on hold.) TP Mills Huey 'sample'. Early run from the Anvil series. Weld neck. Headweight is in the low 340's. 33.5" with a SS 2.0. Putter is in very excellent shape. Gamed twice and indoor rolled. Pics don't do this finish justice. $300Ping G410 lst 9* with a Tour AD TP 6x. Head is in excellent shape with just some minor tee marks. Plays 45". Shaft has been in a couple heads for me over the years and has a couple paint scuffs (pictured). I just finally found something that I hit better. I dont know where the stock HC is, but will include a pretty cool Vice Golf 'hat' hc. If I can find the original, I'll include that too. $290
  12. Do the 190 adapters fit these 200 heads?
  13. They feel wonderful...really. I just have a set with shafts that fit me perfectly...and want these to get some use
  14. Good morning team! Looking to either pass along a great deal or trade for something I might need/use for next season. I am trade friendly...but as we all know, when you say that, your inbox explodes. Please understand if I dont reply right away, as like all good WRXers, I'm writing this from my desk at work. I'll try to respond to everyone. Top Trade interests are: Mills putters, slant neck Piretti's, Ping Vault Bergen, Bettinardi QB10, Titleist TS3 8.5 (stiff shaft) driver or 15* fairway. Try me for other things... The Goods: 4-PW set of Miura CB501's, in excellent shape, with KBS TGI 100 graphite shafts in stiff. Standard L/L and 1* flat of Miura Standard. Midsize NDMC's with about 5 rounds on them. VERY minimal bag chatter and NO uglies. This was an experiment set for me and I want motorcycle things, so away they go. If you've not tried TGI 100's...they feel, to me, similar to KBS 120's...just a bit tighter. I just played Bethpage Red with these last Friday and I can tell you that I appreciated the qualities of graphite. If you've looked at these shafts before, you also know they ain't cheap.Straight sale: $475 shipped USPS priority
  15. Hi Team, I've got some extra MCC+4's, standard size, that I'm not going to use. These have never been installed...simply took the plastic off the grips and then stuck them on my workbench. 11 in total. Including 2 white Nion grips as well as a bonus...still have the plastic on. Will ship tomorrow via Priority Mail. **$80**
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