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  1. Getting fit for irons/wedges is a complete waste of time indoors at txg. Without turf interaction? Driver ok though… Save your money. If you’re in litchfeild, drive 4 hours to Titleist in Carlsbad. Wigwam is awesome. Why would you get a SIM indoor when you live in Phoenix area? I have one and I use it much less then I thought I would… Get the yearly membership and see how you like it. Can’t think of a worse idea then going to Toronto. And I’m Canadian! Better fitters 15 mins from you.
  2. I think it matters. It’s significantly easier to be a “scratch“ now as the average scratch hits it 25 to 30 yards further than they did when the system was developed.
  3. I would likely stay clear of a course like this. Sounds like lots of potential issues. Including angry customers because they will claim that the marshals weren’t doing a good enough job or the group in front of them was the problem or whatever. I see potential violence being something you’d have to deal with on a regular basis. You’d likely need a legal team…
  4. Just a question because I don’t know where to look it up: Is the regular wind direction a factor of the course slope or course rating? In Calgary, if you tee off at seven every day the average wind is probably at least two shots easier than If you tee off at 1 o’clock
  5. So maybe your stroke average in relation to the rating will always average out but I feel like your potential to go low in relation to the reading will be better on the longer course for a longer hitter?
  6. So you don’t find that there’s a significant difference where the scores that count for your handicap come from? I find that 99% of my lowest differentials are on courses with ratings of 74 or higher. I almost never have a real low differential from a short course or at a course with a low rating. No matter how you look at it I don’t care how easy they rate the course, it’s very difficult to shoot 7 under par. But if the course is rated 77 it’s not nearly as difficult to shoot 2 under par to get the same differential. I think distance is way too heavily equated for when it comes to rating golf courses. But maybe that’s only because I’m still relatively long for my age. I still carry the ball 275
  7. As a general rule, long hitters (280 plus) will have lower handicaps from the back Teebox then from the front Teebox Short hitters will have lower handicaps from the short Teebox then from the back Teebox. The course rating is heavily skewed towards length of course. And for some reason the system seems to think that a scratch golfer drives it around 250. I have aproximately 100players in my contact list that are either tour pros, club pros, college players, or high-level amateurs. Only two of them hit the ball less than 280 yards. And both of them actually hit it closer to 250 yards . One of them is a 73 year old that shoots under his age every day. But if he moves back a Teebox he struggles like crazy. The other is OBEE from this site. He is the shortest good player I probably know. He also thrives from the middle tees. Other than those two, I don’t think anyone else in my contact list that I’m speaking about literally hits it less than 280 yards. Nearly All of my lowest differentials in the last 10 years have come on courses that are over 7200 yards and rated over 75. Not that hard for me to have the occasional 68 or 69. There’s one course in my hometown that is rated 64.2. It’s tree-lined, the greens are tiny and slope extremely hard from back to front, and the conditions are not especially good. The chance of me posting a 58 there is basically zero. So in order for me to be a +4 Handicap, I would only have to shoot the occasional 71 on the long course. on the short course however, I’d have to shoot the occasional 60!
  8. Talk to text. Sometimes I read back some of the posts I put on here and I laugh pretty hard!
  9. 20 years ago I did it on about 40 to 50,000 a year. This is how I would break down today’s spending at an absolute Max. If you’re spending more than this you’re a maniac. 30 weeks of travel. $2000 per week condo $3000 per week flights. (First class) Maybe 10-15 grand per week if you’re flying NetJets $1000 per week food. $500 per week car (but often zero if courtesy cars are provided) $2000 per week caddy so that’s about $250,000 and that is living it up! of course you could have a trainer but that to me is at home cost not travel cost. I suppose you could have a golf coach but again that doesn’t count as travel costs. The guys on the corn ferry tour could easily travel 30 weeks for a grand total of $50,000. Of course if you have a whole entourage and you’re travelling with your family and you’re weak minded and you need a coach and a trainer at every range session then you could get probably over half $1 million a year. Then add in net Jets and maybe year at 700,000. Makes sense if a guy is making 10 million a year because all of that could be written off against your income. In order to keep your card on tour last year it was still just under $1 million. So there’s no way in hell that anybody that is about 120th on the money list is going to be spending more than 20% of their income on expenses.
  10. Someone who can consistently control the bottom of the swing Arc and match face to path with speed. Moe did not have one shot. That’s ridiculous. I watched him hit driver off hard pan, driver out of divots , driver out of fairway bunkers. High, low, left to right, right to left, Do you know how hard it is to hit it dead straight in a crosswind? Nearly every great player in the last 60 years has said that he is the best they’ve ever seen. And he did it all in tournaments too.
  11. Not sure if anyone cares but here’s my opinion: and sorry for the super run-on post… I got paired with Todd Graves seven different times in professional events in the 90s. Never saw him shoot under 71. He looks like a mirror image of Moe the way he swung but he never hit the ball the way Moe did. Watched Moe at two clinics in person. He warmed up by hitting pitches at the 60 yard flag. He hit about 12 balls in 45 seconds and hit the pin twice and was never more than a foot left or right the other 10 times. At one point he was hitting drivers off of hard pan at the 250 sign. The ball just literally never curved. The sign was a big 4 x 8 piece of plywood. He hit the damn thing every second or third time and was within a few yards of it every other time. Driver off of baked dirt! It was unbelievable. There was no wind that day and it was like watching a robot. He had a 2 litre of Diet Coke beside him and he hit balls for about an hour and 15 minutes and finish the whole bottle! I’ve had the privilege of having played with many major champions and I have to say the one thing that impressed me more than anything else was watching Tom Kite hit wedges. This is a true story with absolutely no embellishing.: I was working at the PGA West picking range balls at the Bob Hope one year. Kite won the tournament that year at 35 under par. He was there one evening almost till dark with his caddy. Caddy had a big beach towel that he would lay down on the ground at different yardages. He’d take a couple steps off to the side and literally just stand there reading a magazine. Kite would hit ball after ball after ball that would land on that big towel. The Caddy wouldn’t move, wouldn’t flinch, wouldn’t even look up. Then Kite would yell “take it back 10” and caddy would take his eyes out of his magazine and move the towel 10 yards back and just take a couple steps to the side again and stare back at his magazine . Kite just peppered that towel ball after ball after ball. The scene had me in a trance. I was supposed to be sorting through all of the different balls and separating them into bags, but I just kept watching him. I thought at one point the Caddy for sure was going to take one right on top of his skull but it never happened. He just didn’t miss. He went from 60 yards, 70 yards, 80 yards, and then 90 yards. He probably hit 8 to 10 shots at each yardage and literally never missed the towel. There was a survey that year of the tour players and Kite was voted the best wedge player. Like 95% of the players that voted voted for him. I also played with David Toms where he hit five wood inside of 6 feet four times in one round. Our third for that day? Vijay Singh! He hit every fairway and every green. If I was putting for him he would’ve shot 58! He was 67! Lol!! I played behind Vijay another time in the Bermuda open. It was a real slow day so I got to watch him for most of the day. He just flagged long iron probably six times that day. As far as the Moe thing goes, I agree that if you can’t do it in a major then it means you can’t really be compared to the greats. But all of the greats including Hogan, Trevino and Nicklaus have said that he’s the best theyve ever seen. I mean, the guy won like 55 Canadian tour events and shot 58 or 59 seven times in professional events. That’s got to count for something!
  12. I agree to some extent. Obviously the world ranking system agrees as well. I just think at the end of the day, your career will mostly be judged by wins. Although Matt Kuchar and Charles Howell III have done pretty well…
  13. Every tournament in history that was won by less than three shots is a tale of “what if’s”for multiple players. At the end of the day, all that matters yes who came out on top. The history books won’t record anything else.
  14. That’s a good point. Who gets picked if one or two or three guys have to pull out because of injury or sickness? I would say number one is Horschel, then Kevin Na… I wouldn’t think either of those two guys would make a big deal about not getting picked. They would come on the presser and say how happy they are to be here and I think either of them would likely do better than Koepka. at the end of the day, I can’t think of one instance where somebody was completely “snubbed“…. You could always make the argument that one person may have been better than another but at the end of the day it’s not like somebody outside of the top 100 in the world is getting picked. All of these guys are legit.
  15. Take it easy there buddy. Clearly I was just being silly. That’s why I put the upside down happy face. And I do appreciate the irony of my own spelling error.
  16. Clearly, based on your grammer…
  17. Pretty tough when you shoot 63 (Cantley) on a 7400 yard golf course and some guy beats you by three shots.
  18. I hit one over 2500 yards across a frozen lake once. Teed off about 50 feet above the ice and it was severely downwind. It would’ve gone further but eventually it hit the other shore. I think a shot that normally would carry 200 yards would’ve done the same. The ball just rolled forever because of the wind.
  19. In my house the wife is the handy one. I would literally ask her to fix it…
  20. Although I agree that some of the things already written are more impressive than what I’m going to say, but I’m still shocked of this to this day… Tigers rookie year. there was just so much hype. He was going to change everything. He was paid 40 million by Nike and 20 million by Titleist. guys like Curtis strange were saying things like “let’s not get ahead of ourselves he has to qualify for the tour still.” There was just so much talk! so much unbelievable pressure on a 20 year old kid! and then he delivers! makes a hole in One his first professional tournament. then he somehow has 2 wins , two seconds, and 3 3rds in an 8 week stretch! AS A 20 YEAR OLD!!!! I was a young pro myself at the time and quite honestly, he was so far beyond my reality I didn’t know what to do with it. Watching him that first year felt like somebody was holding me down while somebody else was kicking me in the gut for hours at a time.
  21. Word to the wise: never bet against a guy carrying a 1 iron and never play against a guy named Hack! I was telling Richard and Maddie a story about a skins game I played at Papago, a muni in Phoenix some years back. Guy shows up wearing a pink Scooby Doo muscle shirt and cargo shorts. , Shoots 62, wins zero skins, And then whines the whole night while he has to clean up the cart barn and pick the range. That place was a disaster for the fish… and a fish was anyone that couldn’t go 5 deep in their sleep with money on the line. That place is a little fancier now that ASU uses it as their practice facility but it was pretty fun in the old days when you could show up in cut off Jean shorts and try and pick up a game for cash! A buddy of mine won $400 in an arm wrestle on the putting green! Good times!
  22. I played in a best ball match with my son this year against another team. A husband and wife team. They’re both club pros. I made seven birdies, my son made four, our best ball was 62, (1team bogie) Yet we we LOST on 18 after I hit wedge to a foot to the wife hitting driver - three wood to 6 feet and tapping in for eagle!! I was in shock for 2 days!
  23. Because I'm worth it. Not even being flippant. I'm worth it. That is all.
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