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  1. Srixon Z565 5-7 iron Heads only Z765 8-pw Heads only Sold Vokey SM6 54 & 58 heads only Sold No trade interest! Shipping Cont US only
  2. This is a MINT set of the JPX 900 hot metal irons. SOLD Thanks for looking!
  3. Sketchers without a doubt. Very light and comfortable. I have 2 pair.
  4. Do you mean a 4-pw set? If it's a 4-gw shaft set then there is no need to soft step, you just wouldn't need the 4 iron shaft. If it is a 4-pw set, you'll most likely be fine soft stepping them. Either way, to be safe, you can always just start with the 4 iron shaft in the 5 iron and test that out before reshafting the rest of the set. The deal fell through, but I appreciate your advice!
  5. The truth is, a guy was selling a set of the xp115 r 4-gw pulls for a good price. I need 5-gw so that is the only reason.
  6. Thanks for your suggestion!
  7. Minimal difference. Spend the money on some lessons. Just spent 4 hours with Andy Plumer so I'm good with lessons. Thanks
  8. Just fitted for XP 115 R300 shafts. I have soft stepped nippon stiff shafts but getting older. How much of a difference would it be to soft step the R300? Thanks for any help!
  9. I had the same issue and went with the combo. 5-7 z565, 8-pw z765 and it works perfect for me. I am a 11 handicap.
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