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  1. Sold. Mods please Lock it up. Thank you!
  2. Looking to sell this Epic Ls that is in excellent shape. It is stock length Mitsubishi my 60s shaft and comes with a standard GP mcc align grip. The head over is also in great shape with a few minor blemishes. Looking to get $350 obo shipped. Will send it out Monday. If you would like more pictures just let me know.
  3. pcew73

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I’m currently playing 714 ap2’s. Any recommendations on which model I should look at. Playing them with s300 and currently play at a 6 hndcp. I’m also a digger with my irons.
  4. I have the 50,54,58 and so far I’m liking them. Solid feel and great performance.
  5. Has anyone compared the gen4’s to the sub70’s? I just got the 0311 wedges and are liking them and now looking at getting some new irons. I’ve heard lots of greats thing about both sets
  6. I received my wedges I ordered on 7/2 today. If FedEx hadn’t held them a town over from me for 2 days I would’ve had them Monday
  7. I ordered a set of wedges on the 2nd and they still show as order received. I’m anxiously awaiting for them to be assembled snd shipped.
  8. It’s a great shoe and very comfortable! im open to offers guys. Get a great show at a great price!!
  9. yes they are waterproof (2 year) and I didn't think they fit wide at all.
  10. Footjoy Hyperflex boa size 11.5. I have worn these for 2 rounds and tried to show what little wear they have on them. Looking to get $100 shipped but will take offers.
  11. I have a buyer for the 50 and 54 if someone is interested in the 56/58 I will separate.
  12. Up for grabs is a set of SM8's. A 50* 12F, 54* 12D, and a 56* 12D (bent to 58*). I purchased them and put the Golf Pride MC +4's on them. The 50* has a midsize and the other 2 have standard. They have 3 9 hole league rounds and 2 full 18 hole rounds on them. I am selling them as a set and do not want to separate. I will ship tomorrow at lunch. looking to get $450 Shipped for the set. Not interested in trades at the moment.
  13. Merriville didn't get any and the lady laughed when I asked he if they did. She said they've been getting calls all day.
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