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  1. Any tips on how to fix that, Monte?
  2. MRH, ZX4 Irons 5-AW +1/2", Standard Lie (easy to bend) Ion Plated F4 Recoils, just arrived. STD Tour Velvet 360 Grips Hit a few with the PW this morning and a couple with wrapper on the 7 iron. This is basically a new set (as wrappers on the others never left the box until taking the pictures.) Awesome irons!!! $800 Shipped to your door. CONUS only Paypal
  3. if they offered a 12* Head in the ZX5, it would NO DOUBT be my next driver. To get it to 11* however closes the face too much for me. Opening a 12 degree head would be ideal Great club heads no doubt!
  4. When does Cobra offer a forged one length (again) to take advantage of this??? They have to right...?
  5. I'd LOVE to see a raw version of these!!! All time favorite wedges
  6. I wonder what kind of upcharge you would be looking at? The Ricky irons seem a little.....high. Man
  7. Same! likely the reason I won't order Sim 2 even though I'd like to......
  8. SZ Extreme by a lot. The Max D is a closer matchup in fitting these heads. It's just much more forgiving. Sim D is a great driver head, also.
  9. Short slant hosel in Wrappers Black Shaft No Sightline Paypal CONUS Only $195 Shipped
  10. Exact opposite. LOVE me some offset in the short irons!!!! Grew up playing eye2's so it gives me confidence and are easier to square up with the shorter (short iron) swing. Not really like Im trying to work a short iron, just a baby cut. To each his own
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