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  1. Brooks and Bryson could have a Macho Man-Hogan Mega Powers type union for the RC:
  2. Yep, agree, not going to get too crazy - plus I don't want to do any more work than input scores. I HATE inter-group bets, so that's out. As good a friends as we all are, people cheat/are overly generous. My thought is just Mario Kart style points system. Low net score each roudn = 16 pts 2nd low net = 15 pts etc. Keep the tally for each round and see who ends up with the most points. Also removes some of the penalty of blow-up rounds if we just did pure low net score.
  3. I seem to remember a thread here (over a year ago for sure) of someone touting the "absolute best" format for a competition for a buddies trip. Heading out for a bucket list trip to play Pasatiempo, Poppy Hills, Spyglass, Spanish Bay, and Pebble and we're keeping it relaxed at one round a day (other than mixing in The Hay Par 3 course). With 16 guys and 5 rounds, it's the ideal number so everyone plays one round with everyone else. It also eliminates trying to play 36 in a day and having an afternoon round where certain guys will be drunk off their a**. Would like
  4. In other news, why isn't the WNBA profitable?
  5. His interview on Wednesday before the PGA was hilarious: Reporter: "I see you have a new putter in play, what kind is it?" DJ: "I'm not sure, it's a Taylor Made." Reporter: "Do you know what model?" DJ: "Yeah, I don't know. It's got a silver head and a white shaft." I know DJ is a bit of a simpleton, but the TM reps have to be like "C'mon, man!"
  6. The SGL will be the USFL of golf. Even though they are their own events, I don't think the USGA, the R&A, or The Masters will think something like the SGL will be good for the game. They will ostracize those players that go for a huge cash grab. The PGA Tour has the ability to say, if you go to the SGL, you lose status on the Tour completely. Enjoy your money, but if you want to come back, sorry, go to the Korn Ferry Tour.
  7. Just tuned in and on Hole 6 Doc Redman hit a wedge in that spun back and Scott Stallings then marked Redman's ball. Is that ever permitted or are they doing something to speed up play with the rain coming in?
  8. Why does it look like they just replaced the collars of every green last week?
  9. Probably just the fact that the guys filling out fields are guys I grew up watching, but it's getting really fun with guys like Furyk, Phil, Stricker, Jimenez, Couples, Vijay etc. being out there and good players aging pretty regularly. The early days of the Champions/Senior Tour were great with Nicklaus, Watson, Palmer, Trevino, Floyd, Irwin - very competitive and a lot of fan interest. We then went through what I'd consider kind of a down decade where there was very little star power - there was Langer basically winning everything, McCarron recently, and mostly a lot of guys w
  10. Never let your personality outshine your game.
  11. Yup, the two Trump cards the Tour would have is convincing The Masters and the PGA Professionals to exclude guys signing up with the PGL.
  12. This would be a great question to ask him - no way he isn't playing other people. I'd be he an Nantz play regularly during football season.
  13. There are several factors playing into the current leveling of the playing field in golf that I think have nothing really to do with the talent level being higher across the board. 1) Technology - In he 90's (and certainly pre Big Bertha) you basically had everyone playing similar clubs and your choices in shafts were basically regular or stiff with some manual modifications for swing weight. Now technology is so specific to every player (1000's of shaft options, complete customization of where driver heads are weighted) that it has balanced out the differences between the #10 a
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