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  1. No idea where Rickie's career goes, but I dount there's anyone here who would have thought Lee Westwood would be on a Ryder Cup team just 3-4 years ago.
  2. I'm a no on Phil ever captaining. I think what Stricker showed is that it's not rocket science. Let the players lead, help set their own schedules, and go play golf. You don't need inspirational videos or have to tie the players up with a rigid schedule every day aside from dinners and such. A guy like Phil thinks he's the smartest guy in the room - I guarantee you he's thinking "If I was captain, we'd have had 21 points, not 19" and will do something quirky that will blow up in thei face.
  3. Bones' bad knees were like Urban Meyer's bad ticker.
  4. They used to play The Royal Trophy between 8 guys from europe and 8 from Asia, but I think that ended in 2013.
  5. Completely agree - in his own way, dude is taking a no hold barred attitude - "Don't saddle me with the losers of the past, I'm here to kick a** because I know I'm a better player and can putt my dick off."
  6. He started yesterday with his Gin Rummy analogy, essentially telling he Euros that they have been lucky to put the streak together that they have. Today he followed up by calling out the Euros for always controlling the narrative and playing their "Woe is me, we're always the underdogs". which Paul McGinley confirmed - yes they always play that narrative. These aren't huge salvos, but they're the kinds of subtle mind games that we haven't seen from the Americans in the past and if the Euros miss a few putts, it's the kind of thing that can anchor in the mind and create disbelief. I know most of these guys are friends on the other side, but I wish they would ratchet up the rhetoris a little bit more.
  7. This is exactly the US's problem - for the most part, they act like robots. I honestly think some of that is the influence of Tiger, who most of these guys looked up to. They formed their golf games as "all business" on the course and I'm not sure playing loose and relaxed is in their nature. Contrast that with the Euros, any who most will say were influeced by Seve. Seve was dead serious on the course, but had a flair and it wasn't beneath him to jingle some change in the pocket during matches. Recently, the US has played best when they've had guys who could keep them loose - the best example probably at Valhalla with Boo Weekly and Anthony Kim providing some much needed fun/flair. It's why I think you need a guy like Reed or Horschel on the team - guys who will show passion on the course. I'm hoping some of the new guys will provide that, but we won't know until they start to hole some putts.
  8. The cat and mouse game of the pairings is irrelevant. It's a fun little game for the media to guess, but it doesn't effect what the Captains will do one bit.
  9. Tiger gets a pass because his partner record is abysmal (9-19-1), but he's 4-2-2 in singles, so there's a sense his partner issues are not on him. Poulter's entire career is defined by the Ryder Cup - absolute legend and even as an American I love watching him in this event.
  10. So is Cantlay going hatless this week? Seems to be the case from the practice rounds. I love that Rory does it - not sure about Cantlay with his receeding hairline.
  11. I don't think course has as much effect as course setup. The Euro's crushed the US in PAris because they grew out the rough 290+ off the tee, making the bombers less effective. Take the Medinah year as an example - something as simple as the hole placement on #17 killed the Americans. They were predominantly a team that drew the ball and Davis Love put the pin on the far right side of the green. At the most critical juncture of the event - #17 on Sunday - Love gave the Americans a pin position that put them at a disadvanteage. Unforgiveable, in my book. At Hazeltine, we put the pins in the middle of the green - the Euros criticized it as "boring" but it worked to the US advantage.
  12. The rain suit disaster aside, I liked the 2010 uniforms. The lilac sweater was controversial, but I think this was our best fit ever.
  13. There's only so much they can do with Ralph Lauren outfitting the team - I swear every year looks the same. I haven't seen what the Euros are wearing yet, but I feel like they always have better outfits.
  14. Yeah, Brooks and DJ are boys and as posted above he plays with other guys in Jupiter. It's kind of like when Chris Chelios came to the Red Wings. Red Wings fans HATED Chelios in Chicago with a passion - like one step below Claude Lemiux hate. But when he came to the Wings and did well, he was our guy and we loved him. I don't think you get that with Bryson alone because he'd be partnered with a teammate who would be "stuck" with him, but if you pair him with Reed and go full heel, it could bring a ton of energy.
  15. I think one of the worst things you could have in a team event for chemistry is a guy like Dechambeau that another teammate (Brooks), who is more well liked, can't stand. It could be isolating for Dechmabeau and would bring a ton of media scrutiny. Whoever is paired with Bryson will be asked about the rift between Dechambeau and Koepka and it could turn into a major issue. So how do you turn a guy like Dechambeau into a positive? You pair him with an equally unlikeable partner like Patrick Reed and completely embrace having the most hated team in the event. It could be magical. If someone has Photoshop skill and can put Bryson/Stricker/Reed on this, it would be amazing.
  16. It really felt as if they had 22 holes they wanted to use for Spanish Bay (I know they're not next to each other) and slapped 14 other holes on. I did love #1 - what a great Par 5, but once we hit #6, I don't know if I could name a memorable hole, other than there were 2 Par 3's that were pretty much the same.
  17. I'm sure many here has have done this rota, but just got back and here are my impressions. Pasatiempo - Just a great Mackenzie design - greens are what make the course and can be truly diabolical. Hole 16 we got the pin on the middle right, this is absolutely unfair. I was long left and there was ZERO chance of putting the ball anywhere on the green. Poppy Hills - My best round of the trip - just a solid, solid course. Greens were in outstanding condition and lots of variety to the holes. It's not going to blow you away like Pebble, but should be a part of any trip out there. Spyglass - 5 great opening holes and 13 holes that could be on any good Michigan course Up North (Treetops, etc.). After the first 5 holes, I wasn't impressed. Solid holes and in great shape, but the first 5 holes are so different that it's almost like 2 different courses. The green on #4 is hilariously mean with everything rolling to the back. Spanish Bay - Second favorite course of the trip - views of the ocean on every hole and just a really fun links course to play. We didn't have forecaddies, so a couple tee shots were blind, so I look forward to going back. Greens were super slow/sticky. I know they had just punched then a few weeks ago, so likely letting them fill back in. Pebble - Lived up to every expectation I had. The only downside was we had fog all day, but on holes like #6 it was just surreal seeing the green sitting up on the cliff - truly out of dream. NEGATIVES: I had no idea they run those courses as cart path only almost all the time - that was a downer. I understand from the point of wanting to keep the courses pristine, but we might have altered plans a little had we known that. We had planned on caddies at Pebble and they only booked 1 per foursome instead of 2 (they double bag), so I decided to carry my clubs, wanting the full walking experience.
  18. I just played it this weekend - IMO, not worth the $65. I think because everything is so expensive at Pebble that it seems "cheap" but it's a 45-50 minute pitch and putt. The greens are pretty fun with lots of dips and valleys (Hole 9 is basically a funnel), but I honestly think this should be a freebie for resort guests.
  19. I see that - curious when it was trademarked.
  20. What’s the story? I honestly have no idea.
  21. I was at Amizetta winery in Napa yesterday and they have a bottle from 1985 that uses the exact same script logo that Scotty uses on some putter covers. I believe this is one of Scotty’s original logos, but don’t know when he started using it. Anyone have any info on this?
  22. I've always thought the cut streak, but has anyone done any analysis on what is included in that. Is it only events with a cut, or did no-cut events count as well (e.g. WGC events). If so, curious if in any of those events Tiger was below what would have been a cut line.
  23. Hmm, I have not received my rejection yet... . . . . . I literally just go tthe email typing that
  24. I've played with all types from boozing the whole round to guys who are looking to call you on any infraction. My favorite story was in a member-guest where our flight winner came down to the last match between us and the team in first place in our flight. It was 2-man best ball, high breaks the tie where you get +1 for winning a hole and -1 for losing a hole, so there can be big swings. For context, our oppenent was a huge University of Michigan fan (a-hole type) and I was wearing green and white (Michigan State) so I knew he hated me from the get-go. Hole 1 - My partner (an 18 handicap) birdies the hole to win. To rub it in I roll in my 10-footer for birdie just because. 1 UP Hole 2 - I'm left of the green in a bad lie, but standing on a sprinkler head. I know my ball will roll closer to the hole, so I drop twice and place it. Up and down for par - we win the hole. 2 UP Hole 3 - Partner and I both make par, winning with the high score. 3 UP Hole 4 - I'm taking my practice swing and I see our opponent humming and flipping through the Rule Book and he goes "Hmm, interesting." I immediately step away and say "Is there an issue? If you're going to call a rules violation (thinking he thought my drop and place was illegal on Hole 2) let me know. I'm not tealing with any bullxxxx called after the round." He says "Oh no, I'm just humming." I rope my drive down the fiarway and we win the hole. 4 UP after 4. They might have won one of the next two holes, but we essentially boat raced them and won +5/-5 to win the flight. There is nothing better in match play golf than beating an a-hole on the course.
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