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  1. Sweet list. I've been trying to knock the MP-32's out of the bag for years but when you're the GOAT you're the GOAT
  2. Oh man, I really shouldn't...but current interests are Ping Vault and Betti putters, Ping bags, also fairway woods in X-flex. I could potentially add cash depending on the trade (oh jeez, what am I doing...haha)
  3. No, we're not talking A Christmas Story, Scrooged or Christmas Vacation here, but these (cult) classics will have you feeling warm and fuzzy throughout the holidays and beyond. All prices are shipped and paypaled. 1) Cleveland 588 CB Irons 3-PW $240 $220 Shipped Very good condition, easily 7.5 or 8/10. Exception is the 4i, which has a couple dings which are captured in the pics. Other closeup pic is the 9i which shows the most use of any of the others. Basically normal chatter for their age but little to no browning at all. Hard to find these in this condition.
  4. Win the crowd! Grr...someone jumped on the c-tapers before I saw this. Epic post nonetheless.
  5. Some cult classics up for sale here. Prices include shipping to U.S.A. I tried to capture as much detail as possible but more pics on request, no prob. Trade consideration maybe Adams MB2 irons (for multiple of my items or an item+cash), but that's about it. Preview: 1. R9 Superdeep TP 2. RBZ Tour 3. Cally Xtour 3 wood 4. SMT Nemesis 5. Srixon Wedge Set SOLD 1. Taylormade R9 Superdeep TP 9.5* w/ Graphite Design Pershing 65 X-flex. Very good condition, some wear on sole and face, no chips or marks on crown. Plays 44.75 inches. Orig headcover included. $110 shipped. $95 shipped. 85
  6. Looking forward to this! I wanna see a BtF range of <= 1.3" and a DtB range of <= 3.2" from 4i through LW :D Haha...will do my best!
  7. Good stuff. I'm interested in trying graphite in my irons after your "review" (I'll tell you...as a "purist", 10 years ago I wouldn't have even dreamt of uttering a statement like that). The irons/setup is beautiful. I'm curious, I didn't seem to notice any lead tape at all. Was none necessary due to the more minimal trim lengths/weights of the shafts? I agree that I would have liked to have seen a bit more "aggressive" approach with regards to the lengths of the longer irons. Was there some hesitation on your part to really cut-down the lengths more to get more bunched btf and dtb nu
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