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  1. Hi All, For your consideration today: Taylormade SIM Ti Rocket 3-wood. $200 shipped SOLD, thanks! X-flex (6.5) HZDRS Smoke yellow 70. Brand new MCC +4 Standard grip. Club is really nice shape, but does have a small *scuff* on the crown toward the toe. It is not a full sky-mark, but was caused by a miss hit. If you look up close you can definitely see it but it's very difficult (for me at least) to notice it at address. I bought it this way and it never bothered me. Club is a monster, hits low piercing bullets as you might expect, but just too much club for me these days...womp womp...haha. Note that the grip is "label-up" when the clubhead is set to the open position. If you'd like it in another position I'd be happy to pull the grip and align it to your liking. It's a round grip though so only matters for aesthetics. If you'd prefer it with no grip so you can put your own, subtract $10 from the price and I'll be happy to keep the grip for another club. Thanks WRX!
  2. Hi All, Couple items up today. All items include shipping via UPS ground to lower 48. No trades at this time please. Thanks! 1) TM Milled Grind Wedge Set, $180 shipped. SOLD! Excellent condition all around. 52, 56, 60, all standard bounce (52-9, 56-12, 60-10) DG Wedge Flex shafts 60 and 56 have GP tour velvet align, 52 has Lamkin X-10, all grips in great shape. Picked these up on here a while back at an amazing price and then found other wedges I of course had to have, so putting these up. Just trying to get back what I paid plus shipping. Fantastic, great looking and feeling set, don't what to split up. 2) Srixon Z-steel 3-wood,$70 shipped. Oldie but goodie here, in great shape for its age. 14.5*, Aldila VS Proto 70, Stiff flex. Lamkin velvet full cord in fine shape. Very small nick and scuff near topline but virtually impossible to notice from address. Excellent, classic looking rocket of a 3-wood that feels great and can keep up with the best of 'em. Super clean look, and feels and sounds great.
  3. Hiya WRXers, just a couple items up for sale: (was brought to my attention that Adidas is undercutting me, even though these were supposedly sold out when I purchased a couple weeks ago In order to compete with their price I'd have to take too big a loss here so decided to keep and just squeeze into them) Any offers on the BB Alpha let me know! 1) Brand new in box Adicross Bounce 2.0. $80 $70 shipped. Keeping Great shoe just in time for the warm weather! Size 9.5, Navy blue color. Worn 5 minutes in the house. Never seen the outdoors. Love them and thought I could make 9.5 work but it's just a bit too snug for me. 2) Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond 9 Degree Driver $95 $85 Shipped Very good condition for it's age, I'd say 7 or 8/10. A couple small wear marks on the crown (not sky marks) but only noticeable up close, not from address. Aldila Rogue 60 X-flex. GP Multi Compound in good condition. Plays 45". Club's a bomber and feels great but I just can't control it. Any questions or need more pics just lemme know. Thanks!
  4. Sweet list. I've been trying to knock the MP-32's out of the bag for years but when you're the GOAT you're the GOAT
  5. Oh man, I really shouldn't...but current interests are Ping Vault and Betti putters, Ping bags, also fairway woods in X-flex. I could potentially add cash depending on the trade (oh jeez, what am I doing...haha)
  6. No, we're not talking A Christmas Story, Scrooged or Christmas Vacation here, but these (cult) classics will have you feeling warm and fuzzy throughout the holidays and beyond. All prices are shipped and paypaled. 1) Cleveland 588 CB Irons 3-PW $240 $220 Shipped Very good condition, easily 7.5 or 8/10. Exception is the 4i, which has a couple dings which are captured in the pics. Other closeup pic is the 9i which shows the most use of any of the others. Basically normal chatter for their age but little to no browning at all. Hard to find these in this condition. 5, 7 and PW have a little lead tape in the cavity...can of course be easily removed. DG S300. Golf Pride CP2 Wrap (std size) in very good condition. 5 Iron measures 37.5". Std Loft/Lie. I bought these a while back from another member here and just never got them into the bag. Hate to see them go but they deserve to be put into play. 2) Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond 9 Degree Driver $140 $120 Shipped Also very good condition, I'd say 8/10. A couple small wear marks on the crown (not sky marks) but only noticeable up close, not from address. Aldila Rogue 60 X-flex. GP Multi Compound in good condition. Plays 45". Club is a monster...we just don't get along and I'm going back to my fairway-finding Vapor Pro (did I mention I like cult classics?) 3) Scor Wedge Set SOLD Overall good condition, probably 7/10. 59 has a couple scratches on sole but all faces are in nice shape, no browning. 50*, 55* and 59* 50 has KBS tour firm. 55 and 59 have NS Pro (wedge flex, I'm pretty sure). All 3 grips are sorta like GP tour velvet knock-offs in fair condition. Not super worn but not tacky anymore. Wonderful "players" wedges, I just found a great deal on some Taylormades so am cutting these loose. **more pics of anything upon request** Thanks all and Happy Holidays!
  7. Win the crowd! Grr...someone jumped on the c-tapers before I saw this. Epic post nonetheless.
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