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  1. I played 9 holes yesterday with the XXIO X Black 9.5 with a stock stiff shaft. It felt great and was very long. I'm a 65 year old 4 handicap with a 92 mph swing speed. I feel like this club was made for someone like me. I'll start searching for a 3 wood if it continues to work this well.
  2. I pulled the grip off it and it turns out that the brass weight is inserted in the end of the shaft. It isn't an integral part of the grip, the way their illustration suggests on their website. I easily installed a 50 gram Jumbomax Jr. grip and will try it out this afternoon.
  3. I switched to Jumbomax Jr. grips last summer and I have to say that they work very well. I ended up with a 76 scoring average for the year despite a very balky putter and I am disinclined to take them off. However, I picked up a used XXIO X driver as I am 65 and losing distance at a rapid rate. Hitting it in a simulator suggests that everything I have heard about these clubs is accurate. More club head speed and very easy to swing. I like the results. The grip contains a brass back weight which is an integral design component of their system. My problem is the grip is WAY t
  4. Having perused this thread, all I can say is that some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. You won't be, but you should.
  5. I have watched him play in person several times. In my opinion his putting stroke under pressure just doesn't look as good or as smooth as other players of his caliber. It looks just slightly awkward. If he was just slightly better under pressure he would win many more tournaments.
  6. Bifurcation is the only way to go. Restrict distance in the big leagues by limiting equipment. Let everyone else continue to play they way they are now.
  7. "Ping I210 irons seemed to get his attention quickly, however. Not only do they resemble a club from his past (Ping Eye 2) but they have a few things Freddy loves: Offset, bounce, and a long blade length." LOL! He wouldn't be allowed to post here. He would be mocked.
  8. I have a MGI Zip Navigator AT that I bought at Costco. I have about 30 rounds with it and I love it. My only complaint is how it handles uphill grades. It pops wheelies frequently and will occasionally tip over backwards. I've extended the Wheelie bar and that helps some. I play on a hilly WV golf course so there is no avoiding some hill climbs. I've thought about adding some ballast weight to the bottom of my golf bag. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you improve it?
  9. I have an old DF 2.0 that I got when I lived in Reno 6-7 years ago. I was fit for it at Somersett and it is 72 degrees. I've struggled with it and I think it is too flat. Is it worth looking at the 2.1 and getting re-fit?
  10. I am really struggling with distance control on downhill putts. Hitting it 6 feet by or 3 feet short. Mostly hitting it too long. This is getting old. Any suggestions about ways to control speed on downhill putts. Hitting it on the toe doesn't seem to work. Thanks
  11. It is great to watch this on TV. It is always notable how different holes appear on TV compared to how they look when you play them. It really isn't that easy a golf course, but when they have the fairways completely dried out so you get 75 yards roll, it does make it somewhat easier. A Hole like 15 is designed to be drivable par 4 and seeing eagles there is common. Seeing 7 get driven is a bit disconcerting. It really isn't designed to be driven. There is a lot of trouble on the left there including some very nice condos that make that a high risk shot. Ordinarily the wind is a prim
  12. Since I was a member at TPC Summerlin for 6 years, it is one of my favorite tournaments. I'll be watching it. One of the most difficult courses for chipping.
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