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  1. I am really struggling with distance control on downhill putts. Hitting it 6 feet by or 3 feet short. Mostly hitting it too long. This is getting old. Any suggestions about ways to control speed on downhill putts. Hitting it on the toe doesn't seem to work. Thanks
  2. It is great to watch this on TV. It is always notable how different holes appear on TV compared to how they look when you play them. It really isn't that easy a golf course, but when they have the fairways completely dried out so you get 75 yards roll, it does make it somewhat easier. A Hole like 15 is designed to be drivable par 4 and seeing eagles there is common. Seeing 7 get driven is a bit disconcerting. It really isn't designed to be driven. There is a lot of trouble on the left there including some very nice condos that make that a high risk shot. Ordinarily the wind is a prim
  3. Since I was a member at TPC Summerlin for 6 years, it is one of my favorite tournaments. I'll be watching it. One of the most difficult courses for chipping.
  4. I got to meet him once when I was in Scotland. I agree with everything that has been said about him. I hope he enjoys his new direction.
  5. I've got a g400 15 degree 3 wood (and 5 wood) that I like hitting and it is easy to hit, however it is a good 10-15 yards shorter than my Callaway Epic flash 3 wood. While longer, the Callaway is a bit more temperamental. Last winter, I found that my Ping g400 Max driver is a good 3-4 mph slower than my Callaway Epic with the same shaft and loft. So I use the Callaway even though I like the Ping better. I'd love to use the Ping fairway woods, but giving up that much yardage is too much. My question is whether the g410 fairway woods have better ball speed and pop than the g400? The Pings
  6. I've been playing Titleist T200 irons for most of the summer and before that I played p790 for the past couple of years. I snagged a set of used Ping g410 irons from my pro about a month ago. I have to say I am really impressed with these irons. They are very straight and easy to hit. Distance is similar to the other two irons. I'm clearly hitting more greens overall. The offset and Ping shape have not been an issue at all for me. They are bigger than the T200's but that hasn't been an issue for me. I especially like the short irons. If you haven't tried these, they are worth hitting.
  7. NevinW

    Pxg gen 2

    I was just at the PXG website and the sale they are having on their putters is intriguing to say the least. Unfortunately for me, the nearest PXG fitter is about 600 miles away so it looks like I'll have to order it on line and hope. I'm looking for a face balanced mallet. How much difference is there between the Gunboat and the mini-gunboat?
  8. I’ve had the p790 for years, I’ve never had a problem with the sound.
  9. I got to know Mike Reid a bit when I played golf with him in college. He may be the most mild mannered golfer I have known. Many many years (25+) later I was following him with my son at a minor tournament and one of his relatives and I started talking. He thought it would be great for my son to meet him. Very shortly after he finished, the relative was going to bring us up to him to talk, however, he was really upset about making bogey on the final two holes. Before he turned around to meet us, he proceeds to kick the [email protected] out of his golf bag in a complete rage. His relative calls his na
  10. All I know is that I used to be a member of a club where BD won a tournament. I was told by someone high up in the club that no player treated the staff at the club better for the whole week than BD did. No one. That tells me a lot about his character when no one is looking. We sometimes judge people on these websites based on very small snippits of behavior while on TV or based on social media or reporters comments. That often doesn't tell the whole story.
  11. Watching that video of Wolff shows that he left another few shots on the table. It could have easily been a 63 or 62. It is also apparent that if you drive it far enough to have wedges into every green, the rough isn't that penal. IMO an argument in favor of having a tournament ball that doesn't go so far.
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