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  1. 1. Jack Nicklaus 2. Ben Hogan 3. Johnny Miller 4. Tiger Woods 5. Arnold Palmer
  2. Based on the Golfweek article, it sounds like the few escorted out were saying much more than just calling him Brooksie. It also doesn't appear he actually minds being called Brooksie. All too often in these stories people hear only part of what actually happened.
  3. I'm using an XXIO X Black 3 wood and it is flat out amazing. It replaced an Callaway Epic Flash 15 degree and it is longer and much easier to hit. The Callaway is going to be sold. Definitely improved my par 5 performance. Look for a used one if the price is too steep. The claims of increased club head speed are valid. Several members of my club have converted now. The advertising for XXIO is ridiculous but the clubs are great.
  4. 65 year retired physician currently a 2 from the member's tees. 4.8 index. Played for 55 years, always a good ball striker, always problems with the short game. I've been playing in senior series tournaments and managing to come in second a number of times, but the short game is holding me back.
  5. My current technique is to use my 60 degree wedge, open the club face, try to make my body perpendicular to the slope, and try to slide the club under the ball to pop it out onto the collar so it rolls down to the hole. Occasionally it actually works as planned. There has to be some some extra technique or nuggets to make it somewhat easier to pull off.
  6. I've been hitting a lot of good iron shots lately and I find myself more frequently going slightly long. I end up in the rough beyond the collar with a downhill lie (right foot higher than left) and not a lot of green to work with. I'm struggling with hitting these solid and I'm either leaving them short or going way long. I'm looking for ideas and techniques to improve these shots. Thoughts?
  7. I know of a club champion who uses a long putter (Langer style) for short putts and a conventional putter for longer putts.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. This has been very helpful. I think nutrition had a role in my last poor finish. What would be a good snack to keep in the bag?
  9. Now that I am retired I am finally playing in competition again and I am noticing some disturbing trends. Repeatedly I get off to a really bad start with a double or a few bogies, usually due to really poor chipping and putting. Then I seem to settle down, play well and start making lots of pars and maybe a few birdies. I continue that way until the last few holes when suddenly the swing that has worked well for 12-14 holes starts feeling really disconnected and I start hitting hooks and pull hooks. I end up bogeying the last few holes. I don't tend to do this in regular play, unless I am
  10. I've been thinking about buying either the Arrcos or Shot Scope system (which is a question for another thread) but I was looking at the holes in my Jumbomax Ultralite grips and they are clearly larger that regular grip air holes. Does anyone know of these sensors will stay on the grip or fall off use due to the extra large air hole? Are the screws large enough? Thanks.
  11. I played golf with someone in Las Vegas who has some connection to him or his family and he said it was a wrist injury that is the primary problem. Who actually knows?
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