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    XXIO Anyone?

    I play the X Black driver , 3 wood and irons. Great clubs. The only issue are the grips. The stock grips are very small and switching grips risks screwing up the balance.
  2. The problem with the ball isn't just that it is very long and proportionally longer for those with high club head speeds. It is also much straighter than the old balls and reacts better to the wind. IMO, the ball has removed an element of ball striking skill from the tour professional and has narrowed the gap between the great and the very good. It is apparent at this weeks tournament. Believe it or not, the Summit Club is not an easy golf course.
  3. Forecast for this afternoon in Las Vegas is for a high of 81 and wind less than 10 mph. It will be a bit cooler up on the hill side west of the city. In other words, perfect. There are some potential extremely difficult pin positions on this course but I doubt they will use them. I think the PGA tour likes lots of birdies and volatility, and will set up the course accordingly. A misplaced drive into the desert will probably be the difference. It is great leaderboard and should be a lot of fun to watch.
  4. I think I'll pass on trying for the Open. I do well however on those link courses over there.
  5. I was born and raised in Las Vegas. I played more rounds of golf in 30-50 mph conditions than I care to remember. In one high school match we lied down behind our golf bags in the fairways and waited for the worst of it to subside. It did teach me how to hit a shot that doesn't get higher than about 10 feet. Very useful.
  6. As I predicted, a birdiefest. This course has a very similar problem as TPC Summerlin. If there is no wind the scores will be really low. Things got considerably harder yesterday in the afternoon when the wind came up slightly. If you set up the course harder and the wind really comes up, it becomes almost impossible. Putting gets much harder, too. I played in the Pro-Am one year at TPC when the wind really came up and the average pro score was 78. My pro hit driver to one of the par 3's. That par 3 #11 at the Summit (where Spieth, holed the pitch shot for 2) gets substantially more difficult when there is a 30 mph wind coming from left to right and the only way to hit the green is to hang it out over the water. There is a reason they play these tournaments in October in Las Vegas. Best weather and least wind.
  7. You guys need to go read the actual statement. It is left to tours to decide whether to implement it as a local rule. It has no effect on any amateur.
  8. I’ve played it a number of times. Great golf course and great facility but unless the wind blows, it will be a major birdie fest.
  9. Okay, how can I fix this? I live on a farm in the middle of West Virginia so some doing it on my own is necessary. Is it the head movement or getting too much weight on my right side? Am I getting to the outside of my right foot at the top? What is the root cause? The head movement is clearly excessive to me but has been a problem with my swing for a very long time. I've also seen some very good players slide their heads back, too. It looks like my head follows the club backward in the first foot or two of the backswing.
  10. I have a good friend in LV who paid some considerable coin to play in the Pro-Am with Rickie Fowler a few years ago. Fowler had stayed up all night and was hung over for Pro-Am. He said about 3 words all day. It was not really a fun experience. Not sure it was Sapphire however.
  11. I just came from the practice range. Here is a video I took there. For background, I'm 66 and a 3-4 handicap. Standard shot now is a draw. My miss is a pull, my bad miss is a pull-hook and my disaster swing is a snap hook. I rarely go very far right. I'd like to improve my consistency and decrease the lefts. I'd like people's thoughts about what I should work on and change to improve my consistency and decrease the lefts. From the looks of it, I hate the move off the ball and the amount of head movement. It looks like I'm too far from the ball and my hands are too high. To my amazement it look like I'm crossing the line at the top. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome. NWswingback2021.MOV NWswingside2021.MOV
  12. Thank you. That was exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate it.
  13. I am playing the first version of the p790 and I am pretty happy with them. Any reason to consider going to the new 2021 p790?
  14. The stronger grip plus your no turn back swing (I watched your video on NTC last night) led to one of my best ball striking rounds in quite a while. Hit 15 greens and had an eagle. Thanks.
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