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  1. Up today is a Epic Flash Sub Zero 10.5 w/ hzrdus yellow 6.5(x) flex, the driver plays at 44.25”. Comes with adjustment tool and head cover. The driver has minor markings on the sole, face and crown from play, not noticeable from address (shown in pics). Multi compound grip will need to be replaced! $210 shipped
  2. Ya, I get that. But I thought the “quality” forgings come from Japan, as opposed to cheaper items coming out of China??
  3. This intrigues me as well! I've seen someone on the PXG fan Facebook page bad mouthing them, and stated they were made in China. Said he worked for PXG at one time, but apparently has a bad taste for them now! Honestly, I play to gen 1 t's, don't wanna sound like a fanboy, but even if they are made in China a still love 'em!
  4. Didn’t have pics of the 4 iron yesterday... post updated! If anyone feels my price is out of whack, feel free to let me know!!!
  5. As much as it pains me to do this, up today is a set I recently took on trade. I’ve had the 6 iron at the range twice. Previous owner played a couple rounds with them.. Pics tell the story! Again, 5-gw, project x Lz 6.0 w/ Golf pride 360 midsize grips standard l,l,l 5-pw are $875 shipped!!! Added Tmb 4 iron Project X Pxi 6.0 with tour velvet 360 standard l,l,l. Picked this up to go with the above in hopes they kicked my current clubs out!! They didn’t!! Price still $875 shipped!!
  6. Rod.. are you a TXG fan?? Matt and Ian do a comparison video that’s pretty informative. I have gen 1t’s as well and I had the same question before I pulled the trigger on mine. Now I want a gen 1 vs gen 3 comparison!! From my understanding the 2s are a little firmer and offer a little more ball speed but give up some feel compared to gen 1. Now I understand the gen 3, has upgraded the feel and the ball speed. My worry is I’ve heard the 3 is a smaller profile, and I’m worried about giving up the forgiveness of the gen 1 which I think is a great club!!!
  7. Air Hybrid is awesome... maybe a little on the heavy side for carry! But I wouldn’t trade mine and wished I’d have gotten a white one while they were on sale recently!
  8. i believe 2* bends from standard either direction shouldn’t be a problem, but I’m no professional club builder either!!!
  9. I have 2, 3 irons I’ve picked up last week off of here! Pics tell the story!! Believe it or not I’ve decided to stick with my ole Adams dhy!! 1st up is a Mizuno HMB/Sel 3 iron with a Recoil 95 f4 (stiff) with multi compound blue grip. 1/2” long and 2* up, also several wraps under the grip. This was sold to me as new, I took it to the range 1 time! $old!!! Next, is a “lefty UDI/ P790 3 iron with KBS TGI 100 stiff flex shaft 1/2” long and 2* strong! This shoots lasers off the tee! $160 shipped obo!!
  10. Can anyone compare the gen 1 t’s to the gen 3 t’s? I’ve read some comments about the gen 3 being a smaller profile and less forgiving than the gen 1. I feel the gen 1t is very forgiving for a “blade” and the profile is nice. I also understand the 0311P getting larger in size as well??
  11. Title says it. I'm struggling with hooking my hybrid, looking by at possibly going with an 18* driving iron! I like my 21* dhy, but I know they are old and tired! Are today's di's any better or even gapr lo/mid!?
  12. Well sh*t, now I look like a complete dick.... didn’t see that coming!! Well played!! I digress!!!
  13. Wow... what a dick of a comment!! You’re judging people based on clubs they have in their bags??? I happen to have a set of PXG clubs, and I resent your “look at me” comment because I am definitely not seeking attention from anyone! As a matter of fact I’d rather people not notice what I’m playing cause of generalizations such as the above comment! Just so you know my PXGs are 2nd maybe 3rd hand gen 1 0311t’s. I just acquired them recently and paid what I felt was a good price! And I’m super happy with my purchase and wish I could afford Gen 3 irons!!! Now, do I get some huge distance gain, or unbelievable dispersion that I don’t get from other clubs?? No!! However, do I love the feel, look at address and in the bag of these clubs.... Absolutely, hopefully one day I’ll find some lefty 3’s that someone is willing to part with!! Long live PXG!!!
  14. Man the memories!! First set: Box set of Northwestern Pro bilt from Kmart Powerbilt Grand Slam irons Mizuno Mp 52’s Mizuno Mp 53’s Mizuno Mp 32’s Mp 25’s Mp 18sc Callaway x18 Callaway x20 pro Callaway 07 x forged Callaway Apex Titleist T-mb Ping I-blade Adams A4 forged Adams cb2 Adams A12 pro Pxg 0311t Gen 1 Taylormade P790 Taylormade P770 Srixon z565 Srixon z765 and I may have missed a couple???
  15. Just delivered today.. unwrapped the 6 iron for pics only, none have seen a single ball! Callaway Mavrik Pro Irons 4-pw w/ upgraded Tour Elevate 120 S300 black shaft and Multi compound Align grips. Standard length and lie, the lofts are “1* weak” grips are standard as well!! $775 shipped obo!! I can unwrap the rest if someone needs to see them!! Someone plz buy these before I have to hit ‘em!!!
  16. Are you still playing the gen 1 pxg?? And do you have any thoughts of upgrading to gen 3??
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