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  1. Mizuno lie angles are more traditional, and are about 1 degree flatter than other brands. So 1 up in Mizuno might be standard with Titleist. They key is there are very few standards in the industry.
  2. No extra charge for the third player who rides alone is my understanding.
  3. Courses I play have instituted a $4 fee for a single cart. Because of all the single riders, they had to bring in additional carts to avoid running out. So the fee helps offset their additional costs. Seems fair to me.
  4. CP2 Pro has an undersized option, in addition to standard, midsize, and jumbo. Assume the CP2 wrap would be the same.
  5. My course is hilly. Carrying is easier on a hilly course, if your back is up to it. I push because of back issues, so I push on my hilly course too. Up hill puts a strain on my back, but there is enough flat and downhill to offset. Gradual downhill is awesome as I just let the cart roll on its own. Having a good push cart is key. I opted for a Bag Boy Quad specifically based on the way it cradles my bag. The four wheels also offers stability on the hills. And it folds up compact to fit in the car. Lots of good options out there to choose from in multiple price ranges.
  6. Currently have two of the above. JPX 900 Forged with Modus3 105 S and Ping i200 with AWT 2.0 S. Looking at a set of AP3's with AMT Black shafts and wondering how they compare, both flex and feel. Historically, I've found TT shafts to feel stiffer/harsher - so wondering if an R300 flex would compare better to the other shafts in stiff. Or stay with stiff S300 AMT Black. With COVID-19 in place, I don't have the chance to hit them first. Didn't find much with internet searches, nor GolfWRX searches. Any help from the WRX experts would be appreciated!
  7. As I read it, the M45 does not conform to the new groove rule.
  8. Those were new in 2005 per the MPF listings on the Golfworks site, so they were manufactured before the new groove rules. They might still be legal, but only way to know would be to have them measured/tested. https://www.golfworks.com/images/art/MPF_MALTBY.pdf
  9. Those were a great set of irons in their day. And still should hold their own with most modern forging, even if the lofts may be a bit more traditional.
  10. Late fall I’d expect, technically probably a 2021 release.
  11. Liking this thread. With the virus issue, I’ve walked more this spring to keep my distance- so pulled my Bag Boy Quad out of mothballs. Exercise is probably good for this old fat boy.
  12. Funny thread. I’m not a fan of TM, as they were early adopters of the short product lifecycle. I’m vain enough not to want my thousand dollar purchase to be old news in 6-9 months. But that said, they have good products. Nearly pulled the trigger on an M6 driver last year, now I could get it half price. But probably won’t, mostly due to Covid-19 and the uncertainty of the golf season.
  13. Rolled one part of last year. Really liked the feel and performance of the putter. Mine was the red model, which is ultimately why I dumped it. Just never got used to the look. If I’d have bought the black one, I’d probably still have it.
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