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  1. I debated the 770’s vs MP20 HMB. Like the blade look with a touch of forgiveness like a cavity back. I opted for the HMB for its super clean look vs the TMAG. I was able to hit them vs my JPX 900 Forged and liked the feel and trajectory, so placed a custom order with Modus 105 at no up charge. Been waiting impatiently, should be here in a couple more weeks. Since you’re a lefty, I’d say either the SELs or 770s would be excellent choices.
  2. First tee, slightly used ball. New ball comes out on 3rd or 4th hole after I know what swing showed up. It then has only 14-15 holes on it, and is used the next round on the first tee. Exception is a tourney, then new balls only.
  3. Ended 2020 with 2.9 index. Previously posted Mizuno JPX 900 Forged w/Modus 105 shafts. Recently ordered a custom set of MP-20 HMB with the same shafts for 2021. Long wait due to COVID-19.
  4. I know I’m a dinosaur, but I make my own decisions and don’t rely on social media to tell me when to be offended or how companies should respond to social transgressions. As such, I’ll assess JT and RL myself. And no one should care how I assess them. Life used to be so much simpler. Sigh.
  5. Still have a Phenom in my TS2, very nice shaft for me. I find it very similar to the Diamana Blue Ltd that was a standard Titleist offering, but with a slightly firmer tip. So I’d guess it would match up similarly with a Tensei Blue.
  6. Very seldom am I asked, but when I am I usually reply “my putting”. Which usually becomes apparent as the round progresses.
  7. MP-18 MMC FliHi is super easy to hit high. Added a 4 to the bag this year and much prefer it over my 900 forged 4 iron. Will be trying the MP-20 HMB this spring, after the snow melts.
  8. Can’t answer the 921 Forged/HMP combo, although I considered it myself. Have played the 900 Forged for the past 3 years, did add a MP-18 MMC FliHi 4 iron this year. Ultimately, went with a full set of MP-20 HMBs - custom ordered, so waiting for their arrival. Just got 8 inches of snow today, so won’t be playing anytime soon anyway.
  9. Might consider a MP-18 MMC FlHi. Very clean options are available on eBay at reasonable prices. It’s a very easy to hit long iron alternative that were available in 2-6 irons. Really don’t know if they are more forgiving than the HMB, but suspect they’ll be a bit easier to launch. I have a 4 that I use from the tee and fairway, even out of light rough with no problem.
  10. Used Christmas gift cash plus a couple gift cards to order 4-PW Mizuno MP-20 HMB irons at custom specs. Let the impatient waiting begin...
  11. For those of us that missed the pic before it was taken down...is the new Apex line a cavity back or hollow body?
  12. Any wedge flex clubs I’ve regripped have been DG stiff flex of some variety. My take is it’s a marketing term so the people that play regular flex shafts won’t worry if they match their set or not. And therefore the golf shops can maintain a single flex inventory. With the new abundance of iron shaft options available now, I wonder if OEMs are seeing an increase in custom shaft orders for wedges.
  13. Have no problem with a sponsor being able to invite a pro of their choice. My issue is the LPGA being too stubborn/arrogant/stupid to ensure current major champions aren’t in the field.
  14. I’ve gamed the 900F the past three years. Have experimented with several other sets now and then, but usually not for long. Just an all around solid set of irons. Can hit them high or low. Reasonably long. Good feel. Look good at address and in the bag. The 850 was before I went to Mizuno. The 919 didn’t do anything for me visually, and was missing the beveled leading edge which I like. I like the looks of the 921, but don’t see enough improvement to make the move. I am currently drooling over the MP20 HMB, just cause I like the muscle back look with forgiveness.
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