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  1. [quote name='ijaz429' timestamp='1431396813' post='11542218'] my first posting here. i have been s/t for a few months now with great success. however, i have developed a nasty problem. my last 150 driver swings have been huge push slices. ive read the book (twice) and watched the video and it basically ignores this shot cone. i have been setting up with the ball off my big toe, it seems like moving it back doesnt fix issue and makes contact inconsistent. any suggestions appreciated. [/quote] That is an interesting problem. I'm just an amatuer, but maybe try this: 1. Since the ball is pu
  2. Hey I'm FAR from a teacher friend. But I think that advice was per the book.
  3. Sounds like in your normal swing maybe you are over cooking the draw pieces. Things to maybe check: 1. Ball 2 balls inside forward heel instead of way back. 2. Face slightly open instead of way open at set up. 3. Steady head both on back and forward swing. 4. Backside on wall as hips slide instead of early extension. 5. Armpit pressure points intact. Path should come in a bit straighter.
  4. [quote name='tommy89' timestamp='1416651883' post='10487233'] How can i get the feel of holding it off more through impact? I seem to just hit straight pulls when i try and hold it off. I'm also over push drawing my irons. They come out with a nice flight but over turn left. Hands more left and push the head more? Thanks [/quote] What is the initial direction of your ball...straight or to the right?
  5. As a SnT swinger, when I lose the feel for the backside of the circle, I do a drill similar to this swing that Mike and Andy teach. Shots are just as long, great compression. and it's gonna draw! Cool of this instructor to stop by.
  6. [quote name='spider' timestamp='1409937390' post='10070797'] Oh no Tembolo stirring up the pot with old post from back in the day. ha I remember these old threads. Don't find the one I started asking innocently about SnT. I think John Holmes (eightiron) just joined and was going to rip me a new one... Slicefixer was on fire.... even Plummer responded. I miss those days. [/quote] Me too!
  7. [quote name='rwill522' timestamp='1406392972' post='9790315'] hitting a lot of pulls w stack and tilt... Any advice without seeing my swing.... Happening a lot. Solid contact in center of club face.... [/quote] Haven't checked this thread in awhile. Did you get an answer to this? Are they straight pulls or pull draws? At a minimum the clubface is too closed at impact. When these creep in, open the clubface at address more, work on a few flying wedge type drills to get the ball started right (for a right handed golfer), going back to S&T fundamentals: hands IN, shoulder DOWN, back
  8. Not an instructor, but it might be fun to mess with a few feels that helps with OTT until you find a good teacher. For example, hit a few balls taking your left arm in more on the backswing, without excessively rolling or fanning the clubface open. Then on the downswing, to counter how "out" your left arm is when it is parallel to the ground, push your hips forward to help keep that arm in. Now if none of this matches the sort of swing you want, please ignore! A good teacher really does help. Best to you!
  9. [quote name='Lefty Light HItter' timestamp='1399919208' post='9280425'] [quote name='pinhigh27' timestamp='1399902125' post='9278437'] [quote name='Lefty Light HItter' timestamp='1399900734' post='9278279'] Can someone explain to me how the spine extends while tilting to the left during the backswing? I was reading that last night and did my best to understand and mimic it, but I was still coming out of posture when doing it. Not a S&T guy, but think the pivot is very similar to all of the rotary based swings of which I am trying to incorporate. From an unbiased outsiders view I thi
  10. I'm definitely buying a copy of this book.... But this. Is. Hilarious!!!!!!
  11. I think you mean Aaron Baddely. Sorry the swing didn't work for you Guia.
  12. Swing looking good! I remember you from the old...er...One Plane days. And also an SnT clinic I believe. I remember the first time I saw Dan...at a Stack and Tilt clinic crushing shots off a mat in flip flops. LOL Nice to see your passion for the game sir. Carlton in VA
  13. [quote name='mikpga' timestamp='1397332549' post='9075355'] http://youtu.be/rKWsUcJwvCg [/quote] WOW. That's some great teaching sir.
  14. For those struggling with driving with Stack and Tilt because you are coming in too steep, here are some thoughts from my experiences: 1. Make sure the ball is off the forward heel. 2. Set weight a touch more on the front foot. 3. And really make sure your hands go around low on the back swing as you tilt left. These are all shallowing elements. Here is a pic of Bennett from the DVDs with driver. Look at how "low" his hands are... [attachment=2171341:image.jpg]
  15. One more word of advice if you decide to fully commit.... The DVDs are worth it. Really good stuff. But try not to get bogged down in the details too soon. Seriously. Work on contact and the basics....the distance and direction will come... 1. 55/45 setup with weight. Slight strong grip, ball slightly ahead of center for an iron. 2. Tilt left (for a righty) while taking your hands in. 3. Let your trail knee straighten. 4. Keep your arms as straight as you can. This will feel like a very short swing and maybe very uncomfortable at first. 5. As you come down, push hips fwd an
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