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  1. Driver - 11 3W - 13 5W - 13 Irons - 36 Wedges - 13 Putter - 40 126 yrs
  2. Titleist 910D3 since it came out. Nothing there that needs fixing, it's as solid as anything I've hit.
  3. Don't think you could go wrong with anything by Mizuno. If you're not totally opposed to used, you should be able to pick up fairly nice older set for a decent price. When my son was his age I picked him up a nice used set of MP32's and he played well with them. In fact he just recently switched to something a little newer this last year.
  4. My Ping Eye 2's were born in 1985 and I still hit them as good as anything I've tried. Not a big fan of the newer stuff.
  5. Hogan's are sick! Wished I could hit a blade! GLWS
  6. I also used the Live Chat on their website. I got a repair order# from the guy online and sent my clubs in last week. He said 1-2 week turnaround was all.
  7. Nike SQ2 is money! I've had it in my bag since they came out. Very easy to elevate and fairly long. I don't even tee it up on the tee box!
  8. This ^ Been down this road way too many times
  9. Haven't seen them mentioned but I've been playing Nike SQ2 3 & 5 FW's since they came out. Also, a shout out for Cally '07 X-Forged!
  10. Gotta be between my Eye 2 +no+ irons and my original Anser 2 putter. Probably the Anser, I believe it was mfg. in 80-81ish. The Eye 2's are '89 I believe. Then again, the newest club in my bag is my 910D!
  11. Titleist 913D3 7.5* Loft. Mitsubishi Fubuki ZT60x5ct Shaft Stiff Flex. Condition is good with normal face and sole wear. Light paint mark on the shaft from bag. $200 shipped to lower 48.
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