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  1. Rose and Fire Mallet covers are really good quality. No issues with the one I have falling off of my putter.
  2. I tried it recently, and really liked how it performed. I usually play the TP5, and the Z Star XV performed very similar to the TP5. It was just a little firmer, but not in a bad way. If I didn't have a den caddy full of TP5 balls, I would definitely load up on the XV.
  3. Hybrids are great clubs to have. What has helped me is going shorter and heavier with the hybrid shaft. I've used a s300 in my 23* in the past, and dispersion has been really good with that. With the 19* hybrids, I have found shafts in the 100g range work best for me as well. I personally have found that playing them in the same spot as an iron, and hitting them like an iron gives me the best results. Anytime I've tried sweeping them, it's never good. It's either a hook, or I come out of it, and it's think and a weak ball flight to the right.
  4. In my personal experience, their descriptions hold true. I have a pretty smooth swing, and I can’t load the Hzrdus shafts at all, especially the black. It’s a straight push or dead pull. I’ve gotten along a lot better with the Evenflow shafts when trying out clubs.
  5. I reshafted my irons with Modus 125s shafts last year from DG TI s400, and after getting the head weights exactly where I wanted them, the clubs all came out to the exact same SW. I didn't measure the shafts at all. That told me how tight their tolerances are.
  6. I'm playing mine at 45" and have the head hot melted in a pretty neutral position in the head. I didn't want to wait around for aftermarket weights because they weren't available when I got my SIM2.
  7. This isn't just a TM issue....I have a buddy who ordered a Callaway Epic Max LS March 24th, and Callaway is saying online that his order isn't expected to be done until the end of June.
  8. https://www.golfworks.com/cobra-king-f8-driver-weights/p/cb9034/ They have the 6g and 12g fairway wood weights available on Golfworks You may have to check ebay for other weights.
  9. I also thought the f8 fairway weights were removeable. Is the added weight something you want to be permanent with the shorter shaft? You can add hotmelt in the head to get it where you want weight wise. There are hotmelt kids online that you can buy that are fairly easy to use. Start with lead tape, and once it's where you want it, weigh it, and add that much weigh to the head.
  10. I had the regular SIM 10.5* for a while last year, and got it replaced by TM because the speed pocket started to come apart. I could have still played it if they didn't replace it, but they sent me a SIM2 10.5* as a replacement. I've played them both with my 2 go to shafts, which are a Elements Earth 7f4 and a Diamana Whiteboard 70s, and the SIM2 is more consistent for me. I really haven't noticed much difference in terms of distance overall. Part of that is I was using the SIM during the summer when it was nice and hot here in Texas, but on warmer days with the SIM2, I'm seei
  11. Was it only a 1 time pull or has it been pulled a few times from different adapters and reused multiple times? If it’s been in different heads, then I could see that being a possibility. If it was only pulled one time, then snapping shouldn’t happen...I’m not saying it doesn’t, but it shouldn’t if it was prepped properly the first time it was prepped and then pulled/prepped for the TM install.
  12. Check for the ACE Crossline Cords on eBay. Found some for pretty cheap recently. They’re a great combo of the crossline cord with the ACE shock absorption.
  13. I think his clothes look fine. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that was just terrible. I really like how UA golf polos and pullovers fit, and their shorts are good. I like how some of their pants fit as well. I don't like their hats and their shoes don't fit me right.
  14. If you're comparing the V2 to the Hzrdus Smoke Black, the V2 for me is much easier to launch. I can launch the V2 and actually load the shaft. I can load the Hzrdus Black or Smoke Black at all.
  15. I got the RAD Speed Tour 5 wood last week. I was using the M3 3HL, and the RAD speed is more consistent. I'm playing it at 16.5*, and it launches higher for me than the M3, and it's more forgiving for my swing, even though it's smaller. The rails are great, and I was surprised about how much I like the Motore F1. I have a Diamana Whiteboard 80s that's coming in today that I'm going to toss in it. I like something a bit heavier in my fairways.
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