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  1. I completely agree. There have been certain shafts that don't quite fit in the butt diameter numbers with measurements on the chart, so I've had to guess a few times and go with 1 extra or 1 less wrap of buildup or not using buildup at all.
  2. https://www.golfworks.com/images/art/GripSizing2.pdf This chart is helpful for me when dealing with different shafts, especially with graphite shafts that have different butt diameters.
  3. I gamed the Fly Z+ irons from the time they came out until last year when I was chosen to be one of the testers for the Hogan PTx Pro iron. I still have the PTx Pros in the bag and they aren't going anywhere. Both irons felt good to me, and the lofts were bent to the same specs, so distances are the same. The biggest difference to me is that the shorter irons in the Hogans are easier to flight down when necessary. I really struggled doing that with the Fly Z+ short irons. It took some time to adjust to the irons visually because the Hogans have a thicker top line. It's nothin
  4. Go to your account settings and choose Signature. You can update it there.
  5. Probably true, but I still didn't get the same wear spot on the Lamkin that I did on the Golf Pride.
  6. I've used both the Lamkin Crossline Cord and the Tour Velvet Cord on my driver recently, and preferred the Lamkin. It just lasted longer. I noticed a wear spot on my driver in less than a month with the Tour Velvet Cord, and never noticed one with the Crossline cord after using it on a different shaft for 6 months.
  7. What shafts are in your irons? A 75g hybrid shaft is definitely on the light side. Something with a heavier shaft would probably be more consistent for most people, but if you're hitting a 4 iron as far as high as a hybrid, then a utility type iron with the same shaft as your irons like the HMB, U85, or any of the other ones from various OEMs might be better than a hybrid for you. But if you're confident you're going to hit your 4 iron well from that far out, then the only reason to change is that you want to or feel that it will help your game.
  8. @joostin I like the feel of the 9031 a lot. It’s not the same feel as my irons in terms of a forged iron, but it’s not a hard feeling hybrid by any means. It just has a solid feel. If you’ve ever hit the XTD Super Hybrid, it feels similar to that for me. The LS XTD that came out after the original super hybrid felt awful to me.
  9. I was going to suggest something like this. I use a 23° Adams Super 9031 with a s300 shaft in it. I play it to the length of a stock 4 iron and it covers my gapping perfectly. If you’re worried about hitting it too high with too much spin, look for some smaller compact hybrids like the Adams 9031, M3, or the Apex Hybrid. There are some other compact Adams hybrids similar to the 9031 floating around eBay as well.
  10. What shafts are going into the heads and how much shorter is the PW going to be than the 9 iron? That could play a role in how heavy they end up feeling and what you do as far as tip weights go. Starting with the 6 or 7 iron would be a good place to start as far as tip weights go. To get my Hogan PTx Pros to a D5 SW at standard length, I had to do the following: 5 iron- 257g +4g 6 iron- 260g +8g 7 iron- 270g +6g 8 iron- 274g +8g 9 iron- 284g +8g PW - 290g +6g My target weights were the weights I used for my old Fly Z+ irons I
  11. I purchased this brand new a couple of years ago, and have only used it a couple of times. Size is Large for both the jacket and pants. The pants have been worn more than the jacket, but not much more (Less than 5 times for the jacket, and maybe 10 times for the pants). Neither have been worn in a couple of years, and I just need to get rid of it. I'm asking for $80 for the set shipped CONUS only. It will go out via USPS. Not looking for any trades at the moment.
  12. I also have a 17* Super XTD to go along with my 15* and the 19*. I just pulled the Rogue Black 80g from my 19* because I wanted to put my old VTS 100g back in my 19*. I'm thinking of tossing the Rogue in the 15* or 17* just to see how it goes. I liked it in the 19*, but prefer the heavier shaft just because of the ball flight and consistency I get from it. I'm not a fan of the Fubuki AX that's in the 15*. I found that one for a steal for $20 recently, so it was worth it just for the head knowing I could reshaft it later.
  13. I found an old Tour Edge Exotics Combo Brazing 18* 5W at a small golf shop recently for $30. I installed a Nunchuk shaft in it, and I'm really liking it. It's easy to elevate and pretty long off the tee. It seems to go the distance that I'm looking for off the deck. I'm still going to mess around with my 15* Adams XTD Super Hybrid for the same spot. I like the shorter shaft in it, and I can get it to elevate pretty easily, but I'm not a fan of the stock shaft in it. The XTD Sole is a little more consistent for me off the deck than the Tour Edge, but I still like the combo that I get with
  14. My understanding is the Modus 130 is closest to the Project X shaft. Matthew Wolff had the 130x and went to the Project X 6.5 at some point this summer. I can't comment on if you would need the X or the S for you. I've never been able to spin the Project X enough in longer irons, so I've never played them for a long period of time. I switched from the DGTI s400 in my irons to the Modus 125s, and performance is very similar with the Modus being easier to load for me. My buddy switched from the X100 into the Modus 120x this summer and is doing well with them from w
  15. I had those irons and they're .355 taper. I had DGTI s400 in mine that I pulled and put in my current PTX Pros for a while. The Fly Z+ irons are really good. I'd probably still be playing them if I didn't win the PTX Pros.
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