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  1. I'm 37 with a tight lower back and tight hips. If I'm playing really early, and I know the range will be closed or I won't get there in time to hit balls, I'll do a couple of things to help loosen up. I'll get up a couple of hours before my round and do a light cardio workout, and then get a good stretch in. I'll also swing my Orange Whip for a bit when I get to the course near the chipping area, and then work on short game shots. After that, I'll swing the Orange Whip some more. All I'm worried about is loosening the back up with the swings. I'll then putt for a bit.
  2. If you can deal with not having a magnet, Rose and Fire makes some great leather headcovers. Their mallet covers fit my Toulon Las Vegas just fine. It fits my White Hot OG 7S just fine.
  3. I don't like the Golf Pride Z grips at all, and really like the Crossline grips, both cord and the regular version. The Crossline grips last longer to me and last longer, and I just like the way the Crossline feels in my hand.
  4. jah7838

    White Hot OG?!

    My 7s is out for delivery today. I've rolled one quite a bit at my local Golf Galaxy, and I'm really looking forward to putting it into play. I also have a KP1 that I'll be comparing it to. I really like the feel of the Carbon, and the OG insert feels just as good to me. I'm hoping the rain stays away this weekend, but it doesn't look like it will. I won't get a chance to play it until next week, but I'll get plenty of putts on my putting mat and my Puttout trainer.
  5. My wife doesn't say much as long as I tell her before hand that I "Sold X", and with that money, I'm buying "Y"....it's the surprises that get me into trouble I'm going to have to find a way to explain the iron purchase I plan on making in the fall, especially after I get a new truck sometime this summer. I'm planning on getting a blended set of X5/X7 irons. It would be one thing to just put them straight in the bag, and then box my current irons up, but I'm going to order them stock and install my current shafts into the heads I order. Can't hide that when I'm heating and pulli
  6. I have a set of Hogan PTx pros that I play 5-P, and my 4 iron is a Apex UT iron. It's doable, and I would say play a combination that you're comfortable with. As long as the clubs fill the gap you're wanting them to, that's all that matters. Have you thought of selling the long irons of the Blueprints, and using that money to buy the i210 4 and 5 iron? Between the money you make off of selling the 585/785 irons, and the Blueprint irons, that would more than cover a couple of i210 long irons, and then some more golf clubs that you know you need in your life
  7. jah7838

    White Hot OG?!

    I ordered my 7s non Stroke Lab this past week. I ordered it a couple of degrees flat with a different grip, and it's saying 2-3 weeks for delivery. I'm hoping it'll be sooner, but I can wait a bit. I'm really looking forward to getting it out on the course. I had the original White Hot #1 for years before going to my KP1. Tried the Toulon double bend last year, and liked it, but I'm more consistent with the toe hang on the KP1, and just prefer the feel of the KP1. I'm hoping the 7s gives me a good combination of the Toulon and KP1.
  8. Rickie won the Phoenix Open in 2019 after switching to the TP5x. He’s been doing a lot more with his swing since then, so his issues probably aren’t all because of the golf ball.
  9. It would be the same issue when I get on any simulator. I try to hit the ball too hard with a driver or fairway wood because I’m trying to hit it as far as possible. It’s nothing against the CG2. I find the CG2 pretty accurate with what I see on the course. If I had the money and space for a simulator, I wouldn’t hesitate to get a CG2. Ive seem good ball speed on different Callaway drivers, but I just hit the TM drivers with Twistface better. I find that it really helps on the course. I also hit Cobra drivers well. Their face design works well with my misses as well. I ten
  10. My SIM replacement showed up last Thursday before this front came thru Texas. My replacement for the 10.5* SIM is the 10.5* SIM2. I've only got to hit a few balls at Golf Galaxy on Saturday night, but I was impressed with it. I tried it with an ACCRA 70g CS1 set 1 click lower than standard, and it seemed lower spinning than the 10.5* SIM. My swing speed was a measly 104 mph, but I was getting about 245-250 yards carry on good shots. Spin on my 2 best shots was 2200-2500. I honestly can't remember the launch angle or ball speed, but I try not to look too much into numbers whe
  11. TXG’s video they posted on the new TP5/5x compared to the Tour Response and the old 5/5x shows the new TP5x spins more with wedges and irons compared to the last model. If I remember correctly, Rory went to the TP5 for more control with his wedges because of the added spin, so maybe the new TP5x and x7 combo gives him similar playing characteristics to the Project X 7.0 and TP5 combo?
  12. So does this mean create a bit more spin or take some spin off? My personal experience is the DG shafts will spin more than a Project X shaft of similar stiffness.
  13. I replaced my Adams 15* XTD Super Hybrid with a Cobra F9 5 wood that I played turned down to 17*. I liked it, but it was a bit spinny, so I found a 16.5* M3 3HL head on ebay that I'm currently tinkering with...might end up with a SIM2 5 wood that I'll turn down to 17*. Just got a SIM2 driver to replace a warranty issue with my SIM. Might try get one of the new SIM hybrids at some point this year as well. I just replaced my Vokey 48* with a Zipcore 48* to match my other zipcore wedges. Later on this year, I'll be getting a ZX5/ZX7 combo set to replace m
  14. I knew that was an option, but I also had plenty of other shaft options to send back as well in case they sent it with the one I wanted. I shipped it back with the KK Silver this afternoon. I’m going to find another shaft to try on eBay in the future, so it doesn’t matter that it wasn’t sent with an AV Raw Blue
  15. Got my SIM2 in today. It was a replacement for my SIM that had an issue with the speed pocket. They sent it with the KK Silver 60s, which I wasn’t thrilled about. I haven’t gotten along with the KK line in the past. I may see if Golf Galaxy will let me swap drivers since the KK appears to be a stock option for the SIM2 Max. I have other shafts to use, so it’s not that big of a deal, but I was hoping for the AV Raw Blue because I liked that one when I originally tried the SIM2.
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