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  1. I completely agree with this. I've tried the t100, t100s and the ZX7 irons, and the Srixons were the most consistent for me. T100s was next. I have both sets coming in, but I'm going to end up playing the Srixons full time. I'll still give the t100s a shot though.
  2. t100 7 iron loft is 34* and the ZX7 loft on the 7 iron is 32*. Weakening the loft will increase the launch a bit and bring the spin up. That's why he brought up the bending of the ZX7 weak. It would make the spin, launch, and height between irons very similar.
  3. I got a shipping notification about my ZX7 irons being shipped. They should arrive by Tuesday according to FedEx. Looking forward to getting them. I should be able to swap out the shafts on Tuesday afternoon when I get home.
  4. I ordered my ZX7 irons with Modus 120s in 5-P to replace my Hogan PTx Pros in the same iron makeup. I have DGTI s400 shafts in my Hogans that I will be pulling and installing into the Srixons once they arrive. Hoping that it's a quick delivery since I ordered everything stock with the set, including the grips.
  5. I prefer the UTx. I've used them off and on over the years and always liked the feel of them. I've tried the Z Cord on drivers when other cord grips weren't available, and didn't hate them, but didn't like them enough to put on other clubs. I prefer Lamkin Crossline (Cord and non-cord) and the UTx grip. I've used all 3 over the years and don't really have any complaints about them. Crossline grips are more durable for me than the UTx and the Z Cord.
  6. I've always like the 001 shape from Odyssey as well, and really wanted one of these when it came out. I liked the feel of all 3 of the models you listed. I really like my Odyssey OG 7s, but the prices are tempting with these putters.
  7. I demoed both the T100s and the ZX7 at Golf Galaxy recently, and the ZX7 was better all around for me, including feel. I've demoed the ZX7 on grass, and love the V Sole. It's a little cleaner thru the turf than my current PTx Pro irons from Ben Hogan. I'll end up with the Srixons sometime this fall.
  8. So I work part time at one of the big box stores in Club Repair, and it’s not just True Temper. Grips are a problem, both putter grips and regular grips. It’s not just just Golf Pride either. The putter grip selection is very slim, including Superstroke, which is the putter grip that I seem to throw the most on putters. Lamkin Crossline grips are out of stock in my store, and there’s usually a bunch of those. I haven’t seen a Crossline cord grip in forever, and I happened to run across those at a local Muni, so I bought a few while I was there. Steel and Graphite shaft options aren’t much better, while clothes and shoes is an issue as well. It’s going to take a while to get better.
  9. I just got a Titleist Players 4 bag. I'm coming from a Mizuno BDR3 bag, and I liked it, but the Titleist is lighter, which is the main reason for the switch. The 1 lb difference is very noticeable at the end of a round or long range session. The only thing I liked better about the Mizuno was it has a little more pocket space, but other than that, the lighter bag is a big selling point.
  10. Up for sale is a full set of Modus shaft pulls that are cleaned and prepped for installation. The 5-P are Modus 125s shafts, and the 3 wedge shafts are Modus 125 wedge shafts. Asking for $180 shipped CONUS Only for all the shafts. I'd go $120 for the Modus 125s shafts, and $60 for all 3 wedge shafts. Prices include shipping to CONUS only. SHAFTS ARE SOLD! (Reason for edit: I mistyped the price for the wedge shafts separately. I meant to type out $60, not $80) I want to sell them all together if possible. I'll listen to breaking them up if I have a buyer for just the iron shafts and the wedges lined up, otherwise, I'm selling them as a set. Below are the following lengths of the shafts uninstalled and no grips and their playing lengths will be listed in parenthesis in Hogan PTx Pro 5-P, and the wedge shafts went into Cleveland Zipcore 48*, 52* and 56* heads: 5 iron- 36.5" (38" installed) 6 iron- 36 5/16" (37.5" installed) 7 iron- 35 7/8" (37" installed) 8 iron- 35 3/8" (36.5" installed) 9 iron- 34 7/8" (36" installed) PW- 34 5/8" (35.75" installed) GW- 34" (35 5/8" installed) SW- 33 13/16" (has a 5/8" extension installed; 35 7/16" installed) LW- 33 13/16" ( has a 9/16" extension installed; 35 7/16" installed) The sand wedge shaft and lob wedge shafts were pulls from ebay. I played both the 52* and 56* bent weak for more bounce, and I play them at the same length.
  11. What specific feedback do you mean as to where you missed the sweet spot? I was one of the testers on here when these irons came out and they’re still in the bag. Being able to tell where I missed the sweet spot on each iron has never been an issue for me and there are no issues with distance control or hot spots with the irons either.
  12. There was a time when I thought a 4 wood was plenty for me, but when I moved to the DFW area from Houston, I began to realize that a 3 wood was a better option than the 4 wood off the tee on certain courses that my friends and I have in the rotation. That little bit of extra distance off the tee that I get from the 3 wood has made those courses a bit easier for me to play. I will still lean towards the 5 wood off the deck if I'm in the fairway because there is more trust in that club.
  13. I still play the PTx Pro irons that I won here on Golfwrx. I’m getting to the point where they will need to be replaced. I’m leaning towards the zX5/ZX7 combo set or another set of PTx Pros. I was fortunate enough to hit the Srixons on grass with my preferred shaft, so that helped a lot. Both are really good thru the turf, and I’ll be happy with either set new.
  14. I plan on getting the ZX7s at some point this year, and I know it's going to be a wait whenever I get around to ordering them. I was going to order them with s300 shafts in them, but I may just order them with the standard Modus shafts and swap out for the DG myself. I currently have a set of Modus 125s in my Hogan PTx Pros, and after demoing the ZX7 with a s300, it made me realize how much I miss the DG profile. I may just reshaft those with the DG, and then be as patient as possible with new irons.
  15. Rose and Fire Mallet covers are really good quality. No issues with the one I have falling off of my putter.
  16. I tried it recently, and really liked how it performed. I usually play the TP5, and the Z Star XV performed very similar to the TP5. It was just a little firmer, but not in a bad way. If I didn't have a den caddy full of TP5 balls, I would definitely load up on the XV.
  17. Hybrids are great clubs to have. What has helped me is going shorter and heavier with the hybrid shaft. I've used a s300 in my 23* in the past, and dispersion has been really good with that. With the 19* hybrids, I have found shafts in the 100g range work best for me as well. I personally have found that playing them in the same spot as an iron, and hitting them like an iron gives me the best results. Anytime I've tried sweeping them, it's never good. It's either a hook, or I come out of it, and it's think and a weak ball flight to the right.
  18. In my personal experience, their descriptions hold true. I have a pretty smooth swing, and I can’t load the Hzrdus shafts at all, especially the black. It’s a straight push or dead pull. I’ve gotten along a lot better with the Evenflow shafts when trying out clubs.
  19. I reshafted my irons with Modus 125s shafts last year from DG TI s400, and after getting the head weights exactly where I wanted them, the clubs all came out to the exact same SW. I didn't measure the shafts at all. That told me how tight their tolerances are.
  20. I'm playing mine at 45" and have the head hot melted in a pretty neutral position in the head. I didn't want to wait around for aftermarket weights because they weren't available when I got my SIM2.
  21. This isn't just a TM issue....I have a buddy who ordered a Callaway Epic Max LS March 24th, and Callaway is saying online that his order isn't expected to be done until the end of June.
  22. Took about 4 weeks from order date to get my 48* Raw with a Modus 125 wedge shaft.
  23. https://www.golfworks.com/cobra-king-f8-driver-weights/p/cb9034/ They have the 6g and 12g fairway wood weights available on Golfworks You may have to check ebay for other weights.
  24. I also thought the f8 fairway weights were removeable. Is the added weight something you want to be permanent with the shorter shaft? You can add hotmelt in the head to get it where you want weight wise. There are hotmelt kids online that you can buy that are fairly easy to use. Start with lead tape, and once it's where you want it, weigh it, and add that much weigh to the head.
  25. I had the regular SIM 10.5* for a while last year, and got it replaced by TM because the speed pocket started to come apart. I could have still played it if they didn't replace it, but they sent me a SIM2 10.5* as a replacement. I've played them both with my 2 go to shafts, which are a Elements Earth 7f4 and a Diamana Whiteboard 70s, and the SIM2 is more consistent for me. I really haven't noticed much difference in terms of distance overall. Part of that is I was using the SIM during the summer when it was nice and hot here in Texas, but on warmer days with the SIM2, I'm seeing really good distance out of it. The main reason I say the SIM2 is more consistent, is that occasionally, I would make an awful swing with the SIM, and the ball would just nosedive with no spin to the left. The same type of swing with the SIM2 spins a touch more and has a better chance of staying in play. In terms of looks, sound and feel, I also prefer the SIM2, but I still really liked the SIM2 and had no reason to replace it if the Speed Pocket didn't mess up.
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