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  1. 35" Toulon Las Vegas Non Stroke Lab putter. Lie is ~69* and the loft is at 2.5* (measured Saturday night at local Golf Galaxy). I took care of this putter, but as you can tell, there are 2 very tiny nicks along the putter's topline, and along the bottom. The one that is on the top is barely visible at address to me. The one on the bottom is more noticeable. Putter is in really good condition otherwise. I've added a picture from address for reference to the little nick along the top line. I'm including the original headcover. Putter grip is the green star Golf Pride Pro Only with a couple of extra wraps. Asking $220 shipped to CONUS only. I will ship out via fedex or USPS.
  2. I personally don't think you would notice. I've used parallel tipped steel shafts in hybrids before, and it didn't feel any different to me than the same steel shafted irons that were taper tipped. You can also adjust the tipping of a parallel shaft as you see fit. If you want something a little softer, just tip it a little less, or tip a little more for something firmer.
  3. My SIM2 shipped yesterday. It’s a warranty replacement for my SIM. They are sending it with the Kuro Kage Silver 5th gen 60s. I was hoping for the AV Raw Blue in the same flex. I’ve never gotten along with the Kuro Kage line. Fortunately, I have plenty of golf shafts to choose from already.
  4. The Rogue Silver and Tour Green are both really good shafts, especially for the prices you can find them for on eBay brand new. I find them to be easier to swing than the Hzrdus line of shafts.
  5. With the standard SIM, I went with the 10.5* turned down 1 click. I couldn't launch the 9* SIM high enough...it's the same issue for me with the SIM2 9* head. With the SIM Max, I could play the standard 9* head and get similar numbers in terms of launch and spin as I do with the SIM 10.5*.
  6. So I ordered my Zipcore Raw 48* with a Modus 125 wedge shaft on 1/8, and I got a shipping notification early this morning. It should be here by Tuesday, 2/9. It was a little quicker than I expected. Looking forward to testing it out.
  7. I just started listening to this podcast because of this post. I like Max Homa, and his perspective is good. His point about people reacting the way they did is because people don't like Reed is where I am on it. If it was anyone else, I don't think this would be as big of a deal. Thanks for posting about the podcast.
  8. Golf Station in Hurst has a large selection of shafts. I've been there before to check it out because I know a couple of the people that work there, and they have a lot of shaft options. I was like a kid in a candy story looking at their fitting wall. I didn't have time to hit any of them that day, but it was cool to see their selections. They don't use the CG Quad, unless that has changed recently.
  9. I wasn’t speaking about you specifically with the negative comments. That was just a statement in general as to what I see on social media. I completely understand your reasoning for not liking Reed. His reputation at this point is earned at this point, and I get why people will not give him the same benefit of doubt that they will give a guy like Rory. I’m not saying he’s my favorite golfer, but I like watching players who play great golf the way he does.
  10. That's all I need is more temptation with golf bags...I don't need one, but that Tour stand bag is sweet.
  11. Sometimes there is a difference in the amount of tip prep with shaft adapters because of how different the installation is for each OEM. You will sometimes have a little bit of prepped shaft showing if you were to install as is. You could leave it as is after a swap or just have it tipped a little so you don't see that. How much that will affect how the shaft will play is something someone else can answer. I haven't seen much of a difference personally, but some might say the difference might be more.
  12. We don't know the whole story with what's gone on with his family. There are a lot of people who have strained relationships with their parents and don't talk to them. I don't think that should be something that should be help against Reed here. He has his side of the story, which I don't think he comments much on, unless I've missed something over the past few years, and they have their side. There's a chance that both Reed and his parents are at fault for the relationship they have now. His history at Georgia and his other past transgressions are fair game in terms of criticism. I just like watching the guy play golf, especially his short game. Part of me also enjoys seeing people get angry on social media about him winning. He has a way of ignoring all of it and still manages to win the tournament. There are some athletes that I don't care for, but I'm not going to lose sleep over them doing well or winning. I'm also not going to post negative comments about them on social media either.
  13. I currently have a Las Vegas #7 without the Stroke Lab, and I've been using it for almost a year. I just went back to my Kingston KP1 because my starting line seems to be much better with the Kingston. I tested the White Hot OG 7s this past weekend at Golf Galaxy, and will probably bet getting that sometime soon. There's something about the OG 7s with the weight and the insert that feels really good to me. The White Hot insert is my favorite insert of all time, and the White Hot #1 was probably the longest tenured putter that I've ever had, with my KP1 coming in 2nd. The carbon and the milled face of the KP1 is really soft and I putt well with it overall. I just have a tendency to pull short putts, which is more me than the putter. I just know if I get the OG, I'll have to get rid of the Toulon. I'm not one to keep a bunch of clubs around the house if it's just going to stay in the closet. The KP1 is the exception because I got it customized, and I'm a fan of the putter as it has aged. That putter isn't going anywhere.
  14. That link with the chart is very helpful! I've put tip weights in my last couple of sets of irons to get the SW up to about D6/7 with DGTI s400 shafts and my current Modus 125s shafts. The Modus 125s actually come out closer to D5 because they're a bit lighter than the S400 shafts I had before. With my current PTx Pro irons and Apex Utility, the head weights and the target weights came out to the following: 4 iron= 247g + 6g= 253g 5 iron= 257g + 4g= 261g 6 iron= 260g + 8g= 268g 7 iron= 270g + 6g= 276g 8 iron= 274g + 8g= 282g 9 iron= 284g + 8g= 292g PW = 290g + 6g= 296g These target weights came from the lead tape added to previous Fly Z+ irons and the stock lengths, and I just went for the same target weights and lengths when I got my PTx Pros. None of the shafts seem to play any different from the others when it came to having a 4g in one and an 8g in another.
  15. I currently have a Cobra f9 5 wood head turned down to 17* that is very easy to launch high. I have a 75g Tour Green in it at the moment. It's definitely not a low spin monster. It does have a tendency to spin a bit too much for me, and will get caught up a bit more into the wind. I have a M3 3HL on the way just to try out. It should be here today, and I'll get it shafted up with the 80g Whiteboard I was using in the F9. I'll be able to compare them on the range tomorrow afternoon and on the course on Saturday morning. I know the M3 will be good off the tee. The deciding factor will be off the deck. The f9 is great off the deck, and will be tough to beat.
  16. Standard Lamkin Crossline grips for the time being on all my irons and woods. I may eventually go to the UTx grips again. The UTx and Crossline grips are my go to for grips. If I go to the UTx, I'll put a Crossline cord on my driver.
  17. So just to update my use of fairway woods in this thread from an earlier post. I still have my Super Hybrids in the closet because of how well the Cobra f9 5w (turned down to 17*) has been overall. The only issues I'm having with it is that it's a bit spinny for me at times, especially into the wind. I know that I'll lose distance into the wind, but it's a big difference in how much the wind affects it compared to my 19* hybrid. I ordered a 16.5* M3 fairway head off of ebay that will hopefully be here this week, and I'll be tossing the same Diamana Whiteboard 80s in that that I've been using in the Cobra F9. If I don't like how the M3 plays off the deck, I'll continue to use the Cobra because of how consistent it's been off the deck for me.
  18. The UTx and the standard Crossline are my favorite grips to use. I don't feel like they get slick to easy at all. They last a good amount of time, and I practice or play just about everyday in the summer. I live in Texas, and have used them living in Houston and the DFW area, and they have been fine in both locations, especially in Houston where it's really humid. I'm currently using the standard Crossline on my clubs, but only because I was changing the shafts in my irons this past summer, and didn't want to put a more expensive grip on them if I didn't like the shaft. I'll eventually go back to the UTx if I find a good deal on them somewhere.
  19. I want the 3HL just to help me with launch angle, and I don’t want to close the club face of a 3 wood when I add loft. I’m looking at a few M3 3HL on eBay for that reason.
  20. I’ve hit the SIM2 already, and was already planning on getting it. The warranty issue is just saving me some money for other club purchases, lol.
  21. Looks like I'm in the same boat. Just got an email from TM telling me they're replacing my SIM.
  22. I heard back from TM a little while ago, and they're sending me a new driver. I'm assuming it's going to be a SIM2 10.5* since there are no more Standard SIM drivers in the same loft available on their site.
  23. There’s a bathroom joke in there that includes toilets and releasing of other bacteria somewhere....
  24. Holy crap. That sounds scary. My situation was scary looking back on it, but I was young, so I had no idea what was going on. I just knew I was in pain for a few days off and on. @FergusonLooking back, it was probably close to rupturing. Thinking about my roommate at the time in the hospital, and his screams in the middle of the night, I was very lucky.
  25. So looking at that chart, I would fall under the XL category in terms of size (insert whatever joke you want here). I met the surgeon before going in, and he was a very large man. I'm 5'10" and 195ish lbs. My dad is about the same size, and I remember the surgeon being much bigger than my dad. My guess is that the surgeon would be closer to the 3XL in size than the 2XL. From what I was told, my appendix was as big as the surgeon's hand when it was removed.
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