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    SW Help

    My main issues are from the fairway from tight lies. I always seem to hit them chunky...never had that problem with previous wedges that came with iron sets. I don't have issue with the pitching wedge and gap wedges. I don't know what the deal is or if that helps any. Thanks.
  2. jah7838

    SW Help

    Having issues with my SW...need helpI need some advice on a new SW. I have a set of Ping G10s, and I have the SW in that set. After the last 2 rounds of golf, I have realized that I cannot hit that SW to save my life. I think that the sole is too wide. What brands would people reccomend. And what would be the ideal bounce on full shots and from the sand. I live in Houston, and play local courses if that helps with any given advice. Thanks in advance.
  3. My friend did something similar to my 5w that I had for less than a month...I know I'm not that good, but he is terrible. He teed up the ball to high, and just completely wiffed, so I know your pain. It's one thing for me to do something like that to my own club, but for someone else to do so, it bothered me. What made it worse was he didn't bother to say anything about it. I noticed it when I hit it on the range. It will bother me less over time, and I know I would probably do something similar over time, so I'm over it now.
  4. I was willing to go SGI when I got new clubs, and I even tried those Hibore Irons and the Mizuno Irons that were posted in the pics, and I couldn't hit them very well. I couldn't hit the Clevelands to save my life...lol...the Mizunos weren't too bad. I just hit the G10s better than any others I tried...and the thought that others are posers based on what they play does make a little sense. I can honestly say that the thought has crossed my mind when I look into other people's bags out of curiosity. I'm pretty sure many of us have done the same.
  5. Question about shafts on driver, wood and hybridI just started playing golf again about 2 months ago after not playing for about 6 months. I noticed at GG that my swing speed was much slower than it was during the summer when I was playing more often. I traded in my Hibore XLS for a 07 Burner with a stiff flex. I was hitting it very straight and long at first. Now I'm noticing that I am spraying the ball all over the place, and I have to slow down my swing a lot to even get it in the fairway. The worker at GG recommended I shorten the stock shaft on the Burner to see if that helps. I went ahead and got them to shorten it to 45 inches, and it was cut from the tip. I'm hoping that helps. I haven't got a chance to hit it yet on the range or the course because it's been raining, but I'm hoping to do so this weekend. If it helps, I'm thinking of doing something similar with my hybrid and 5w, both of the 07 Burner models. They aren't as accurate as they were when I got them. Has anyone ever had this problem or dealt with this? The other option is changing the shaft to something different. He recommended the V2 or Pro Launch Red. Any recommendations on shafts as well would be helpful. I've been playing golf off-and-on for a few years, but not consistently, so I don't know a lot about driver shafts, stiffness, torque, and all that other stuff that goes along with it. Thanks in advance. Btw: Swing speed now at around 100 according to launch monitor, high around 105 I think I remember him saying..don't know how accurate the monitor is, lol...and the driver is a 10.5*. A few months ago SS was 88 or so with a max around 95...don't quote me on those numbers.
  6. I just bought new clubs a few months ago, and went with Ping G10s...I think they are under GI category...I wanted the i10s because of how small they look, but I put my ego to the side, and tried the G10s. I'm very happy with them. I'm a lot more consistent, and my scores are slowly creeping down. I think I'll be happy with these for a while. I think people should go with what feels good to them, while still getting that forgiveness that most of us need (whether some of us would like to admit it or not...lol). If I can consistently shoot in the low 80s or 90s with GI irons, I'll stick with them, but if I need something to help go even lower I'll probably try something different. One thing I don't want to sacrifice is forgiveness. I want to stand over the ball knowing that even if I miss it a little, I won't pay for it too much. I think that mixing GI and player's irons is also a good idea. I was thinking if my game improves enough, I might mix the G10 in long irons and the i10 in my short irons, but that won't be done for a while. I'll do that when I'm consistant!!!
  7. I found this thread rather amusing...how can something so simple as iron covers cause so much disagreement. I have to admit that I do use them, but only during travel. I drive a truck, and have a toolbox in the back that is just big enough to hold my golf bag. The very first set of clubs I had got a lot of scratches and dings from being in my truck that I wanted to do something to take care of them a little. When they are in a toolbox, I can't see how much they move around...and it's not like trucks are the smoothest rides. I just want them to last as long as possible, but as soon as I get to the course, they come off. If I ding up my club while playing, so be it. They may be a hassle sometimes, but I just want to take care of them and make them last.
  8. Do you still have the Odyssey? I would like to purchase it if it is still available. I've been looking for one of these for a while, and if so, can you tell me what I need to do with PayPal. I do have a PayPal account.
  9. Thanks for the pics. I now know what I'll probably end up doing to my putter at some point.
  10. I'm pretty sure it's the same thing. I went to GG to get a new grip, and I liked the old White Hot Grips, but they didn't have them. I noticed the Lampkin Crossline, and they felt the exact same to me. They were out of that one too. I ended up going to Edwin Watts, and they had the Lampkin in stock, so I put that one on my Odyssey White Hot #7. It feels better to me than the Winn Grip that came on it.
  11. Anyone gotten theirs done at BOSI want to get my Odyssey White Hot XG #7 redone with the 3X Black Oxide from BOS, and was wondering if anyone else has gotten their Odyssey done there as well?? How did they turn out, and was their any issues with the insert afterwards? I noticed they have a disclaimer on their website about Odyssey putters. There is also a $13 charge for them to take the shaft off and putting it back on if you don't send just the putter head in. Would it be better for me to get the head off myself and get it reshafted from GG or another golf store. I really don't know how much stores like that will charge. I probably won't do this until I find another putter that I will use when playing golf as well, just in case I end up playing while the putter is being worked on, or I like it too much to use it..lol. Any other recomendations for the refinish other than the 3X Black Oxide...I'm open to suggestions, I just really like the way black looks, but there are no examples on the BOS website. Pictures of your finish would be helpful as well. Thanks in advance. (Sorry for the novel...lol).
  12. I just ordered these about a month ago and couldn't be happier. The ball goes High and Straight!!! I had a really hard time getting the ball prior to these with my old set that I got from Academy (A set of Orlimar trimetal irons). The wider soles really help me. I used to never take divots on my good shots, but I can now take one on my best shots...not that taking a divot is necessary to get a good shot. I ended up getting 5-SW, Green Dot, AWT, and their Cushion technology. I'm hitting my 5 iron so much better than I ever thought I would be able to. I'm considering getting a 4 iron as well ( I got a hybrid and there is to much of a gap between it and my 5 iron) because of how easy the 5 iron is to hit. The only problem that I have is hitting my gap wedge and sandwedge. There is a lot more bounce on the club than my old gap and sandwedge. I'm getting better at it....going to the range a lot has really helped. :D
  13. Thanks for the input. I'll probably end up buying a box just to see how I like them. When I first got the e5+, I really didn't notice a increase in trajectory, but I have recently with my new Ping G-10 Irons. Maybe it's the combination of ball and irons...who knows?!?! Thanks again!
  14. How do they compare?I currently play Bridgestone e5+ because I don't hit the ball very high. I was at Academy last night, and saw that they had the Nike One Black on sale. I was wondering if anyone has played them both, and if so, how do they compare? If they're pretty similar, I was thinking of getting them to give them a shot. Thanks.
  15. I just recently bought a set of Ping G-10 Irons (5-SW Green Dot, Stiff Flex). To replace a 4 iron, I went ahead and bought a TaylorMade Burner 22* Hybrid/Rescue. I noticed on the range that there is a pretty big difference in distance between my 5 Iron (27* according to Ping website). I was thinking of getting a 25* Burner Hybrid/Rescue (5 Iron replacement with their clubs) to fill the gap. Any thoughts on this, or anyone else run into this same problem before??? I'm not that good right now, but trying to get better. I like the Burner because it's easy to hit, and I was thinking the 25* would help me with Distance control because I haven't quite got that completely under control yet.
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