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  1. Ahhh, I see said the blind man......
  2. All the pictures look the same. What am I looking for here?
  3. The plastic blue & white ones for driver and short wood ones for par3's or fairway/hybrid tee-shots.
  4. PXG. Awful and annoying commercials. Screws in the back of irons seem like a gimmick to me. Why not just add or take away metal inside the head of the iron for weighting like everyone else.
  5. Me too. It's gonna be a long and uncertain road back for him.
  6. Right foot on a brake pedal or floor board during a high velocity MVA more than likely will equal a pilon fracture or a very nasty Lisfranc injury.
  7. What brand of wall-hanging system do you have in your garage? Looks like something slatted?
  8. I've wondered this too. I'm hitting balls into a net or a screen off a tee or a synthetic plastic grass mat. Perfect level lie, no wind, perfect lighting with no shadows... It's called a simulator for a reason. It simulates what should happen when you hit the ball based on the parameters of the machine. That to me does not translate into reality on a real golf course with all of the real variables out there. What the simulator does do for me is make me fixate more on the strike vs the end result because the net/screen is so close. That takes out all the depth and space between the ball and the
  9. We have a guy who is the same as you describe, but less angry. He cannot play without "something" on the line. Always pressing, side bets on any shot any time, front-back-total side bets, total puts, anything really.... He's just a gambler and has that disease/compulsion. We as a group have controlled it by allowing 1 press per side, and only if you are down overall on that side. So 2 presses total by him, if he's down. This keeps him satisfied for the most part. Personally I'll take some of the side bets because I come out on top more often than not.
  10. I posted the first time I saw it, which seems to be after the fact. Don't change my first reaction. What do they put in those vegemite sandwiches????
  11. OMG, who is that ugly lady broadcasting next to Rich Lerner?
  12. Hotmelt is not metal, but glue-like. Think sticky to semi-solid, like a crafting hot glue gun. Metal pieces are chunks of welding from production that can break loose and cause rattles.
  13. junkfry

    Hx tour 56

    I made my only hole-in-one with HX tour 56 back in 2006. Sucked a pitching wedge right back into the hole from 128 yards. I still have that ball in a glass case.
  14. I remember the 282 Superquad model having a smaller hosel diameter of 11mm vs the standard tour-issue or TP model at 13mm. I think the "long" hosel was specific to the black Burner Superfast TP. One model of the tour-issued Superfast had the regular length hosel and then there was also a "long" hosel vesrsion.
  15. Anyone who has used an after-market weight to add swingweight, what weight did you buy that fits a super hybrid?
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