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  1. Callaway super hybrid head 17*. The pictures make it look pretty rough, but it looks much better in person. I decided my 20* fits my gaps better, so this is going cheap. $65 OBO shipped US. Generic headcover included. PM with any questions.
  2. TC serial numbers are tour stock. Lucky!
  3. autoFlex SF505x shaft with golf pride 360 grip. Untipped with about 1.25" tip prep. 44" total length so will play over 45" installed. Has the shaft sleeve included also. Will take the first $350 paypaled to [email protected] US only please.
  4. autoFlex sf505 shaft with new GP tour velvet grip. 44'' length and played just over 45" in a Callaway head. Bought here from another member so I am the 2nd owner. The only flaw is cosmetic and that's the tip had been way over prepped by the original owner and I have shown this in the pictures. The shaft is being sold without an adapter as it has been removed. Asking $500 shipped OBO due to cosmetic flaw. I'm getting a 505x as I need to go up a flex for my swing, so this is up for grabs!
  5. "heavier driver head feels better for my swing" Ok, so it feels better. What does it do for your performance? Are you driving the ball better, worse or the same with the heavier swing-weight. If it feels better and it's working the same or better than before I wouldn't change the shaft. Performance and feel(or feel and performance) are #1 & 2 for most golfers.
  6. Can I ask what your setup was with this? Head weight, length and swingweight? How did it snap, on the downswing or after impact?
  7. They make a green dot "tour strong" Callaway adapter that will give -2 degree of loft. They can be bought online easily.
  8. I've been using Fasco Epoxo 88 clear for years and have never had a problem with loosening. Easy to work with and sets fast in 6 minutes. Can play the club in approx 15 minutes.
  9. These are very comfortable and accommodative. They also come in many other styles.
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