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  1. Bought some shirts of Wrx and need to get rid of these. I am too big for these, and I am not going to fit in them anytime soon or ever sadly. All size Large I am asking $60 for the lot shipped. The 2 adidas have been worn for 1 round of golf, 2 years ago and have hung in the closet since. The shade or red red has the one pique as pictured. The Bolle has been worn for one round of golf. Powder Blue and White. The Black/Grey stripe and the. Purple/White stripe Greg Norman shirts are NWOT. The Grey/Black Greg Norman with the sheen has been worn for one round of golf. Minor pique as shown. The Pink/White Greg Norman has been worn about 5 times, 2 of those for golf. The Black with grey Greg Norman has been worn 3 times, and it fits slightly larger than the others. But I don’t like it and will never wear it again. Except for the last GN shirt, they all fit the same. paypal is: [email protected] if any questions pm me or text at 423-430-6773
  2. Not a fan of lines in cavity as well, nothing I can do about that, hence my putter trades that I listed
  3. Got this on a trade and it’s just too short for me(that’s what she said!) sorry it had to be done Scotty Cameron Select Special Squareback 2 33” long, headcover included. pics show condition, it’s in excellent shape IMHO Let’s try $330 obo shipped with insurance included As for trades I would only be interested in these specific putters along with some cash, and they need to be excellent condition: 1. Odyssey Versa Tank 1, the original one, no line. 2. Ping Piper, either the G2i or G2 in the face balanced model. No line. my number is 423-430-6773 if you want to text offers, you can pm as well.
  4. Love this set, but went to a more forgiving forging (fg5 tour), so need to try and sell these. It’s been a minute since I have listed on here so if I made some mistakes just let me know I am all set on equipment, but for trades I would consider would be a higher end putter or driver I could resale for same amount or an item and cash to equal the difference, even an iron set as well. Looking for $525 for the whole set. $425 for the irons $125 for the wedges pics show condition of clubs. Good shape, no browning, less than 20 rounds of use with a couple range sessions. shafts are pured hence why the labels are all over the place. Winn dry tac midsize grips. 5 iron is 38.5” please note the 4 iron is 39.5, idk why it came like that but I can cut it to 39” if you want before I ship. I also have a matching Winn grip I can install. standard lie, but lofts are 1 deg strong so the Pw is 45* and they go 4* increments on up. 50* length is 35 3/4 54/58 are 35 5/8 pm me with offers or text at 423-430-6773
  5. I have gathered too many putters and need to get some funds for an upcoming trip. Paypal is: [email protected] i will not hold putters, first one to send in funds gets it some putters have tape residue on the bottom, i will try to remove prior to shipping. trades i would entertain: Callaway 815 or 816 fairway wood in 18* loft or a 815 hybrid in 20* loft (stiff shaft as well) Ping G30 hybrid, 19* with tour 90 stiff shaft on to the putters: 1. TaylorMade Spider Tour, DJ version. 35", very clean and hardly used. comes with stock weights and i am including some aftermarket ones in 16/14/12/10 grams. $175 shipped conus sold 2. Taylormade Rossa Tour FO-74. 34", Winn 1.60 grip, comes with weight kit as well. good shape for age, the tiny specks you see in pics are not seen when at address. Has tape residue on bottom. $75 shipped conus 3. Tad Moore TM-11, a hair over 34', original headcover! Orange Iomic grip built up with 4 wraps i thing, plays like a midsize. its in excellent condition, hardly used and a classic. $55 shipped conus 4. Odyssey Versa Tank IV. 35", headcover incl. Brand new GP Tour Classic grip +6 wraps. condition is excellent. $65 shipped conus sold 5. Odyssey Works Versa #9. 35", headcover incl, SuperStroke Slim 3.0. Solid shape, a few light marks here or there. $60 shipped conus 6. Odyssey White Ice #9. 33.5", no headcover. Lamkin I-Line grip. Excellent shape for age, has tape residue on bottom.d $40 shipped conus 7. Ping Anser 2x. 35.25", brand new Iomic grip +5 wraps, no headcover. Tough to find one in this condition. $55 shipped conus sold 8. He ain't Heavy, he's my putter!!!! Heavy putter, mid weight K4 model. 34". Headcover incl. Has Scotty grip that is on life support lol. Its in pretty good shape for age. $40 shipped conus Recap: all shipped conus 1. TM Spider Tour: sold 2. TM Rossa FO-74: $85 $75 3. Tad Moore TM-11: $65 $55 4. Odyssey Tank IV: sold 5. Odyssey Works Versa #9: $65 $55 6. Odyssey White Ice #9: $45 $40 7. Ping Anser 2x: sold 8. Heavy Putter K4: $45 $40 paypal is [email protected] thx for looking!
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