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  1. There are a number of threads here, especially the long one entitled: Starting a new adventure... Minimalist Golf Since becoming a dedicated minimalist player several years ago, I love the game more than ever and have continued to lower my handicap. Regarding max number of clubs – my opinion is something less than 10.
  2. That’s exactly what I did and it’s worked out well. As a minimalist, I find the 3h more versatile and it helps with my gapping.
  3. Tommy56

    What to leave out?

    Personally, I'd drop half of those clubs ... but that's just me.
  4. That's great to hear ... now I'm tempted to buy one.
  5. Just to confirm, this is the smaller Mevo and not the Mevo+ correct?
  6. I'll be watching this thread with interest. I have the 816H1 with Diamana Blue, which is nearly identical to the 915H1 except paint color. I've been wondering how it compares to the TS2 with Tensei Blue in terms of feel, sound, and performance ... both the head and the shaft. The TS2 looks fantastic, but haven't had chance to demo side by side.
  7. Minimalist player exclusively for 3 years now. I enjoy the game so much more, and have lowered my handicap in the process. I will carry either 7 or 8 clubs and have 20-25 yard gaps that can be managed pretty easily by flighting the ball or taking a little off as necessary.
  8. Zero chance of that thing going in the bag. I'd return it in a heartbeat.
  9. There are a number of minimalist players on this board, and some really good threads including a very lengthy one ... search for “starting a new adventure”
  10. Definitely give it a go. I suspect you'll have a blast.
  11. Thank you, that’s helpful. Just might order the 2.5.
  12. Read your post with interest. I currently have a NP2 (and putt well with it), but like the cleaner look of the 2.5. I couldn't tell a big difference in the toe flow when I compared in the store, but wondering if there is any/much difference in real world play. Looking for input from players who have used both.
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