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  1. What I meant by inconsistent was the distance/direction wasn't nearly as tight as they were w/my Vokey. I hit them at a practice facility with various short flags going back and forth between clubs to compare.
  2. I have recently put the G15 23 degree with the stock stiff shaft in my bag and love it. It replaced the cobra tws and I have the adams A4 3 hybrid. As good as I hit the g15, I'm strongly considering the 20 deg to replace the Adams. It takes a little getting used to the looks but one range session and I don't even notice it anymore.
  3. Play Vokey SM 50, 56, and 60 set-up and love them from fairway and rough. Less so from sand but believe it is because I play a rather low bounce configuration. Trid the jaws 56 out and found it to be very inconsistent for me.
  4. Friend damaged a TEE 3 wood hitting a rock and they replaced for free...he was very happy with their service.
  5. Fakes...6 and 9 are giveaways.
  6. I have the G15 23 deg and have found it straighter and more forgiving than previous Ping hybrids. Looks take getting used to but found that didn't take very long to get over.
  7. I have had the FT-9 for about a year and went to a demo day this weekend and hit the FT-iz side-by-side with it. 30-35 balls with each alternating after about 5 balls. The iz does go marginally straighter but I did not see any difference in distance. If anything, I could stretch the FT-9 out another 10-20 yards with a low/penetrating draw that I had hard time hitting with the iz. Both are good but I didn't see anything that would make me want to change.
  8. I bought an open box Callaway FT 3 wood from GPP. It looked brand new when it came and still had the original stickers on it. It was a great deal.
  9. +1. Great thread to follow and see the power of a community.
  10. Same experience for me. Ordered a fairway wood and it looks great. Shipping time was much much faster than expected.
  11. Same experience for me with Callaway customer service. Bought a new set of x20 tours and wanted to get the lie adjusted before playing them. Also, wanted full chord grips but was going to have that done at my usual shop. I called them to see if they would do the lie adjustment and asked them about installing new Callaway chord GP grips. They said no problem and requested my info for the shipping label. When I asked how much it would cost the CS rep said "no charge". I was blown away...no cost for shipping, grips, or lie adjustment. Way beyond what I expected. Just wish I would have liked the irons as much as I did the customer service but it did entice me to seriously try out their woods and eventually switch from a Titleist to Callaway driver and 3 wood.
  12. I live in Katy which is on the far west side of Houston and have played most of the courses in Houston (private and public). To give you a feel for the variety: Royal Oaks (great course/club closer to downtown but still W. Houston): Initiation $70,000 (equity golf) w/$625 monthly Falcon Point (good course but lots of members): Initiation "free" or 1 months due as they are running specials constantly w/$350 monthly Meadowbrook Farms (semi-private, Greg Norman's only Texas course): Initiation $10,000 (refundable) or $6,000 (non-refundable) w/$275 monthly All are good courses that I play often. Obviously, Royal Oaks is a much more elite club and closer to town as compared to the other two which are in Katy. Falcon Point is rather difficult that most casual golfers feel pretty beat up on as there is lots of water and pompass grass to lose balls in. I have several friends that belong there and play there frequently. Biggest complaint I hear is that the "free" initiation is bringing in too many members and ones that aren't serious golfers. Meadowbrook, which I live on, is a wonderful course but gets a high percentage of non-members playing it so it doesn't really feel like a "club". Although, it is approx $90 to play so traffic is not that high even on weekends. Houston has many great courses to choose from and clubs on the West side of town. Suggest your buddy wait until he moves down here to make his selection. You can always find people to take you to most of the clubs except for the very high end ones (like Royal Oaks). I tend to find that people like the ones that are closest to where they live for convenience.
  13. I live on Meadowbrook Farms and am a member of the range club so I am there a fair bit...practicing and playing. I was a member of Willowfork in Katy for a long time before moving overseas and anticipated joining Meadowbrook when we moved back. It's hard to make the economics work when you can go play there anytime you want and I have use of the practice facilities any time I want for a fraction of the cost. The course is almost always in great shape and can play as hard as you want it to. It is a lot like the Doha Golf Club that I belonged to in Qatar where you can play the tees one up and have a challenging round of golf and then move to the back and have real monster, especially as much as the wind blows. If you are interested in getting the experience out there a good way to test it out is to join the range club, practice up there, play some and see what you think. What I like about it is the practice facilities are seldomly crowded. I did the same at Cinco while we were waiting to move into our house and it is terrible wrt to crowds and condition of the range. Also, the course isn't very challenging. What I don't like about Meadowbrook is that it doesn't feel like a "club" as much of the traffic is from public players. If it went completely private I would probably join but I don't expect that to happen anytime soon.
  14. A few buddies and I took a 5 day golf trip to Innisbrook in August and it was one of the best golf trips I have done. They treat you very well, have 4 very different courses, and you can play golf all day. Price was very good compared to some other FLA alternatives we looked at. Since it was a guys trip, we wanted a place we could play lots of golf and never leave the property if we didn't want to. Food was included in our package and was a lot better than expected. Only downside is the nearby night life wasn't that great but that wasn't the focus of this trip. We save Vegas for that. Best deals can be had by going directly through the resort.
  15. Cobra TWS are super easy to hit high and straight. I've played numerous Adams, TM's, and Cally's...TWS are easiest of all I have had in 19-23 degree range. Price just dropped at most places.
  16. I purchased a set of new x20 tour irons from him last fall and they were exactly as described. Sent them to Callaway to get new grips on them when they arrived and they verified everything was legit. Good seller.
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