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  1. Has anyone successfully ever tried taking these weights out of the P heads? I have tried heat and drilling and they just don’t want to move. I do not want to heat it up too much or else you would destroy the speed slot or maybe even the foam inside the head.
  2. Epic Flash Triple Diamond Accra TZ6 Both clubs were very close but I just preferred the shape of the Epic
  3. I am selling my Ping G425 Max that I purchased from Asia. It did not beat out my gamer so I am selling it. As you can see from the pics it is in immaculate shape. Ping G425 Max 9 degree Fujikura Ventus Velocore 6x 45 1/8in D4.5 Multicompound Plus 4 Undersize Shaft is logo down in the standard setting. The shaft has not been tipped. $SOLD shipped CONUS No trades
  4. Titleist 620MB 4-PW These have never seen the course and have been used as just for display in a bag Length: STD Lie: 1 degree up Lofts: 1 degree strong Shaft: Nippon NS pro 105t stiff, shaft bands have been taken off Grip: MMC Blackout STD $SOLD Fujimoto FT-1 MB Quad 9 4-PW Heads Only Brand new and still in the wrappers $1900 No trades and prices are shipped CONUS. Please DM with any questions
  5. I ordered it directly from my rep the day it was available. 4-PW Modus 120s
  6. I got my shipping label for my P770s. They should be here on Wednesday. ?
  7. It’s the Voyage bag. I had these done under the custom bag builder program years ago. I had a one done each year with the piping in white, blue, orange, green and a grey bag with white piping. I only kept the green and grey one. I which I kept them all.
  8. I started with the standard version but loved how the tour looked so I bought that. I was so used to the weight of the standard version that I hated how the tour felt. The tour is also not as stiff as the standard version too. That being said I went back to the standard version and haven’t look back.
  9. I have had the large and I have always used a carry bag. I think the large gives me enough room to throw in a few pairs of shoes. I always put my old clothes into a plastic bag and I throw it into the Club Glove after the trip too. You can never go wrong with more space.
  10. To be spending that much on a shaft I would definitely recommend on getting fit. The two shafts are very different profiles. I have never really read too much into shafts specs as I would like to be able to hit them first to see how they perform for me. The way you load a shaft will have an impact on what the shaft will do for you. YMMV
  11. I love this bag but the only complaint is the strap. I have beaten it up quite a bit and it still is no where near a Jones or Mackenzie in comfort.
  12. Thank you. I believe you can do customization on Jones bags. They have a drop down menu for that. This one is from Chattanooga Country Club.
  13. Due to the corona virus the MySpiderX and MyHighToes are unavailable until further notice.
  14. I was told the diamonds are to reflect face angle. The three diamond head would be the most open.
  15. I played with a a pro today and he had a Rogue Sub Zero-V head. Is there any info on this thing? I can’t seem to find anything on it. Even the USGA site is vague about it. https://www.usga.org/equipment/images/conf_clubs/20180164.jpg
  16. If anyone is watching the Australian Championship John Senden’s TPT driver shaft broke mid swing right at the grip. It caused him to miss the ball.
  17. Jones has released their Black Friday deal. 40% off. Code: 40BF
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