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  1. If your coming to the party you need to bring a dish. So far you've come empty handed, not good manners
  2. 1. Fallston, Maryland 2. Scratch 3. Yes 4. Honma 737V with Mitsubishi MMT 125TX 5. Shape 6 Yes
  3. Just because you aren't swaying in the backswing doesn't mean you aren't sliding. Post a video otherwise everyone (myself included) will just be guessing
  4. Sounds like you are sliding and creating a path too in to out. Post a video when you get a chance.
  5. Loco deal. Great condition and comes with headcover. Bettinardi BB39 is 35” long and standard lie. $165 plus 10 for shipping pm With questions, first to pay wins.
  6. Sub70 is a nice little brand and I've been checking out their stuff for a little while. Thanks for taking the time to post a review.
  7. 1) Most tour heads are retail heads. Just measured and CT/COR tested then stamped with a serial number signifying they are good to use in tournament play. 2) There are tour only versions of clubs that are different from retail. Callaway is best know for this nowadays, before it was TM. For example the single and double diamond Cally drivers and Taylormade SIM Max fairway wood.
  8. Could also be the hotmelt used. Did you have this professionally done by someone with real hotmelt ? Cheap hotmelt, rat glue, even epoxy is used inside heads to mute them and unfortunately can dry and crack and create a rattle. If it's real deal hotmelt and done by a professional then it's most likely some epoxy and you can loosen the rattle then heat the sole and get the piece stuck in the melt then let cool down.
  9. In most cases (not all) the heads are the same just measured and CT tested.
  10. That's a nice setup there. MMT's continue to impress me. I actually hit a buddy's 7 iron on the range which had an X100 in it. I hit maybe 10-12 balls and then went back to my 7 iron with the MMT and immediately remembered why i'm not going back to steel. The feel was night and day for me. MMT makes a forged iron feel even better and zero vibrations.
  11. I've posted multiple pics of how bad the XV's with regards to the cover as have many others. This is large problem and Srixon is aware of it.
  12. Saw that and it's even worse that it's not a dual core ball. Very few companies have those issues with their standard 3 piece balls. Srixon has some big time issues going on. If you keep a hcp I would stay far away from any srixon ball.
  13. J13

    Toulon SB Bullseye

    Love this putter.
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