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  1. Everyone has a trigger move whether they know it or not and they can be changed through practice
  2. This is my biggest issue with fittings that use universal adapters. I've gotten fit a few times at CC and always had a positive experience with staff but as a +1 hcp I know my swing and I know a D6-D7 driver at 45.5" is not right. I know it's a difficult problem but one that I hope you guys figure out a solution for.
  3. Yeah I'm thinking the same thing. If I see the same type of consistency from a lighter shaft than great but if not I'll go back to normal weighted stuff. I've already had a few practice sessions with the lineup so next up is on course testing this week. It should be pretty easy to figure out by end of week.
  4. Complete nonsense. File a claim immediately and post the username.
  5. I don't disagree with the fact that the wealthy often get special treatment but the "facts" you listed are not real facts. 1. Crime of speeding would need to be proven as there is no radar numbers or witnesses saying he was speeding 2. "May have been" is NEVER facts 3. What does a compound fracture have to do with intoxication? Where's the fact? 4. Blood samples require a warrant. Warrant requires probably cause. Sherriff said Tiger was coherent and calm at the scene plus it's 7am not 2am. I totaled my car on a highway and when the state trooper arr
  6. If improving your golf game is a top priority there is no better place to do that than a private club. It's night and day. As for the wait list, are they making you pay full dues? If not then you could always join a club with no wait list and play and practice then when your number gets called you join the club you like. Savings goals - Obviously that's important but you also have to decide what makes you happy. I would suggest you find a balance that works financially and not to put off enjoying life for "down the road". So many people do that and I think it's truly a waste
  7. It will be less of a merge and more like PUMA buys their patents for the face tech. It was always odd to me that Cobra didn't offer a putter. Made sense when they were owned by Acushnet but after PUMA bought them I never figured out why they didn't move forward.
  8. Good question: I typically play a 70g shaft in driver for stability purposes but Ventus seems so stable I wanted to try the 6X to see if I can pick up a few mph. So it’s kind of a test within a test. If all goes well I’ll put the 6X in driver and move the 7X to 3wood.
  9. You should be fine with what you have but put a wrap of tape around where your cutting as an extra precaution for splintering.
  10. haha nice. They are all really good but if I had to guess I’d say the sim2 will be the first to be eliminated. Im hitting it ok but the lie angle is bothering me.
  11. No way. You can fix some of it for sure but i'd almost be scared to pull that adapter and see what's underneath. If this heads south (hopefully it doesn't) I would do a complete tear down and do my best to gently get the glue/epoxy off the shaft and clean it all up and put back together. As someone who builds clubs I've seen a few like this come my way for some CPR. It takes some time but as long as the integrity of the tip underneath the adapter is good it should be ok.
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