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  1. Yeah don't. There's a reason why the Ventus Black is everywhere on tour and 0 AV White Proto 2.0's. Had both, in fact I've had tour av raw white TX and TX 2.0. Not close to the Ventus Black in terms of performance. If you have an itch try the Tensei 1k
  2. The lighter club will feel lighter because it is. The only way you would make the club feel heavier is if you put that 60g shaft in then add a ton of weight to the head. Then the swing weight would be and feel heavier.
  3. Gotcha. As someone who owns a shop I've run into some heads that won't budge. 99.9% of the time it's because the club was "made" by someone who had no idea what they were doing and used the incorrect epoxy. Eventually, with enough heat, they come off but with woods you have to be really careful you don't mess the paint up.
  4. Over powering a shaft is very real but i get it can sound obnoxious. The example you gave has no validity though in the real world. I could grab any club with any shaft and make it "work" at the driving range. Go play a round with something on the line and you'll find out real quick what works and what doesn't. Having the proper flex, weight, and profile matters a lot.
  5. Is that because the heat will mess with the Gore-Tex?
  6. Can i ask why you would cut the shaft at the hosel to start with?
  7. Can we just lock the thread and save the board the trouble?
  8. I agree but my club is working one of the holes at this years BMW Championship in the FedEx cup playoffs. All the top guys from the world will be there so I am going to work the hole. Cost is $150 which covers the Peter Millar gear like Shirt, jacket, hat, ect... Plus I get extra tickets for family members to go, and Im inside the ropes the whole week whether i'm working or not. Shifts are like 4hrs long for the days i'm there. With most tourneys I wouldn't bother but this one will be worth it. They are also pouring a ton of money into local programs here in my area like the First tee so i
  9. Who on Golfwrx isn't though? haha. Interesting thing about the Ventus is the Black 7X feels more active than the 6X. The 6X had no life in it for me and had a 2 way miss. The 7X is more active and does not go left. Am i crazy? Probably yes
  10. I'm not surprised. It's so hard to go from a 70g to 60g IMO. For me it's been impossible let alone a tour player who hits hundreds of balls a week plus 5-6 rounds. When i switch to a 60g my tempo goes out of the window and I lose the golf club. I've tried so many times and every time I ended up back to old trust 70g
  11. Anyone needs a MMT 60X let me know. Have a new one with cally adapter from my Max LS that i'm not using. I would say it has a blueboard feel to it but lower spin.
  12. Fujikura Ventus Velocore Blue 7X with Callaway adapter. Shaft has been tipped 1/2" and is 43.75" long so it will play right at 45" installed. Overall the shaft is just about brand new, only used for 2 rounds. SOLD
  13. Glad to hear it went well. Now you need to let it rest because you certainly wouldn't want to administer that protocol multiple times a week. Work on the short game in the meantime to get your golf fix, chipping, pitching, putting, ect... I did not do what i mentioned above and ended up needing surgery, not fun.
  14. Go take a look on youtube at the Functionalpatters channel.
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