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  1. J13

    New Edel wedges

    Shoot me a pm. Yes it's worth it
  2. He certainly knows his stuff and he does a ton with Mike Adams. Those guys can talk swing mechanics all day! Love the wedges and really getting comfortable with the grinds now that I have some time under my belt with them. Winter is actually proving to be a great time to test wedges as the ground goes back and forth from being super soft and mushy to firm and frozen. Great way to test grinds oddly enough.
  3. J13

    New Edel wedges

    Not a crazy question at all and we get asked quite often. SMS wedge cannot be incorporated into a tradition single length set. But we do plenty of builds where the wedges are all the same length as the PW.
  4. Awesome and I LOVE my EAS 4.0. I actually fit a player today in the same head and got his aim right in the center of the hole which was amazing considering his aim started 8" right of the hole and his loft at address was like 7*. The whole fitting blew his mind which I always puts a smile on my face because I was the same way when I went through it with David. David is a character and has jokes for days but when it comes to club design, biomechanics, and putting instruction he's Rain Man. Honestly, half the time I speak with him I have to stop him and remind him that I'm not a mechanical engineer haha.
  5. J13

    New Edel wedges

    What you've found is your optimal weight position. In our testing only 26% of players get optimal numbers with the weight in the middle, so what does that tell you about most wedge designs that have remained unchanged for decades. Glad you are enjoying the wedges my friend and T grind is my favorite as well
  6. J13

    New Edel wedges

    D grind is your stick
  7. Yeah buddy! Edel wedges are forged and cnc milled for grinds. They feel amazing not to mention the performance when you get the weight in the right location (similar to an adjustable driver).
  8. Gotcha, Tsi3 is a great head but it's hard to ignore the new shiny 2022 stuff
  9. I never need anything I buy haha. Turn around time is about 5 days on custom builds right now.
  10. Small update: Thanks for all the questions via pm, i'll share the answers for everyone's knowledge 1. Grip - I went with standard round grip to give it a try. Tested with it (makes sense with the system) so said why not. Edel also has stock paddle grips and obviously other options like any oem. 2. Fitting takes about 45 min. Depending on the fitter it could take a little longer or shorter. 3. EAS putters are not being replaced anytime soon but other options might pop up in the future
  11. What a great review. Thanks for dropping the link in the other thread. It's pretty amazing when you realize how much you were leaving on the table with some of the most important clubs in the bag. It's a real game changer and that's not very common when it comes to wedges. Gives us mortals the ability to have wedges spec'd out for us without having a tour card.
  12. 1. Yes, you can use a standard driver wrench, they are meant to be moved around. Shocking I know lol 2. You can order directly from the Edel website. Get your wedge then head to the course and dial it in. 3. What you described is my setup. See my signature!
  13. J13

    New Edel wedges

    I did a review on my wedges in my WITB thread if you are interested in hearing more thoughts.
  14. The hole he was hitting on seemed to have an elevated tee box which would explain the numbers.
  15. Look forward to hearing about your experience!
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