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  1. There is a certain level of bad that can play in your favor as a company but Parsons has jumped the shark. I play at various clubs, including my own, and PXG started out as a sought after high end brand. Now, no one wants to touch it because it's a running joke based on how ugly the woods are and awful infomercials with Parson's voice over. Guys literally mock his voice and crack jokes.
  2. Right now the SLDR 430 is at 43.75". I have a 2nd Ventus Black 7X waiting for another head then I'll build up the 2.0 project. Just been busy and working on my swing and ive found over the years that I can't do non stop testing and expect to maintain my game.
  3. I don't think Azinger read the interview. Nothing BK said was offensive or screamed "I hate the Ryder Cup".
  4. Very nice flat stick ! Super clean
  5. No. I wouldn't go shorter than where i'm at, especially at my height and the lie angle of modern drivers.
  6. I think for many people it would be unreal in this type of build. The trick is adding enough weight and not just slamming a super heavy weight in the front. Fortunately, I have my own shop with a tour van hotmelt setup so it's pretty easy for me to tinker. I would not recommend buying a super heavy weight and just adding to the front track. Again depends on shaft and length ect..
  7. SLDR is working great. Essentially what I built was a Mini'ish driver that's twice as forgiving as the TM Mini. Slightly lower lower.
  8. Awesome to hear. Edel fitting is a whole other level and I hear they are doing some really cool stuff in the near future.
  9. Its nice to have that perspective from one of the commentators but I appreciate professional commentators. The good ones are amazing.
  10. Whatever he does I hope he's happy doing it. I've never played professionally but I've had times in my playing career where the game has come and gone. Its not a fun roller coaster.
  11. For this experiment I chose the SLDR 430 for very specific reasons. If it was successful (which it is) I might grab another head that's similar to push the length to see where the tipping point is. Whatever head I choose it will be a low spin head with loft somewhere around 10-10.5*
  12. Played in an evening 9 hole money game: Results of the SLDR / VB Fairways 4 / 5 Greens hit 9/9 Score -5 (31) The confidence in the driver has infected (in a good way) the rest of my game. I'm having a ton of fun right now on the golf course and I have to give credit to the short driver and to the changes that i've been working on with @iteachgolf finally clicking. Literally been about 7 months of working on the swing changes and the last month or so it's feeling like my new normal.
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