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  1. Practice like you play. Try playing a round on the range and play a quick 9. Meaning choose a fairway that you have to hit and go through your driver routine then hit. Then choose a green to hit then pull the iron. It simulates real golf much more than banging 20 balls in a row with the same club thus preventing you from getting into a rhythm/timing. It also helps create some pressure which is the key.
  2. J13

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    YES SIR! Those look like they came out great
  3. Fuji Ventus Black 7X w/ TM adapter 42.25" Long Tipped 1.25" $225 plus $10 for shipping PM if you want it, no trades at this time.
  4. I do a lot of hotmelt work for guys on here so just shoot me a pm. On another note: Both setups are awesome but the Ping G425LST is so much more stable. Even at the shorter length, the Ping is just very consistent across the face and for that reason it will take over the driver spot. I hit 80% of fairways today and I didn't feel like I was doing anything special. For me, the shorter length really helps me limit the damage of getting stuck. Ping Setup: As it stands it's 44.5" but I found that choking up 1/2" made it even better and more comfortable so i'm going to take another 1/2 off the length which will also allow me to add some more melt to improve acoustics that's much more and lower spin. I'm kinda creating a Ping G425 LST 2.0. And fortunately with the rear weight still at stock weight I have plenty of room to move more weight around via hotmelt if needed.
  5. Different in every way. Sound on the G425LST is good because I melted it in my shop. Unfortunately I didn't get to the course today due to a long list of chores. Tomorrow I'll get out though so we shall see.
  6. Flat is referring to plane. Short is referring to length of the swing. Apples and oranges.
  7. haha. Update with a conclusion tomorrow: I've ended up doing a lot of testing with heads and combo's and it's down to the SLDR 430 w/VB 7X vs Ping G425LST w/ VB 7X. SLDR is just so good at this length (43.75) I'm honestly shocked it's still in the running. In any case tomorrow i'm going to get some holes in and declare a winner. For reference Ping is 44.5". I would not say one is longer than the other. Both rockets.
  8. Interesting to see Rory go back to VB but all in by switching to the VB 8X in his 3 wood as well. Must be working since he just won the CJ Cup.
  9. Bird sounds at certain tourneys are added to the broadcast. Masters being one. I thought that was common knowledge. Same as the pine straw not all being real either.
  10. Nothing like a classic set of blades. Love the 10X as well
  11. A friend got his UW out over the weekend and said it fits nicely right between a hybrid and fairway wood. He hit the 19* and said it's about 10yds longer than his 18* 5 wood that's also 1" longer. Pretty impressive.
  12. hearing good things about this club. Love that it takes a .335 shaft and not .370
  13. Try to play games on the range and add pressure.
  14. A guy at my course still uses the L4V and you can hear him damn near across the course. It's an unmistakable sound that's for sure
  15. Robo just sent these to me. He says hi
  16. Sounds amazing and can’t wait to see the setup. Never been to Rome but I still have family in Italy. Hope to make it over there one day.
  17. The walk was similar to Caves in terms of difficulty. The hardest thing about Whistling Straights were the dunes/mounds that you walked on. It was all wire grass and as slick as ice. People were going down all week, including myself. Yeah that's how it was for the 2020 RC. Rome would be an awesome place to watch it
  18. That will be amazing. I want to go and will be looking into it that's for sure. The Ryder Cup is without a doubt the most amazing sporting event I've ever been to. The energy was insane the whole week so much so that my body is literally fried. Going to definitely need a day or two to recover from this and i'm not talking about drinking or anything like that. Just raw emotion for 10hrs a day and the course was a bear to walk. Just amazing.
  19. There is a certain level of bad that can play in your favor as a company but Parsons has jumped the shark. I play at various clubs, including my own, and PXG started out as a sought after high end brand. Now, no one wants to touch it because it's a running joke based on how ugly the woods are and awful infomercials with Parson's voice over. Guys literally mock his voice and crack jokes.
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