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  1. It would be helpful if you could give us a little background on what you’re playing now. Iron shafts? What wedges are you currently using? I’m a big fan of S400 but there are many on this board who are far more knowledgeable than myself.
  2. Which means I could get them at a normal cost instead of Tiger pricing. Lol
  3. Thanks QuigleyDU, but I’ve got that paddle grip on a putter already. It’s good, but a bit too large for my taste. Tiger’s appears to be the old pistol grip a la Stricker. If Lamkin was ever to bring it back I’d buy enough to last the rest of my golfing lifetime.
  4. I love cord on a putter grip, keeps it feeling the same as my irons. If only this grip were still available.
  5. My vote goes to Mizuno MP-64. (Sorry, failed to see it was in JDM. Those MP-66 have always looked stunning to me, I’ll change my answer to that)
  6. Best: Cobra F9 Worst: Cobra L4V (my god it was deafening)
  7. I ordered some from grailgolf on eBay. The collars are a little long but you can trim some off the end and they work perfectly. They’re $6.48/dozen. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-PREMIUM-BLACK-GOLF-FERRULES-370-COLLARED-IRON-PARALLEL-50-550OD-LOT/352651268689?
  8. Here I am all excited about my new Odyssey Metal X Milled #2, then I go and open up this thread...
  9. So you’ve almost experienced actual cold weather! Lol j/k ? I'm excited to see how the players handle it this week.
  10. Or it could be that those mocking the temps in the Bay Area have actually lived or worked in real cold and wet weather? Should be interesting to watch nonetheless.
  11. Cobra driver and 3w Taylormade 3h Mizuno irons Titleist wedges Callaway (Odyssey) putter
  12. That’s what I noticed too. The whole wedge just screams SM7 52 F grind.
  13. It’s about a once per year cycle. When new shoes are purchased the old pair gets worn to the range and short game area.
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