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  1. Mine arrived yesterday, up charge for the Aerotech's was AU$45 per iron.
  2. I didn't ask. I'll let you know when they arrive.
  3. Both forged in Japan. I ordered ZX5's 4-PW. I've seen the heads but haven't hit them, but was impressed to enough to order them 3 weeks ago. Put Aerotech's in them. I hoping they should arrive towards the end of next week. Thought about blending them but decided to have them consistent.
  4. Nice looking clubs. I'm wondering if these are forged in Japan?
  5. I've moved from Bridgestone XS to Bridgestone RX, a split match between them. The RX is the best feeling ball I've ever played.
  6. I've been using the XS the last 12 months or so, occasionally a Pro V1. I love the 2020 XS but our shop ran out of the new XS a couple of weeks ago (that in itself says something) so I until yesterday when we got stocks back, I have been using the RX for 2 weeks and I've got say its a fantastic ball. My take is this: I would say the XS is maybe 4 yards longer off the tee and the RX is 4 yards longer off the irons. Spin on the RX is pretty good but not as good as the XS or the Pro V1. XS has the best spin for me. I would say the RX spins about the same as a Srixon Z star. My swing speed these d
  7. I'm interested in where the Hot Metal Pro's are made also.
  8. Sad that its come to this, and disturbing at the same time. I have looked at Muira TC-201's, nice looking clubs but I cant get to demo them. I am quite partial to Srixon irons and could go for the Z 585's but having hit them a bit they are not quite there for me. I may hang on and wait for their next offering. I emailed Callaway with pretty the same phrased question as I asked here and got this reply this afternoon: "In response to your inquiry, the vast majority of Callaway golf clubs are assembled in Mexico and China using Callaway Golf operating procedures and specifications. Our U.S. Qual
  9. Can anyone tell me where Callaway irons are made? I am thinking about getting a set of Apex 19 irons but I am wondering if they are made in China. I really don't want to get something made in China so I would consider some other Callaway irons if the Apex are made in China.
  10. Yep, that's a real players bag there. He definitely would fit in nicely here.
  11. I just hope that whenever they bring the replacements for the i210's that they build a little more forgiveness into the 4 and 5 irons. i wanted so much for the i210's to be great. Spent a day moving my Aerotech shafts over to my new set of 210's from my E1's and then 2 days later spent a day moving them back and selling the 210's. Loved the 7,8.9 and was 50/50 with the 6 iron, but the 4 and 5 iron...yuk...I've got a set of Hogan Apex PC's (circa 1988 i think) that are more forgiving than the 210's. Love the 4 and 5 iron in my E1's and the 4 and 5 in the i20's and i15's were better than the
  12. Bridgestone B XS. Consistent quality and strong in every area.
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