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  1. ^ This. Each grind/bounce option is designed to have the leading edge sit on the ground. Love mine.
  2. My experiences are in the thread below. Each round I like the i500s more. Still getting comfortable, 6-7 rounds with them, but they give me what I want. Great performance in longer irons with consistent gaping through the set. https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1833946/i500-iron-questions#latest
  3. Quick update here. Really starting to enjoy these irons. Have 36 with them now and a couple practice sessions. Well struck shots feel powerful and misses feel like crap. More forgiving and longer than JPX 900 with different (worse) feel. What is really impressive is that the wedges and mid irons aren’t really juiced, the gaps are consistent throughout the set. The 4 & 5 are really forgiving. Also, I got the g410 hybrid which has been awesome as well.
  4. I appreciate the help & understand what you mean. It just doesn’t work for me.
  5. I just must not understand. This is what I get when I search. There are 113 search results in this pic, phone is turned sideways. I can only see the first 10. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. I get the same issue. I can only see past the first page of results on my computer. Advanced search only allows me one page of hits in my iPhone.
  7. My driver speed is 103-105ish. I have TZ6 in a SIM MAX. For me it is an incredible combo of feel and performance. Launch is high (but not to high), spin is low (2400-2600). Love the feel. Many higher speed players use TZ5 and TZ6 in fairway woods.
  8. More great info! Thanks!
  9. They told me 3 weeks. i210 are back ordered until the end of July they said.
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone. I got fitted and ordered mine yesterday. I had been fiddling with the demo I210 and i500 7i at my club for weeks and reading all the threads here. Here are my thoughts. My fitter said there were issues with the original finish, especially near the weld line. Those issues are solved. I mention this because there are a lot of 2018 threads about this. As far as feel, I’ve been playing mizunos since the 2010. Do they feel like mizunos? No, they definitely feel DIFFERENT, but still PLEASANT and powerful. I totally understand when people say they feel differe
  11. Thanks - This is very helpful. I have a Ping fitting at my club this afternoon. I'll post my results to see if it will help anyone else. I have a feeling I'm going to have to be really specific with my lofts. I'm not sure I'm going to fall into a straight "power," "standard," or "retro" set. May be a combo of different lofts. We'll see. Thanks again for the information everyone. It is very much appreciated.
  12. I preferred the feel of the i210, but didn't hate the feel of the i500 and love the look. I could use the extra yardage, just not sure what I'll do if my PW goes 145. I can always specify the lofts with PING though. Keep anymore thoughts coming, these replies have been very helpful.
  13. Hi Everyone, Is anyone still gaming these? I really enjoyed these and the i210s at a demo (7-iron only). Currently play 900F. I may go for a full fitting in the i500. I've read the reviews and the forums, I'm more concerned about these specific questions - if anyone has info, I'd appreciate it: 1 - What was the gapping like from the 45* PW to your specialty wedges (I carry a 50* ~ 115 yards) was there a huge gap? 2 - How was the long iron performance in the i500? I could use an extra club's worth of length there. 3 - Are you still enjoying playing them? My driver speed is 103 - was a clu
  14. Max isn’t ‘crazy low’ spin. I’m playing the 9 at 9.75 right now in the simulator. If you are steep, I wouldn’t worry about the 9-degree being too low.
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