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  1. pfw19

    Callaway UW

    Great info guys. Thanks. I’ll wait until spring and demo it outside to see how it gaps in. I’m intrigued by this club.
  2. pfw19

    Callaway UW

    Did you find that your 17* Apex UW covers the distance needed for a FW? Does it overlap with the ZX 18*? I ask because I go 19* Hybrid (205-210 carry) to 3W (225-230 carry) to Driver (255 carry). I am very inconsistent with my 3W, especially off the deck. I hit the UW indoors and loved it, I am just not sure it will give the the distance I need (store LM said it would, but I trust human results more than big box LMs). Can the 17* Apex UW act as a FW (3-4 wood) replacement as far as distance goes?
  3. Yes, it is normal. More heel relief to prevent digging.
  4. 1. Milwaukee, WI 2. 6.5 3. 50-55-60 - Previous eidition Edel wedges 4. 60 V - modus 115 wedge flex 5. Yes 6. Yes
  5. This is a good one too. I struggle with right aim. I find everything the OP said to be true, minus the site line data. I find flange line helps me (personally) aim left and topline gives me aim bias right. I think the article below is good. Edel knows how shapes, offset and lines can help aim. Even if his putter tech is outdated as some say, his ability to fit for aim is widely considered world class. https://jeffcoston.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Golf-Magazine-Edel-Putters.pdf
  6. I had a fitting 2 years ago for an torque balanced E-2. LOVE the information that the process gave me about my stroke. I also love the putter. My only issue with it is the feel, which has me thinking about switching and lead me to this thread. I'm going to do a SAM fitting and possibly find a better feeling putter that I feel comfortable lining up. If not, I will stick with the E-2. I also have the wedges, which I swear by. I'm just kind of bummed that Edel only has one putter line available at a time. The original Edel putters look amazing, but you can't get fitted for them anymore. Not sure I love the EAS. End of the day, I'll probably stick with the E-2 for the aim, but there are other putters that just FEEL better.
  7. 5 for me... Driver: TM 3W: PXG Hybrid: Tour Edge Irons: Ping Wedges/Putter: Edel
  8. ^ This. Each grind/bounce option is designed to have the leading edge sit on the ground. Love mine.
  9. My experiences are in the thread below. Each round I like the i500s more. Still getting comfortable, 6-7 rounds with them, but they give me what I want. Great performance in longer irons with consistent gaping through the set. https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1833946/i500-iron-questions#latest
  10. Quick update here. Really starting to enjoy these irons. Have 36 with them now and a couple practice sessions. Well struck shots feel powerful and misses feel like crap. More forgiving and longer than JPX 900 with different (worse) feel. What is really impressive is that the wedges and mid irons aren’t really juiced, the gaps are consistent throughout the set. The 4 & 5 are really forgiving. Also, I got the g410 hybrid which has been awesome as well.
  11. I appreciate the help & understand what you mean. It just doesn’t work for me.
  12. I just must not understand. This is what I get when I search. There are 113 search results in this pic, phone is turned sideways. I can only see the first 10. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. I get the same issue. I can only see past the first page of results on my computer. Advanced search only allows me one page of hits in my iPhone.
  14. My driver speed is 103-105ish. I have TZ6 in a SIM MAX. For me it is an incredible combo of feel and performance. Launch is high (but not to high), spin is low (2400-2600). Love the feel. Many higher speed players use TZ5 and TZ6 in fairway woods.
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