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  1. I agree with the above. This is far exceeds my expectations so far. And I’m only about a week into it and have already learned a lot and have made some changes in my setup and backswing. I can’t wait to get to the downswing. There’s literally hours and hours. Days and days of videos and it’s very well done. I’ll be honest. Typically I’ve always had a hard time following and understanding GG on YouTube. But I’ll these videos do a very good job of dumbing it down and elaborating and explaining. You still need to have a decent idea of the swing. If you do this seems to be pure gold so far.
  2. I also just signed up today on a whim. I have gotten through nearly the swing part 1. There’s a lot more in here than I thought there would be. So far I’m impressed
  3. This is something I’ve battled forever. I used to early extend a lot worse than I do now. Over the years I’ve gotten a little better, but something I fight. One of My last lessons (months ago, 2 kids two years old and younger is hard on my golf game) we specifically worked and talked about this trail foot. But its still not something that’s coming naturally even months later. anyone else go through this issue? Have any drills or tips to beat it? Other than this foot and maybe hanging back a little. If you see anything else major feel free to chime in. Haven’t been here or sought help in a while. here are a few videos of some swings with driver and 8 iron this morning on range.
  4. Basically brand new. Played 2 rounds with it. Plays 44.75” with my sim 2 asking $230 shipped
  5. Okay. Little background. I’m 42. Weekend golfer. 8 handicap. 105ish swing speed. Decent driver player. But nothing out of ordinary. Typically hit my driver 250-260 range. I have a Sim 2 max. 44.75” Tensei 1k 60g x stiff shaft. Standard size pure grip well today in little round for fun. A buddy of mine who’s much better than me (plus handicap) gives me a shaft to try out. He’s always got multiple shafts he tinkers with and luckily for me we both have sim 2 drivers so easy for me to try them out. well I know before anyone says this technically isn’t legal anymore but he had a Hulk HZRDUS small batch shaft that plays 47”. Tipped 1” from the stock uncut shaft. It’s longer than my shaft. It’s heavier at 70g. It’s stiff at TX flex. It’s tipped. And it had a midsize grip. Literally everything about this shaft was way different than mine. Not to mention again. It was 2 inches longer than mine. and I would have assumed that meant harder to hit well I continued to play about 15 holes with this shaft and just stripped it every single time. Don’t think I hit one single bad shot with it. ummmm. Someone please explain this to me on how this worked for me haha. I’ve got my finger on the button to order one now
  6. Set is listed for sale here in classifieds
  7. You can see the build thread on this site. Here is the description. 5-PW. 6 clubs. 9.9 out of 10 condition. Asking $850 shipped. Or best offer. Also listed on eBay as a 7 day auction if it doesn’t sell right away here. This is what he has in the clubs. Probably a loss. The shafts were over $200. $50 in grips. $40 in ferrules. $50 custom labels. Then paying flannigan to refinish the 9 iron. And anywhere from $100-$150 per iron head. 1/1 One Of A Kind Custom Golf Iron Set - Miura Mizuno Srixon Nike Callaway P7TW. I spent months working to put together this set myself. All lofts and lies are bent so the set flows together perfectly. Lengths are standard length. Lofts and lies are all bent to match the specs of the Miura baby blade PW and go from there as if the entire set was the baby blades. - Shafts are brand new KBS $ Taper 125 stiff plus - Grips are brand new Pure DTX neon green - Ferrules are brand new BBF - Shaft labels are custom made KBS “Frankenstein” PW - Miura baby blade 9 - Taylormade P7TW 8 - Mizuno MP4 7 - Nike Vapor Pro 6 - Callaway Apex Pro 21 5 - Srixon ZX7 * disclaimer. I have hit a couple balls off a mat with a couple of the clubs. But have never been hit in dirt and have never been gamed. Maybe 5-10 balls with 2-3 of the clubs. Some of the clubs are still brand new never hit. Also. The p7tw was an iron I had a hard time finding by itself and not in a set. So found a single 9. WAs dinged up. So I sent to Flannigan Built guy off Instagram to refinish it and the sole is now smooth and not textured like P7tw irons are stock. But Club is otherwise perfect. Spent months building this for a fun project. Never was meant to be my gamer. Just something to do for fun. But realized I’ll never actually use them. And will just sit in my closet. And want to help fund my next purchase of a mevo plus launch monitor.
  8. thank you. Much appreciated
  9. just been holding onto them forever
  10. they absolutely did not turn them. I’ll be taking them back after tomorrow. Not a big deal but annoys me
  11. 7-PW T100s, 5-6 T200. And I play a pxg 4 hybrid
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