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  1. Haven’t posted a video on here in a year or more swing has definitely changed. Here’s 2 swings both from this week. What do you think? Visually still doesn’t look perfect like a tour pro but I will say I’m hitting ball further and better than ever
  2. I have edel putter and love it. My buddy has wedges and putter and loves his wedges.
  3. Looking for a driver shaft. Due to Corona Virus I don’t want to mess with waiting to get fitted. Hoping to find a shaft that may just work and better than off the shelf shafts. After reading some reviews these both look to be great options. i currently play HZRDUS black in 6.0 with original EPIC head. Looking to switch to Ping G410 LST
  4. I currently have Miura MC501 4-PW and I was thinking of making a combo set and using something different for the 4,5 irons. Maybe even 6 and have a true blended combo set. my question is. What club would combo the best? TC201 or CB301? Looking for something to be a little more forgiving in the long irons and possibly give a little help for those off days.
  5. Curious if anyone’s ever bent an iron more than 1 degree stronger? Maybe 2-3 degrees? Assuming that club is forged and soft enough to be capable. Is that too much that would affect the sole? Got a new set of irons and they are 2-3 degrees weaker than my previous clubs. Could live with it but not used to the distances and also leaves a gap now in my irons to wedges. Ideally I’d like to bend them 2-3 degrees and be back to where I was distance wise. Just don’t want to make things worse in doing so
  6. I was given a set of DG Gold 105 stiff shafts that have been pured. Since they are pured I thought why not? currently I play Project X Flighted 5.5 shafts which are 120g. Hit the ball plenty high etc. always thought they were good for me. took my 7 iron to golf store. Hit around 20 balls. Then had the guy change shafts in my 7 iron only to the 105. Came back 2 days later and hit about 20 balls with the lighter shaft. immediately I noticed the feel of the lighter shaft. And I kinda liked it. And best of all. I was carrying the ball 5-10 yards longer. I really didn’t expect to be longer at
  7. Wife and I had a baby 6 months ago. Needless to say golf took a backseat most of 2019. But I’m ready to get back to it this year. Played a handful of times and did actually shoot my best ever score (74) in 2019. But overall, was a bad year for golf due to the lack of dedication. but I’ve been hitting the range hard last couple weeks. Crazy how far I’ve come already in just a few range session. Wish golf was like riding a bike....
  8. A buddy let me borrow his planemate he bought a while back. He basically never used it so it’s mine for as long as I want. Score! so played around at the range for about an hour today before my round. I watched the 7 protocols before getting to the course. Got there and strapped it on. I had a pretty good idea what to do and basically jumped into taking half shots and into 3/4 shots with my PW on the range. I will agree this is probably best training aid I’ve ever used. Immediately gave me some insight. I definitely quickly realized I do flip and stall a little. Another thing is it seemed
  9. I may have a set of CB57 for sale soon if anyone interested.
  10. They are brand new. Never hit. The guy I bought them from bent them and dinged them up
  11. Give me a few mins and I’ll send you a pic of them next to each other. Other than the backside that looks pretty. They look like the same flub to me other than the offset. the turf interaction is probably my personal favorite part of the club. They have the worn leading edge. And I suppose that does something scientific? But either way. They glide through nicely. I’ve always said my best shots are better with a blade. Chunky sole irons don’t do well for me. Which is why I like these so much. It’s like a blade with a bit of forgiveness. But if you’re expecting forgiveness like a Titleist TMB
  12. I have Miura CB57 and absolutely love them. They are pretty similar to a blade. In fact held up next to the MC501 they are very similar but with less offset. Almost none. i don’t own the Srixon or Mizuno. But have hit them both and will say the Miura feel better than both and by enough to notice it. I’d call them a blade with a little cavity back and soft as butter. im not a scratch golfer. My best round ever is a 74 but usually play in 80s and I can play the CB57 just fine. If I were you I’d get them and not look back. Plus there’s a bit of a cool factor (at least to me) to be playing a
  13. No. Bought these as is and got a little deal on them. Brand new and bent 1* upright. I’ll want to get them bent back to standard. Couldn’t complain due to the deal. But was wondering if anything I could do. In person they don’t look quite as severe. But I’d still like it gone or better if possible
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