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  1. Only used 2 rounds. Basically brand new. Asking $275 or would trade for a Velocore Blue if anyone happens to have one and would trade by chance.
  2. So I currently have the G410 LST and was looking to get the newer model G425. Just have heard from a few people who have had both that they gained about 5-10 yards and really like the G425 better. so that said. Assuming I want to blow money and upgrade. Would the Max be a better overall fit for most people? I have the LST version now and I like it. But I never hit the normal version at the time to compare. I just wonder if the MAX might be slightly more forging and longer on those off days? Or is there really not a lot of difference?
  3. I have a G410 LST that I put a Tensei pro orange 60S in about a year ago. Was never fitted for the shaft or head. Just bought them and pieced together on my own. Played it for a year and really liked it. But what I didn’t like was I had to give that combo 100% swing every time or it didn’t perform. So I got myself a Velocore Red 60S. I haven’t hit a single ball with it. But playing Wednesday and can’t wait to give it a shot. obviously going to have to play around with settings and get used to a new feel. But one thing I never thought much about was the head weights. ive
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I’ve never had a PXG wood of any sort. I did have the Gen 1 irons and didn’t like them. But have a buddy with a bag of PXG woods and swears by them. But he’s a lefty. I found a good deal on a 2021 0211 hybrid and grabbed it. So we’ll see, hopefully I like it if not can always sell and get something else. ...... thanks again.
  5. How much? That’s the 5 wood I play
  6. I haven’t played a hybrid club in probably 10 years. Want to play around with replacing my 4 iron with a hybrid. I want to try a Ventus Velocore hybrid shaft. So I’m buying one of those separate and then going to try and find a 4 hybrid head only on eBay or somewhere. that said. What’s a good hybrid? Doesn’t have to be 2021 model. Could be anything from Past couple years. I was looking at G410 to match my driver because it has all the loft and lie adjustments which is nice. But I’m open to any and all suggestions
  7. So is the shaft an actual fairway specific shaft or is it the same shaft that goes in a driver but cut to size
  8. Do the hybrid shafts only come in blue and black? For fairway woods is there a specific fairway wood shaft or is it a driver shaft cut to size? I have a driver. 3 and 5 wood and a 4 hybrid. Could get expensive haha.
  9. Curious if anyone has the Velocore shaft in their fairway woods or even hybrid? How does it perform? As good as it is in a driver? Not worth it?
  10. Mine currently has a 16 gram weight
  11. I currently game a Ping G410 LST with a Tensei pro orange shaft 60 stiff. when I hit it good I hit it great. Some real bombs. But I think it’s just a little too stout for me. Seems like I really have to go after it. and I don’t want to always swing this thing 110%. i often hit it just a tad low. Nothing major though. And I draw every club in my bag except this one. My miss is always a block out right. That said. I want to get fitted for a driver shaft. But the bug got the best of me last night when playing around online I came across a good deal on a Ventus Velocore Red 60S
  12. I have a set of Taylormade P770 on its way. Playing Friday and Sunday. Should have some feedback soon
  13. My best golfing buddy just ordered zx7. They haven’t come in yet. So I couldn’t get the same clubs lol im ok with selling the Miura. I can always buy more again down the road. I’d rather have the TC201 anyway. but I just need to play something more forgiving than a blade at the moment.
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