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  1. I posted something on the golf group on Facebook where he sold them. And apparently a few others messaged him and he blocked them all also. He’s not responding to anyone or even to PayPal. So because he’s not responding to PayPal. The entire thing is being drug out. I assume I’ll get my money back. But will take a couple weeks because they have to “wait” for him to respond etc.
  2. Here they are in all their glory. I swear they look better in person. So nice I don’t even want to hit them and mess them up. yes I’m local. About 30 mins away. So I did a fitting. It was an amazing experience. The fitting and tour itself makes it all worth it. But then 6 weeks later these are here!!!
  3. Ya. Facebook golf group. Don’t remember which one. The original listing is deleted so I can’t see it anymore. But this is the guy
  4. Bought a set of irons from a guy. Sent $800 PayPal and immediately I’ve had no communication and he blocked me from Facebook. Luckily I did goods and services on PayPal. Started my claim But looks like it takes 2 weeks. Anyone know how to expedite the process?
  5. Just got this pic sent to me today. They just need assembled! I cannot wait! And I just ordered the T100 irons yesterday. Looks like they should go together pretty nicely
  6. Thanks guys. Went up to local golf store. Hit about 20 shots with the t100 and was love at first sight. I truly loved it. Never even hit the jpx921. Soooooo left with a new order of T100
  7. I know timing wise this is hard to get an answer for. But by any chance has anyone with experience with JPX921 Tour hit the new T100? im looking at new irons and was all but set on the JPX. But all these pics and videos of the new T100 has me ready to change my mind.
  8. Miura MC 501 with Oban 115 stiff shafts. Everything is standard. Length, lie, lofts etc.
  9. I play Miura MC501 and I absolutely love these clubs. However my one and only complaint is the club has a bit of an offset. And I already hit a draw. And my bad shots with these irons is usually a draw that goes too far left. I wouldn’t call it a hook. But often times it’ll be a perfect high draw shot that starts straight at target and never stops going left. The real bad ones could miss 15-20 yards. even my good shots don’t really start right and come back left. I hit it pretty straight and it just draws slightly left. So usually I just aim a little right. But again the bad ones g
  10. Btw, I didn’t neglect my driver and woods Autoflex shaft in my driver and Velocore blue in my 3w, 5w and 4H. My bag is almost COMPLETE!!! Haha.
  11. In fact my entire head cover collection is memories from my childhood. Top gun. Contra 30 lives code and garbage pale kids
  12. haha. Me too. I grew up as a kid watching it over and over with my brother and step dad. He was a plane nut. We’d go to Carswell airforce base that’s around here and just watch the jets take off and land for hours when we were kids. actually when I went in for my fitting, they were measuring my wedges. Loft. Lies. Bounce etc and while waiting on them I was hanging around looking at everything. Mostly all the pros extra heads and shafts they keep stored in boxes with their names on them. Bryson. Day. Langer. Ancer. Reed. Etc. I was in awe. But one guy there was working on a set of Sr
  13. Obviously not complete. The Miura irons and Artisan wedges aren’t in yet of course. But the 3 old Miura wedges will be gone once the new wedges come in. But in the meantime. Here’s a snapshot of my headcover game.
  14. I don’t think they do lefty wedges. But they do lefty putters
  15. thanks y’all. I’ll definitely post some pics soon
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