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  1. The summer comfort shirts from PM are great! To bad these aren’t my size.
  2. Help me fund a theragun!!!! Up for sale is a bunch of gentle worn clothes. All polos are size large with no stains or snag marks. The FJ Pro SL shoes are size 10w. The Puma shorts are 32 waist and match the blue stripped puma shirt well. The blue Puma polos fit a little big for a large, and the orange and grey Puma shirts fit a little small for a large. All prices are without shipping. Buying multiple items will get a discount. Polo shirts $25 eachFJ Pro SL $50Puma shorts $25
  3. Does the footjoy torry pines polo fit a little big like the typical FJ polo does?
  4. reach out to adam scott on social media, maybe me needs another back up set lol
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