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  1. Over the past year, I’ve gone lighter in my iron shafts and fairway wood shaft. In both cases, the switch was pretty painless, and has yielded good results. The last holdover to my heavy/stiff days is the driver. I’ve played low launch, low spin, heavier (75 gram+), extra stiff shafts for as long as I can remember. I do like my current combo, G410 Plus-Evenflow Black 6.5 75g, but can’t help thinking I’m leaving something on the table, like I was with the other clubs. Any suggestions on lighter shafts that would perform similarly, but allow me to pick up a few mph club speed?
  2. Big fan of my 64* wedge. Don’t know how I lived without it.
  3. Another Ventus thread!!! I've seen a lot shafts get attention over the years, but the Ventus line is all over the place. I've played a lot of Fuji shafts, and am now curious how my current gamer, Evenflow Black 75 6.5 compares to the new hotness. I've read what the manufactures say, but wanted player testimony from those familiar with both. Thanks for any feedback!
  4. The 410 Plus gives me more confidence than any other I've hit. The ST190G I had a few years ago was really good, too. Probably didn't give it enough time to become a favorite.
  5. A lot of manufacturers make their 3-wood models a bit bigger than their 5-woods, too. Usually not a big difference, maybe 8-12cc's, but it's noticeable.
  6. Henrik Stenson, everybody! Cool sale, wish I were skinnier.
  7. If they're discontinued, then let the hoarding commence. I've an original 58*, and a '19 64*. Love them both, despite their appearance.
  8. I've found that for my game, and the courses/events I play in, more options at the bottom of the bag is more important than at the top. I go driver, 4-wood, 4 driving iron. If I ever have 230+ for an approach, I've either duffed a drive, or am playing the wrong tees. If I have more than 230 into a par 5, I'm either laying up, or getting as close to the green as possible, feeling good about my ability to get up and down with either of my PM wedges. Finding two alternate teeing clubs has been a challenge for me, but I like both the 4-wood and the driving iron as layup clubs on shorter pa
  9. Played most brands over the years. Vokeys the most, but all Callaway at the moment. Pains me to say it, but the PM grinds lofted wedges are the best I've played.
  10. As a kid, I caddied for a gentleman that won our club's Senior Club Championship multiple times. He had two of those wedges in the bag, and from 100 in, rarely had more than a ten foot putt. I've looped for tour players whose short game wasn't that good. Wore those faces out, completely.
  11. Mizuno T-Zoid Forged 5-wood with the blue crown. It's the Voldemort of 5 woods for me, I've never kept another one for longer than a season since I gave it to my younger brother (after close to five years of use). Old school S300 in it, it was the most dependable club in my bag for a long time.
  12. TE Exotics 220 EXS. I had to settle for the cheap Ventus to get the 16.5 head I wanted, but might actually be better for me. Super easy to launch of the deck.
  13. Only uses them because he hates his caddie.
  14. PXG 0311X (1st Gen) 4-iron. Replaced the 0211 4-iron of my set. I think it's 21 degrees of loft and fits between my 5-iron and 4-wood (16.5). I hit if off the tee, off the deck, and from the rough with a reasonable lie. The club is designed to be low launch and low spin, I have a shaft in it that brings the flight up a bit to make it a bit more versatile, but it's best at hitting the low bullet off the tee. Pretty forgiving, and I can hold a green with it if they're fairly soft/receptive. Firmer conditions make things a bit trickier on approach shots, but make those tee balls run out eve
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