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  1. 1. Gainesville, VA 2. 6.5 index 3. PXG 0211 Nippon 950GH 4. Righty 5. Have read about these irons here and seen the TXG review, they look great! 6. Yes to all conditions
  2. OG 0211's have lasted an entire year for me (that's saying something). Pretty good blend of everything. Was starting to get the bug for an upgrade, but then I hit a friend's Gen3 P's, and they look pretty much exactly the same. Think I'll stick with them for a while and save some moolah.
  3. It creates a bit of a gap between my hybrid (220-ish) and 5-iron (195). I've found I have way more shots per round where my 64* can help me than shots from 210 yards out where I'm in between clubs.
  4. Seconded. They're the best of both worlds, Dry Joy comfort with Icon/Classics styling. I've a couple of pairs of True's as well, one Lux Pro and one Knit. Great shoes, but they don't fit me quite as well as the FJ's. I get blisters on the back of my heel from them if I go a long time not wearing them.
  5. If you regularly play greens that don't require high lofted, soft landing shots, then the 64* isn't going to do you much good. If you do, and you're skilled enough to hit flops and sand shots that stop quickly, then you probably don't need one, either. It's helped me because I don't really have the time to work on manipulating a 58 or 60 degree, and I can hit the short game shots my courses require with the 64.
  6. In the higher lofts, especially for the short shots, the PM Grind wedges have been way better for me than any other wedges I've tried (and I've tried a lot of them). For the lower lofted wedges (48/50/52 degrees), I could probably use any brand and get similar results.
  7. I don't notice the sound my 410 makes, I'm too busy watching how far and straight the ball goes.
  8. Yes, but only because I've always liked ribbed grips (like the new Align) and I usually have to buy them separately and install them myself. I've also moved to a midsize the last few years, and that makes it less likely that I can just find a club/set with them already on.
  9. I would think the X flies higher (more susceptible to wind) and probably spins a bit more off the driver than the AVX. Both could factor in. I've found that the newest ProV1, not the X, flies a lot like the AVX off the tee.
  10. Aside from Larry Nelson, who? Stricker, Furyk, Pavin, Lehman, heck even Watson, all didn't win a PGA and have been captain in the past 15 years. Skipping Freddie has been a huge mistake.
  11. Can you be a retread when you've never been captain before? Anyone ever heard a good reason why he was passed over for the past decade +?
  12. Why can Fred be a vice-captain, but never the captain? Is his President's Cup record as captain too good? He won more majors than Stricker, and the same number as Love, Pavin, Azinger, Furyk.
  13. Win-win for Phil, looks like he's doing the selfless thing and taking himself out of consideration for a Captain's Pick, while still having an impact on the team and saving himself from making his Ryder Cup record worse than it is.
  14. Can only chime in on one of these, for I'd given hybrids up for the past 3-4 years. My club pro told me that the Sim2 Rescue would bring me back, and he was right. I have the 22*, turned down to 21, and I couldn't be happier. Use it off the tee, fairway, rough, even the occasional fairway bunker. I'm sure the right shaft helps a lot, too.
  15. Technically five wedges (though I perceive my "pitching" wedge to be an iron), one fairway, one hybrid, highest numbered iron is a 5. Maybe all stiff flex shafts, but a 6X driver shaft is quirky?
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