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  1. I did the same thing (got a great deal on Gen2 0311P) in mid-December. Unfortunately, the weather here in N VA has only allowed me one round with them (and no range time), but I was very encouraged after hitting them for the first time on the golf course. I got them mostly to try out the MMT shafts, and found the heads pretty similar to my OG 0211 set that proceeded them. I can't wait to get some practice time with them and dial them in. I'm a PXG iron convert, for sure.
  2. Sim 2 Rescue. Looks similar, adjustable, definitely worth a try.
  3. Might be a little more than 100, but the Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 is the best fairway I've ever played.
  4. Nearest Authorized Fujikura Dealer: The Golf Lab (VA) Chantilly, VA Excited to try this shaft in my fairway wood. Speeder NX 70 S-flex.
  5. lazyjc4

    PXG Irons

    Anyone still game the Gen2 0311P's? Just picked up a like-new set for cheap to test out the graphite shafts in them. I've really like the OG 0211's, interested to see how the two sets compare.
  6. In my experience, both their pants and shorts fit a bit loose in years past. This year’s seem to be very true to measurement.
  7. Use the one you putt best with, and gift the other to me!
  8. All I can say about this club is that I quit hybrids a few years back. I could not find one that I did not hook off the face of the earth, regardless of shaft, face angle manipulation, etc. A local pro told me to try this one, as my driving-iron replacements were too one dimensional, and am I ever glad I did. Paired my 22* head with a Speeder Motore Tour Spec HB, turned it down to 21*, and it has done everything I could possibly ask of it. I'll hit it off the tee, fairway, rough, you name it. I can hit a tight draw with it, or a shove-fade (ala Tom Lehman). Misses have stayed on the planet, too. Can't say enough good things about it.
  9. I'm always keeping one eye on the BST and the bay. The OG wedges are getting harder to find, I've got to snag another 58* while I still can.
  10. Absolutely. The PM grind wedges I use now have made me much better around the greens. My bunker play has improved dramatically, and I have chipped in/lipped out more times the past two seasons than I ever have before. I've completely changed my strategies on par fives and short par fours to get as close to the green as possible because of them.
  11. Goes to show how differently people are wired. If I hit good shots with a club/shaft that feels bad, it's hard for me to ignore/get over. I'll live with it because I'm results driven, but it will bug me. If I hit good shots with a club that sounds odd/unpleasing, I'll notice, but it will soon become an afterthought that doesn't effect me.
  12. The change to titanium drivers, in general, made a huge difference in my game, but since then it seems like shaft technology and fit has made the biggest difference. I played the same shaft in four or five different heads from the years 2008-2018, and I saw little difference in performance. Took me a while to find a new shaft that worked as well.
  13. The bozo swinging the clubs should be on the hot seat, but management seems content with mediocrity.
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