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  1. ditto, can't believe Cypress, Augusta, and Pine Valley didn't donate rounds. Do they really believe we'll spend our hard earned dough on these dog tracks?
  2. I was in the same boat as the OP, iron distances jumped up a few yards when I switched to the 0211's, and I had the 45 degree PW 130, 50 degree GW 115 issue. Re-configured my wedges, put in a 48* that goes about 118, and a 52* at 105. For me, that 12-13 yard gap is a lot easier to deal with than a 15 yard gap. May not sound like much, but mentally it's a big difference for me.
  3. Made the switch a couple of years ago after I was given a sleeve during a scramble event. Figured I'd use them as tee balls since I wouldn't care about losing them. Proceeded to have one of my best driving days, ever, and it's been my ball of choice ever since (the original version, that is). I'm pretty high-launch/high-spin, so they fit me very well. I have no issues holding greens with iron shots, and short shots that require speed still check up for me. Shorter chips and pitches will roll out more than a ProV1, but that's ok with me. Feels great off the putter, too. I'm starting to s
  4. Got my 0211's on the course for the first times the past few days, and all I can say is these things are soooo forgiving. I've made a pretty dramatic shaft change, +1/2 inch S300's to standard length NS950's, and that's led to a few toe-jam strikes that have turned out just great. In fact, the first two shots I had into a substantial wind with these clubs, I tried to punch a longer club under the wind, struck both super toe-y, and got a piercing draw that flew almost the exact distance I wanted, and led to near kick-ins. Conversely, I've hit some heel-fades that flew a bit high and right of
  5. 4-iron. Thanks to the 0211's, my gap from irons to woods is pretty manageable.
  6. I've been playing an F7 3-wood for a while now, and love it. Been looking into acquiring a 5 wood, but have noticed that the F7's are hard to come by, but a lot of the newer models are available. Any recommendations? Which of the newer models is most like the F7? Or, are any of them dramatically better? Thanks!
  7. I'm guessing they are part of the reason the 0211's are on super sale. Clear that inventory. Not complaining, mind you
  8. The lofts haven't been an issue for me. Of course, only some clubs are stronger lofted than my previous set. PW and 4-iron are the same, actually, but every other club is a degree or two stronger. I did make a significant change is shafts, so I'm sure that has played a role in ball flight and spin.
  9. Since I currently play one that’s smaller, I suppose so. Honestly, had you told me that the G400 was 460, I’d have believed it. I can’t perceive any difference in size between it and the 460 heads I’ve played in the past.
  10. A few more details, I play to 5.9 index, and my ball striking is decent, but certainly not great. I save a lot of rounds by keeping it in play and then getting up and down. If my GIR stats to go up, I should see significant improvements in scoring. Have always convinced myself that I fit into the "player's cavity back" category of irons, so that's what I've played the past twenty years (and I've played a lot of them). The 0211's are a bit longer head to toe than what I'm used to, but I kinda like the look. Top line is still pretty thin, though a thicker one doesn't bother me too much. Fo
  11. Only one range session in with mine, and all I can say is that I can’t wait to hit them again!
  12. I agree with you 100%, but I also don't want to stain up my good wool pants on the golf course. The performance stuff looks fine, and I don't care how muddy they get. If I were on tour and had Polo or Burberry sending me free stuff to wear every week, I might think differently
  13. I moved from a low-low shaft (NV2KXV) to a mid-mid (Evenflow Blue) in mine, even lofted down a bit (from 14.5 to 13.5), and found that I get a bit higher flight, but control and distance are still very good.
  14. The issue with golf pants today is that no one's wearing wool slacks to play golf. I don't think pleats look anywhere near as good on the modern "performance" pant. For comfort's sake, not really sure many would want to go back to wool, so lets leave the cool pleats in the Hogan pics.
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