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  1. analyticandrew left Positive feedback   

    Very smooth transaction, highly recommend.

    lazyjc4 was The Buyer

  2. nhaun2 left Positive feedback   

    Good seller, timely shipping and communication!

    lazyjc4 was The Seller

  3. Cole_Williams11 left Positive feedback   

    Great Seller. Purchased driver with 2 shafts. Club arrived, I installed one of the shafts and it began to rattle. Told the seller. He covered the cost to get the tip removed and reinstalled. Classy move. Great communication all the way to the end. Guys like this are the reason wrx is the best place to buy used gear.

    lazyjc4 was The Seller

  4. Lijka left Positive feedback   

    Ad info was spot on, he offered a great deal, and shipping was quick and of high quality. Communication was also very prompt and polite.

    lazyjc4 was The Buyer

  5. jokerusn left Positive feedback   

    Great WRXer! Easy transaction! Thanks!!!

    lazyjc4 was The Seller

  6. Mynameismatt left Positive feedback   

    Quick response and payment, thank you!

    lazyjc4 was The Seller

  7. smeddy left Positive feedback   

    Bought two shirts for a great price...Thanks

    lazyjc4 was The Buyer

  8. bdgregor left Positive feedback   

    bought a shirt, very happy

    lazyjc4 was The Buyer

  9. Milo623 left Positive feedback   

    A+ Great guy to work with

    lazyjc4 was The Seller

  10. golfdude23 left Positive feedback   

    good communication great transaction

    lazyjc4 was The Seller

  11. dbrownjenn left Positive feedback   

    Fast pay, good easy transaction Excellent Buyer!

    lazyjc4 was The Seller

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