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  1. ssfranny

    NCW Campbell

    Custom what, neck, face milling? I wouldnt wait 2-3 months.
  2. ssfranny

    NCW Campbell

    Brandon Matthew got stock models for $449 can pick weight length and stamping. If you want a standard and not a flow neck.
  3. ssfranny

    NCW Campbell

    Brandon Matthew is the custom putter maker for lefties hes a lefty himself. But same reason I dont do a custom LH putter with him. If I didnt like not a big buyer pool.
  4. ssfranny

    NCW Campbell

    Its not gonna perform any better than a Scotty or Toulon at less money. No one also knows who NCW is if you wanna sell it.
  5. Go with Gen3 at $125 less an iron can get upgraded shaft and still cheaper
  6. CF19 are sone of the best performing irons in the last several years. Better than the multiple sets of Gen2 and Gen3 irons Ive had.
  7. Well we dont know for sure. Prob another blade my guess. Wish theyd re-release rhe MP53 with modern lofts
  8. Well we know no lefty MP from Mizuno haha
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