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  1. So I took advantage of the callaway 150% trade enhancement and order a custom set of Apex 21 last tuesday 2/23 they werent only built but shipped to Omaha in 3 days??? Thats unreal. Also, I have a contact on Callaway whos a green grass account. Youd have to ship trade ins to him. PM me for details
  2. I think only way Gen4 a game changer is if the user can swap weights. If has to be done by a fitter then no Ill stay with previous versions the new goo Xcor not gonna make a diff in performance I dont see. The Gen3 “impact reactor” didnt change distance from my Gen2s
  3. I would say after having Gn1/2/3 I would say the Gen1s were solid and little soft, Gen2 were solid feeling not as soft as Gen1, Gen3 left like mush to me worst preforming of the three. Just my opinion I recently bought another set of Gen2 whereI think combination of looks and feel are my favorite so far. Also theres a reason most of the playing pros still play Gen1/2
  4. I think everyone here who had bought PXG knows they will drop price of Gen4 shortly after release. Way their strategy is now come out at retail then just keep dropping. Soon Gen3s will be $150 an iron so why would anyonr buy Gen4 at $350? Lot of people who bought Gen3 a year ago or even last fall just got hosed on resale value. They need a trade in program like Callaway does.
  5. SOLD MInt condition 9.5/10 comes with DG 105 r300 shafts and MCC grips. Price is $1080 shipped CONUS. New would still cost $1600 with taxes and ship Mint Srixon 785s 5-PW with KBS C Taper lite 105 shafts. Price is $600 shipped CONUS
  6. Frankly the 0211Sts the prettiest clubs theyve made. They should come out with a larger ST or like the 0211FB as the look for the Gen4
  7. to me the Gen3s felt mushy I had several sets of Gen3 and they were shorter than my Gen2s I still have a set of the XPs really not impressed with those
  8. so has nothing to do with performance. The STs were a milled face thus higher price.
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