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  1. pXG Gen2 arent pricey at $149 a stick do combo of 0311P and T
  2. Personally I think youll like better than the 919 little softer feel
  3. the 785s feel harsh compared to 919 Forged well theres a first haha
  4. Was corrected and meant since there wasnt a 921 Forged option for lefties. Only SEL combo sets.
  5. LH Mizuno 919 forged heads in excellent to mint condition. 5-PW $580 shipped CONUS. Only option from Mizuno for lefties if want forged in JPX. Can add some PX Lz 5.0 for another $100
  6. Would do 4-PW or 5-PW and just heads too.
  7. The Ansers from 2010 to 2012 were really solid irons Ping should re-release them with modern lofts
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