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  1. I suppose I could depending on the price. I sold a similar set of shafts for $110 a while back, so for $225 I'd be willing to separate since I then have to sell shafts separate. LMK.
  2. Mizzy MP-64 Heads $old Nippon Modus Tour 120 X stiff Shafts (3-PW) $old Ventus Fujikura Blue 7S Shaft: $old Second owner but it's in pretty much mint condition. I played 1 round with it before swapping for a lower launch option. Pulled from a TM Sim 4H Tip to Grip is just over 39.5" YES Nicky C-Groove Putter: $old 34" Grip is pretty worn and would likely want to replace, but this is a fun putter to mess around with and pretend you're vintage FIGJAM DID I MENTION THIS THING HAS C-GROOVE TECHNOLOGY?!?!?!?
  3. Possibly interested in the shafts if you'll split. What's the 5i length and how much shipped to IL?
  4. Will you sell the AMTs separately? If so, price? Edit... nevermind...saw the note these are cut to standard. Im looking for +3/4
  5. These are pretty well brand new and grips are in perfect condition. Bought as part of a set of P770's off a fellow WRX'er, but these are +1/4 & stiff flex. I replaced with my XS +3/4". I've prepped them for install so they're ready to go. Grips: Golf Pride Z Grip 360 (TaylorMade branded) 5i: 37 (Plays 38.25 in TM P770). 1/2 inch increments down to AW at 34" (plays at 35.25) Brand new with these grips would be $330 + tax/shipping. Asking $125 net to me OBO. I'll cover shipping CONUS. Message me for paypal info.
  6. My brother bought one and loves it. Says his ball striking has improved a ton since. I've been using a small foam rolling ball that I already had lying around (or kids size 1 soccer ball) and I've found it to be fairly effective. Inconvenient when you lose the ball, and more difficult to set up than if it had a lanyard. But I already had them Watson Golf has one that has forearm slots I was looking at too. GL!
  7. Sorry, no. Shawnwallace offered 375. I replied via PM telling him 400 was the lowest. He then replied offering 370 or 375?!?!? My price is clearly listed as 400 firm. Not trying to be a jerk, but not interested in taking anything less.
  8. 400. Not considering anything less. I'll just keep it if no one wants it for 400.
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