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  1. Where do you see they show as in stock? Not familiar with Golfio - but I see nothing on the site that denotes they are available to ship. Thanks!
  2. Details below. Let me know if there are questions. All final prices are shipped CONUS and net to me - so if PP protection you'd add the 2.9%. Clubs have been used well and I've tried to show the condition of them. Project X Rifle Flighted 6.5 Shaft Pulls (.355). Cleaned/Prepped for install. Great condition and nearly brand new Lamkin Golf- Sonar+ Tour Calibrate Grip grips (used ~8-10 rounds). Bought as a 4-PW, but installed in 5-AW. Unfortunately I'm not as strong as I used to be and I switched over to 6.0. Longest measures ~37.5" with grip installed. They go down in .5" increments. 9i and PW shafts are both roughly 35". The grips alone cost about $70 new. One sticker started to rub off from accidentally clamping it on the sticker when installing (as pictured), but otherwise in near mint. Sold Adams Super LS 3W (15*) with Tensei Blue AV Raw 65FW Stiff Flex Brand new shaft - swapped it out of my new 3W Mid Launch/Mid-Low Spin Shaft New TM/Golfpride Grip Mid Launch/Mid-Low Spin Shaft Asking $85 Taylormade RBZ Tour 3 Hybrid (18.5*) with Tensei Blue AV Raw 80HY Stiff Flex Brand new shaft - swapped it out of my new 3H Mid Launch/Mid-Low Spin Shaft New TM/Golfpride Grip Asking $75 Titliest Vokey 52* with Nippon Modus 120x Older model (2010 I think), but still has some zip on it. Great club - very versatile for full shots, chips, and pitches. New Lamkin Golf- Sonar+ Tour Calibrate Grip Asking $50
  3. I suppose I could depending on the price. I sold a similar set of shafts for $110 a while back, so for $225 I'd be willing to separate since I then have to sell shafts separate. LMK.
  4. Mizzy MP-64 Heads $old Nippon Modus Tour 120 X stiff Shafts (3-PW) $old Ventus Fujikura Blue 7S Shaft: $old Second owner but it's in pretty much mint condition. I played 1 round with it before swapping for a lower launch option. Pulled from a TM Sim 4H Tip to Grip is just over 39.5" YES Nicky C-Groove Putter: $old 34" Grip is pretty worn and would likely want to replace, but this is a fun putter to mess around with and pretend you're vintage FIGJAM DID I MENTION THIS THING HAS C-GROOVE TECHNOLOGY?!?!?!?
  5. Possibly interested in the shafts if you'll split. What's the 5i length and how much shipped to IL?
  6. Will you sell the AMTs separately? If so, price? Edit... nevermind...saw the note these are cut to standard. Im looking for +3/4
  7. These are pretty well brand new and grips are in perfect condition. Bought as part of a set of P770's off a fellow WRX'er, but these are +1/4 & stiff flex. I replaced with my XS +3/4". I've prepped them for install so they're ready to go. Grips: Golf Pride Z Grip 360 (TaylorMade branded) 5i: 37 (Plays 38.25 in TM P770). 1/2 inch increments down to AW at 34" (plays at 35.25) Brand new with these grips would be $330 + tax/shipping. Asking $125 net to me OBO. I'll cover shipping CONUS. Message me for paypal info.
  8. My brother bought one and loves it. Says his ball striking has improved a ton since. I've been using a small foam rolling ball that I already had lying around (or kids size 1 soccer ball) and I've found it to be fairly effective. Inconvenient when you lose the ball, and more difficult to set up than if it had a lanyard. But I already had them Watson Golf has one that has forearm slots I was looking at too. GL!
  9. Sorry, no. Shawnwallace offered 375. I replied via PM telling him 400 was the lowest. He then replied offering 370 or 375?!?!? My price is clearly listed as 400 firm. Not trying to be a jerk, but not interested in taking anything less.
  10. 400. Not considering anything less. I'll just keep it if no one wants it for 400.
  11. I'd be interested in the shafts if you're willing to separate at some point. Looking for PX 6.0's +1/2 but waiting to see if some Black Friday deals come unless I can find them used first.
  12. Thanks for the input. I already do similar things to what you mention. I use a chair propped against by left side to help stop the forward sway and force rotation. I use the wall drill (pockets against the wall) to feel rotation with spine angle. As I mentioned, I'm good on the other aspects of the swing advice side of things. I know Monte is a legend here, but I've got other avenues I'm going down for my own reasons. I'm a "feel" to learn type of person and was just hoping there might be something to help "feel" the wrist angle being maintained further through impact. Not generating more lag. Just maintaining and staying more connected. As an update, I started using a coat hanger last night with some success/results. Still looking into the other options but this was free while I do that and helps. I'm thinking the planemate might be a better option as it should also help the rotation aspect, but tough to stomach the cost of that for some bungee cords and a WWE belt. I may have to dig up the DIY thread.
  13. Dude, you are insufferable. He provided me the name of a device, not advice. I'm getting swing advice elsewhere. This is a very specific topic, yet you want to keep posting the same bullxxxx here. Move on.
  14. Sigh... seriously? Where did I say I'm not open to swing advice? Just not soliciting it here. This thread is specifically about a training aide, per the title, tag, and post. I've not solicited any swing advice in this thread. As previously mentioned I haven't worked on the swing much yet. That's the winter project that's just gotten under way. Started a couple things but just recently. Just asked a simple question about a training aide to assist with feeling the 2 lever angle through impact. If I want my swing analyzed here I'll start a thread and post video.
  15. Thanks for the ideas! Not discounting Monte...I've been on here a long time and I understand his reputation. Just the point of this thread is not for me to have my swing analyzed. Appreciate the drill ideas too, but as I mentioned I'm working on other root cause issues for drills. Wanted a simple effective device so I dont have to think so much about the wrist/hands while I work on the other drills.
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