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  1. I’ve been using them for about a year and a half and never had a Velcro issues. Switched from Titleist and they last at least twice as long for half the price.
  2. I have 6 left over Golf Pride Multicompound grips white/black. They were bought new from Grips4less for 10.49 each. $50 shipped and paypaled conus.
  3. I wanted to follow up in the thread. I’ve been using a pair of Prizm Field for the last 2 months. It took me about 2 weeks to get used to them. I think most of that was getting used to wearing a prescription on the course. I think they are perfect for golf. They have not been too dark for me even on overcast days. Green reading has not been a problem at all and grain is a lot easier to see now with the glasses. Tracking the ball in the air is fantastic as is finding balls in the rough. I could not be more impressed and want to thank everyone for the recommendation. for comparison,
  4. I was told the putter came straight from Byron although I bought it second hand. The refinish was from the putter spa. It’s been a little hit or miss for me. I probably more consistent with a mallet. But it isn’t nearly as pretty.
  5. I’m getting the same. I came to this section because of it. Only site it’s happening on. iphone XR Software 13.6 happening on chrome and Safari
  6. I have never seen one that is not melted, so I can not be sure, but I think this is correct. When you remove a shaft from the first gen p790 this red piece acts as a collar for both the head and the ferrule. I have no idea where you would get the ferrule that slides over it though so it is probably just easier to remove it and use a collared ferrule.
  7. Just put the 4 iron shaft into the 5 iron and cut to the length you want. Proceed the same way through the set. it makes sense if the soft stepped shafts are a better fit than straight in.
  8. I agree with everything said above but wanted to add a little info. Headweight of 205 is including the adaptor. Most of the heads I have seen are 199-200 without the adaptor. Your build will depend a lot on the balance point of the shaft you choose. If you are sticking with the stock Ping shaft that is counterbalanced you will need to add quite a bit of weight. If you go with something with a more traditional balance point you may not need to add any weight at all. I play mine at 44.5 @ d3.5 and only added 3-4 grams.
  9. I just purchased a pair of prescription lenses with the prizm field. They are not nearly as pink as I was expecting. Wore them at dusk yesterday and they didn’t seem too dark. Wore them in the bright sun today and they were dark enough. Seems like a good fit early on for me. I live in Alabama and have sensitive eyes. The regular golf were way too bright for me. Never tried the golf dark after reading the comments about the field on here.
  10. Thats the plan. I’m just an overly logical person and usually there is a reason why one works and the other doesn’t. Right now the only logical answer is that it’s in my head, I was just hoping that there may be something I am missing or haven’t figured into the equation.
  11. The i20s were KBS tour 120. Switched to the modus at my i200 fitting
  12. I played with the i25s again today and shot my lowest round in the last 3 years. as far as specs, the current i25s and z585 are identical. Same length 36 3/4 7 iron, same shafts modus 105s, same like angle 62.5 pw, same swing weight d0 4 iron to d3.5 pw. Same grip, same bbgm. Only difference is the insertion depth into the z585 is 1/8” deeper and the z585 seem to have less offset. I hit the 4-5 irons in the z585s better, 6-7 pretty much a wash, and the 8-w much better with the i25s.
  13. Inconsistent contact. And it’s something that rarely ever happened with the i20s or the current i25. But the contact is really good with the longer irons. That’s why I’m so confused
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