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  1. I bought a Ventus red 7s off a member here and have it in my 4 wood. Launches high and goes straight. It feels soft but doesn’t play loose at all. Great fairway shaft.
  2. Same shaft as driver except the hybrid shaft. They come 46”. You cut from tip and butt as much as needed to get the length and flex the way you want it
  3. Was it a brand new shaft or was it a pull? Normally if a shaft breaks near the adaptor it would be one of 3 things. Too much heat when the shaft was pulled (not an option if it was actually a new shaft) , overprep of the tip of the shaft, or something like a burr inside the adaptor that caused a pressure point on the shaft. The only way I could see sanding down the ferrule could have any effect on the shaft breaking is if when using a belt sander to turn the ferrule they nicked the shaft.
  4. I would say this is more likely the problem than the heads. Are they the 105s or the 120s?
  5. When you did your fitting did you use midsize grips? Sounds like they baselined your swingweight with a standard grip and did not adjust due to the heavier grips. Most builders ignore swingweight changes due to grip weight. I swingweight all my clubs with no grip and just subtract for standard grip weight.
  6. I’ve never played the 105 wedge shaft but the 115 wedge shaft played quite a bit softer than the 105 stiff 37” shaft. The 115 was also slightly counterbalances. I play the 105 stiff in my 50 and like it, but it is too light for me in my 55 and 60.
  7. My setup is very similar with those 2 clubs. I play a sim 5 wood set at 20.5*, 41.5” and my next club is a g25 20* hybrid (actual loft is almost 22*) at 38.75” and my gapping is perfect.
  8. USPS priority mail is now the same performance as what used to be called parcel post. Complete luck of the draw on when something gets there. I’ve been using FedEx since the middle of last year and a day late is the worst I’ve seen. Cost difference is minimal. Not sure why any seller would take the risk using usps right now. the flip side is if you are a buyer, you either negotiate how it ships or be patient if that’s not an option.
  9. Modus 125 regular in 56 and 60 Glide Stealth. Play Modus 105 s in my irons and like the transitions to softer and heavier.
  10. Thanks for looking. Please let me know if you have any questions. First is a SM8 Vokey Wedgeworks 60 06 Low Bounce K Grind raw finish. The finish had not began to rust yet as I tried to keep it clean while trying it out. Nippon Modus 125 stiff 8 iron shaft installed plays 35 1/4” to the end of the grip. 1* flat, standard loft. White/black multicompound grip. $old thanks! shipped and paypaled CONUS. second is a stock build Vokey SM8 Brushed Steel 56 14 F grind. S200 wedge flex with a golf Pride tour velvet 360 grip. Measures just under 35 1/2” to the end of the grip. 1
  11. Toulon Chicago. I did not need to bend it. Installed over the peg and ended up around 10* of toe hang. Pics are not great but here are a few
  12. I have. What are you wanting to know?
  13. I had played the g400 Max since it originally came out. Best driver I’ve ever owned. I didn’t even hit any other drivers until the G425 came out. I have not hit the G425 in decent weather still. Weather in the 40s and 50s with wet dormant burmuda fairways that don’t really roll. But for me so far the g425 is better for me. The ball launches in almost the exact same window for me but flattens out faster. Feel and sound are subjective but the g425 feels a lot more solid for me, but the sound is definitely worse pre hotmelt and much better after. My miss with driver is heel si
  14. Mine came stock with a 26.5 and I bought a 20 from https://golfshaftsamerica.com/products/head-weight-fits-ping-g425-driver?_pos=1&_sid=df01fe5ce&_ss=r&variant=37886250352824 I had never heard of the place but it hit when I did a google search. Shipped the next day. Looks like golfworks will eventually have all different weights but they are all showing backordered. https://www.golfworks.com/ping-g425-driver-slider-tungsten-weights/p/pgc010/ everything I saw on eBay was either a 15 or really heavy.
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