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  1. I have played iomic sticky 2.3 on my driver and fairways for a couple of years now and really like them. Soft and tacky. I have to keep them clean them clean though. I don’t like them on my irons or wedges.
  2. I finally got to hit my G425 Max today. I have been playing the original G400 Max since it came out. I switched tips on the Tour AD VR6 that I was playing in the 400. Plays the exact same length in both heads. Had to add a little over 3 grams to the 425 to get to the same head weight as the 400. So everything is now exactly the same for me so there is no adjustment period. it was outside on a windy day using crappy range balls, so no date but I will give you my first impressions. Solid strikes feel much better to me than the 400. Also felt a little hotter. Sli
  3. The shortest kbs shaft is 37.5” 9 iron shaft. Same shaft would be used in the 9,w. If you check your step pattern the 9 and w should be the same. Should see a change at the 8
  4. I got my hands on a head today. Head is 201.3 grams without the adaptor. With a tour ad VR 6 @ 44.5 it’s D1 so I have a couple of grams that I can add to get it back to D4. Haven’t had a chance to hit it yet and the weather doesn’t look promising. I thought I read earlier in the thread that their shaft played longer in the G425 than their previous heads. Mine does not. Played 44.5 in G400 Max with 1.5” bbgm. It is the exact same in the G425 after switching adaptors.
  5. Ping is the only one I can think of that has a wedge they can subtract weight from easily because of the ctp. wedgeworks will do plus or minus 2 points but that won’t get you all the way to d1 unless you play you 60 shorter than standard.
  6. Thanks for looking. All items will be shipped either UPS or FedEx with tracking because of the struggles with USPS lately. First is a Sugarskull Golf NYC Mallet cover. It was used a couple of times but it is a little too big for my putter so I’m going a different direction. $100 shipped and Paypaled Conus. Second is a set of raw Mizuno T20 wedge heads. 60/10 and 56/14. They are really soft so there is some scratching on the sole and a little wear on the face. $120 Shipped and Paypaled Conus for the heads only. I also have 2 modus 120 stiff shafts that I can install. The
  7. I have shallowed my swing out quite a bit. I still take medium sized divots but not nearly as steep as I used to be. I was really steep and played pings for close to 10 years and after making some swing changes I started struggling with them. I really liked the mid and long irons in the 585s, but struggle with the shorter irons for some reason. I probably would have done better with a combo set but the 785s looked really small to me and I was afraid I wouldn’t get enough help on my slight misses.
  8. I have not tried the newest version of the Srixon but have played the 585s and hit the 785s, now playing the 921 forged. The biggest difference is the sole. Some people really like the v sole, but I prefer the turf interaction of the mizuno for my swing. In my opinion the 921f would sit somewhere in between the 5 and 7 series for Srixon.
  9. A lot a factory heads come with hotmelt on them. There was an article when the original M2 came out that cut open 9 different manufacturers heads at the time and about half of them had a good bit of hotmelt in them including the M2
  10. Bought mine here and got it really fast. https://golfsupport.com/golf-waterproofs/mens-waterproof-jackets/proquip-stormforce-px6-pro-waterproof-jackets
  11. There is a thread showing the ei profile of the blue vs the di.
  12. I will add one more variable that I haven’t seen discussed. Do you prefer a larger or smaller head. That matters more to me than anything. I have played clubs lofted up and down and neither tend to affect my ball flight. I haven’t compared the 410 but in the 400 the 3 wood is significantly larger than the 5 wood.
  13. So you are using this thread as leverage hoping to make him do the right thing. While all you are going is giving him more time to scam others. if he is legit trying to do the right thing he can come to this thread and explain what happened.
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