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  1. Scotty Cameron 72 & Sunny Set - Backpack - Headcover - Towel All Brand New in Bag Selling as a set only. Asking $350 shipped Real Deal Diamana Kai'li Driver & 3 Wood Set for Titleist (It was on 915 heads) - Driver: 70 Stiff. 44 7/16 Inches Tip to Grip End. - 3 Wood: 80 Stiff. 42 5/16 Inches Tip to Grip End. Selling as a set only. Asking $160 shipped No trade at this time. Thank you!
  2. Anyone have spare shaft laying around? Looking for KBS C Taper Stiff 0.370 parerrel shaft. Experimenting with putter shaft. Thanks. Eddie
  3. Not much difference in 0.5 inch but make sure to calculate your swingweight when adjusting length.
  4. It looks like Nippon has 150 gram putter shaft in 0.355 but can't find a seller in US.
  5. I need a shaft that is heavy without adding anything to it. I can't find TT Stability shaft with 0.355 tip. Is there one?
  6. Do you know where I can find True Temper 200 grams heavy putter shaft in 0.355 tip? Please help. Thank you. Eddie
  7. I'm selling the following. All prices are including shipping. Feel free to ask me questions and send offers. 1. Nike Vapor Fly Pro 4 Iron with Handcrafted HZRDUS 6.5 85g shaft. 39.5 inches with D0 SW. It has BK serial number. $OLD 2. New Nike Vapor Control 9.5 Shoes. Men's size. I'm sticking with black or white shoes so this one has to go. $OLD 3. Putter Grips. 1 x Superstroke Pistol GTR 1.0 - SOLD 1 x Taylormade (Lamkin) Both New. $15 for TM Lamkin 4. Putter Shaft with Rare Taylormade Superstroke Fl
  8. New ProV1 Logo/Prior Generations 2 Dozen (7 have no logo) Asking $65 shipped New Japan Premium Bridgestone PHYZ golf balls. Color is Pearl White. 1 Dozen Made in Japan Asking $35 shipped All 3 Dozen for $90 shipped Make me an offer. Trade: I'm looking for ProV1x, Bridgestone Tour B X.
  9. Spider X Tour Issue Head Asking $SOLD True Temper S400, 3~P. 7 iron shaft has color distortion but I don't think it will affect any play ability. (pictures shown on the bottom) 5 iron shaft has grip end that had a hole which was glued. (picture shown on the bottom) There are some rattles on couple of shafts which can be removed when changing the grip. All weighs 186 grams. The length shown is on 3 iron shaft. I believe these are standard length to Titleist. I bought it to install it on my back up, but never got to use it. Asking $SOLD
  10. Is it 0.370? I'm asking about the plumbers neck. Not the slant. Thanks. Eddie
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