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  1. Titleist TS3 has about 10 rounds of use and some range wear. Check out the pictures below. The shaft is a Project X Even Flow 6.5 75g Shaft. There was a defect in the original shaft so this was sent is a BRAND NEW shaft sent to me, has never been used. It took 6 weeks for them to send me a new shaft so I bought a SIM Driver instead. $250 DRIVER HEAD SOLD $$$ Shaft- 150 OBO shipped SOLD Headcover- 25$ + shipping SOLD
  2. Is the M5 still available? If so, would you consider selling head only?
  3. It's the best place on the web to teach my son about the game, from both an equipment perspective and general golf knowledge. This information we share makes us closer and at the same time helps grow the game of golf, hopefully for future generations of our family.
  4. Make an offer guys. Want to unload these and get something else. I'm no longer good enough for these.
  5. [quote name='Hot Rod 71' timestamp='1436264182' post='11901726'] Trade for what? [/quote] What do you have? Looking for something a little more forgiving. Ap2 something like that but will listen to all [quote name='houstonlefty' timestamp='1436272400' post='11902078'] Ping ansers with tour issue s400s? [/quote] Can you send me some pictures please
  6. Had 2 kids in the last 3 years and don't get as much time to play to warrant keeping these clubs in my bag. Need to change to some more forgiving irons. I bought the irons used, and have used them for 2 seasons. Still in great shape. Pictures seem to look worse than they are in real life but I want to make sure you see them in the sunlight. Project X 6.5 1/2 inch longer than standard. Standard lie. Lampkin full chord grips. Comes 3-PW price drop to 375 shipped. Doesn't look like anyone wants to trade what I'm looking for. Looking for Apex or apex Pro, or Rsi2
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