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  1. So...you gonna get rid of all your polo shirts? Or do they get “grand fathered” into the wardrobe? JT should go IZOD!
  2. That bike is insane! Why do you have it set up with the saddle so high?
  3. Which shows this is truly a business decision JT don’t be bringin the Kobe dollars So...poof Hes gone. Although it seems, per the statement, the door is open to bring him back into the fold. In this case...I still buyin RL! Stuff fits me pretty dope and seems to wear well. Like RL boxers briefs, got some of dose like gotta be 5 years! Or...my blue linen RL button down. Ooooh. I only wear it for the most executive summer soirées. Of which...I attend none. So it’s still in mint condition!
  4. Well, JT, expensive lesson learned In the future Be like TW and just drop an F-bomb!
  5. I love SS but some of his wins are questionable. For example, Setting up an impromptu “golf course” at the PGA Commissioners annual drunken BBQ consisting of water buckets, houseplants, and Dixie cups, in the backyard and declaring Sam the winner of a “PGA Tour event”. I mean, that’s a bit of a stretch.
  6. Ha! Great Escape! These guys like, Lets finish these drinks, kick those guys butts, and steal their women!!
  7. The documentary directors were referencing redemption as far as his personal life. They are saying that TW had nothing to redeem himself for in the eyes of the public since his actions in his personal life are no one’s business but his own family’s. And the notion that Tiger Woods, an athlete who has provided far more great golf memories and elite performances in his sport than arguably any other athlete in history, would have to redeem himself in the eyes of golf fans or the sporting world Is totally absurd. The only person that Tiger ha
  8. Exactly. The only thing I feel TW needs “redemption” from the public on are things that affected The public! The dui would be an example. And being a cheap tipper. I hope he stopped with that he should make a big public apology and start a fund to help waitstaff! And his casual attire which, at times, has been truly offensive
  9. I gave a quick listen to the podcast , I did fast forward a bit ; ) But, I did catch an interesting comment that contrasts with you saying, “The Masters win in 2019 started the redemption story,” The directors of the documentary say (paraphrasing)... They don’t think TW had anything to redeem himself for (as far as the public) That all of the personal stuff was between him and his family. And this is exactly what I think.
  10. I really don’t think it’s very complicated or potentially indicative of psychological confusion that Charlie felt like playing a couple of rounds with his dad and his dads friends and coworkers; )
  11. Tiger protecting his kid and allowing him to play in the PNC are not mutually exclusive. I can’t imagine you’re suggesting that TW “had” him play as opposed to allowing him to play and enjoy a great event that Charlie was clearly psyched to participate in. Charlie has grown up with tour pros as his dads friends. For him, pga tour pros are like if your average kid plays with their dads friends at the local course. He was sitting at a table in the clubhouse at Augusta when his dad won the Masters ; )
  12. Nobody know Tiger Tiger don’t know Tiger! You think Tiger had any clue why he was cruising Vegas, training seals, while jetting around destroying people in golf tournaments?! I imagine if you asked him now, he’d be like, how the heck was I doing that?!
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