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  1. I imagine you made the same prediction and post in 2019 just without the word “fusion” ; )
  2. Tellin ya, TW fight the golf gods like,
  3. TW and one legged swings have yielded decent results in the past, right? ; ) Tiger’s Finest Victory: How Woods Won the US Open on One Leg https://www.nationalclubgolfer.com/news/tiger-woods-us-open-2008/ Tiger's finest victory: How Woods won the US Open
  4. Was what “he did in the past totally irrelevant” after he had back fusion, cut through the young guns like butter, rose to #5, and won the Masters? ; )
  5. This guy like, Tigers my friend! Is like George and Tony
  6. Here is TW swing 2000 vs 2019 Less dynamic but certainly still able to get in the key positions. He needs to get back or pretty close to the physical condition he was in 2019 to compete now. I think he is wise to just give it time, build strength and flexibility, and just see if he can get there. He may not be able to.
  7. Hey Doc. Don’t you think Duck tape should be like standard issue for all Doctor bags? I mean, if you happen upon some accident, Duck tape would be invaluable right? Can like, staunch bleeding, make a sling, you use enough duck tape and you can pretty much patch up anything. Or are you already ahead of me on this? ; )
  8. Sure, the older equipment was much less forgiving. And some have said that, especially the modern driver, has leveled the field a bit. But they all played the same stuff. I think the main reason the game was harder back in the day. Was that all the guys were hungover! “Roger Maltbie walked into the locker room the other day with a bottle of beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. The graying, plump veteran was the picture of a throwback, a symbol of a bygone era on the professional golf tour when lifestyles were fast and loose and fitness was an afterthought.” "You used to buy drinks after shooting 65," said Bruce Lietzke, a PGA Tour member since 1975. "Now you go ride a stationary bicycle to celebrate a 64." Guys used to play with hangovers and finish in the top 25," Lietzke said. "You can't do that anymore." "We didn't have a fitness trailer; we had the Holiday Inn bar," Pearce said. "We kept doing 12-ounce curls. That's all we did." You knew where to find them at 2 a.m. It was last call. "We had about 15 strong closers back then," Pearce said. "I don't know of anybody strong enough to close now. It takes a lot of strength to close a bar and then perform." https://archive.seattletimes.com/archive/?date=19930613&slug=1706213
  9. Ya, Ping homies be like, Is this the year I upgrade? Nahhhh ; )
  10. Tigerrrr! On ! He look tired. Say he got no idea when he be able to play a tour event. He getting the ball in the air, but not too far lol, and at least feel like he can “participate in the sport of golf” Says he has no memory of accident. Good answer ; ) Walked through his progression after back surgery. No pain, then power, then shoot scores, ok I can do this and play full time. But, now with leg, he can’t see a similar path forward yet with any visibility. But, he can see getting in shape one day to play a few events a year possibly. Says he has played full holes of golf. Indian reporter asked if he’ll will feel bad if he lets down his “billions of fans”, TW smiling. Says he has some pain in his back and leg right now during interview. Said his children have mostly known him injured during their lives. They were surprised he could actually play golf Ahhh, here’s TW saying he’d love to win the Open again. St Andrews his favorite course. Loves the dinners there, the stories from the old timers. This guy, he got all the cash yo! Just his haircut and facial do trim cost like $1000!
  11. Lol I woulda had no clue what you were takin bout but then just saw they say Irish coach goin LSU ; )
  12. Well, I been million ball games but only one golf event. 2019 PGA Championship. Went on Thursday and TW was teeing off early so we got there real early, saw some range and then…TW on the practice putting green. It was dope! And fortunately, since it was early and TW and BK we’re teeing off on the 9th, and the ninth like miles away, it was a little wet ground and Bethpage has some hills to traverse, was not even many people on TW first hole! Waiting for TW and got to see Sergio and AScott hit driver on the other hole. AS bigger in person than TV and he piped this ball like just kept rising. Then, TW come waking over and go straight in the porto potty! . But was quick lol. TW play like crap but got to see him and BK really up close for like 3 holes. Then, was like poof! Millions of TW fans show up and wasn’t worth following anymore since he hacking lol. So, cruised around, parked at a few good holes, saw most everybody. Even saw JD in his golf cart! But, back to my analogy…it must be really tough to follow the leaders and really see much. And on TV you get to see everything! But, I guess if someday TW in the hunt at a major on Sunday, I’ll have to check that out ; ) Thats not me in the Tiger get up, I swear!
  13. I know but I imagine, especially if one has never been there, Monday be really cool to see Augusta, see the players (especially TW or the top guys since it gets crazy to try to follow them during the event), and a more chill vibe. As you know, golf if different than going to a baseball game where all the action is right in front of you. Its so spread out in golf and as dope as big TVs are now, it can be much better to watch in the comfort of home.
  14. behind the fast food joint! You lucky they didn’t have like Scalper Pimps! Like these guys
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