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  1. You never saw Rory 1.0?! It was like watching Rambo crush Brian Denehy and his crew. Rory destroy par 5s. Send irons in like guided missiles on long approaches and long par 3s. He was not half bad with wedges and he could make a 6 footer in the clutch. Here, Rory gain like 10 shots per event in 2012. Like all from ball striking
  2. BHo The only thing that should be banned is this move
  3. Tiger? He decided to tear it all down at replicate the Drax estate. Including the staff ; )
  4. Blade! Happy Friday ; ) I was actually referring to how, back in the day before cell phones, texting, and even email, all we had was the phone. We lived the phone cause you only connected with people in person or on the phone (or post mail!) so you hadn’t texted the person like 50 times already and actually could have a nice conversation. Now, I’ve noticed many of us, as you say, hate getting calls. They are either robocalls or bad news/emergency often. Man, I remember as a kid, we didn’t even have an answering machine! It was like no b
  5. Tiger Slam beat GS 4 consecutive majors and Players Championship Throw in back to back PGA Championship 99/00 Is like a guy in MLB batting .450 and hitting 100 HRs
  6. Just curious there, tw_f... Its a sporting event. The venue for the Masters is kinda established, so I’ll assume your not looking for the Masters to be moved. And then the players....play. What would you propose is done, exactly, to prevent this type of “catastrophe”?
  7. Fine gents of The Grille! I thought I smelled a food conversation. Been ages since I pulled up to the bar ; ) One thing about “Italian” or any national cuisine, for that matter, is that everything is local. Just like how in the US, you got bbq (and so many bbq variations from state to state or even county to county) in the south and clam chowder in the northeast, and everything in between, all depending on what’s grown and caught in your “back yard”. There are major differences between Northern Italian and Southern Italian food and
  8. The worst thing is that Rory had what you can’t teach. He was bloodthirsty. And when he saw he could tear apart golf courses and his foes, he got even hungrier. Then, he got into some attitude like he has nothing to prove. But now, getting embarrassed like he did last week, he could slide right into Rickie land. Insane, you say? Rory was #1 in early 2020 This season in 12 events, he has zero top-3 finishes. He has 3 missed cuts including the Players and the 1st major of the year. Hes now #13 owgr. The la
  9. I recall reading a study that taking vitamin c can have a positive affect on “mood”. I try to remember to take it regularly but...never seem to do so, lol But, and it’s not a supplement, I have found that fitness, particularly cardio, does some cool things for me. First, it brings an amazing feeling of contentment and feeling of mental well being. Over time, it sharpens your mind, improves concentration, makes you less prone to distraction and irritation. It steadies your nerves. It slows your resting heart rate. A lot if you regularl
  10. So you don’t panic when you see your phone is actually ringing?
  11. His name is Wayne Player What you expect?
  12. You are throwing around excuses and citing numbers with zero context. One might think that half the viewers shut their TVs off as Hideki played to victory. Here is some context, Tiger won his first Major in 12 years in 2019. The most popular golfer in history and a huge worldwide draw. His Sunday round averaged, 10.8 Million viewers Hideki’s final round? 9.45 Million viewers So, you have a relatively little known Japanese golfer during a pandemic that is impacting all sports ratin
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