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  1. So you spent 10 years getting your hopes dashed 4-days a week? Kidding Hs, cheers
  2. They gotta get TW into Paris 2024. How you not gonna give him a shot to get an Olympic medal? Make up an exemption like… Anybody who got 15 majors or more gets in. Tiger and…Jack can tee it up if he wants. TW like the Greek Titan Atlas yo! Carried the sport on his shoulders for decades ; )
  3. The original games were a celebration of the refinement of body and skill in the art of war! Not some 19th hole long drive spectacle. Then again, apparently, they are seriously discussing having darts in the next Olympic games ; )
  4. Meh Thats amazing. I’d like to actually hear a recap of the round. I assume his putting was stupid but like to know how dialed in his ball striking was as well.
  5. Ya, but they the Tigerrrrr! Of Sychro Diving ; )
  6. I see Michael Phelps has enough juice to get a court side seat to the women’s beach volleyball. The stadium is empty of fans otherwise.
  7. See, I’d push back on that. The drive that Rory has had throughout his life is at such a high bar, you and I can’t begin to understand it. Not that we have not shown as much drive and guts in our lives overall (well, you anyway ; ), but We have never experienced what it means to be blessed with the talent Rory has but also work your fingers to the bone, eat sleep, breath, just one thing, from childhood to manhood, in pursuit of Destroying everything and everyone in your way until you stand on top of a pile of your foes and proclaim:
  8. Ya, I think his grandparents are from there but then moved to Japan and his mom was raised in Japan. His grandparents still live in Japan and possible watched him win Also… Xander’s father was a decathlete trying to make Germany’s Olympic team when “Unfortunately, on his way to Olympic training, Stefan’s car was struck by a drunk driver, causing a multitude of injuries that included the loss of sight in his left eye. His Olympics chances dashed, a depressed Stefan turned to alcohol to cope with the pain.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.golfd
  9. https://www.wsj.com/articles/olympic-golf-seven-man-playoff-bronze-medal-11627811474
  10. I wanna stay up see who win but I too old
  11. Man, Tokyo. That’s some serious metropolis. Cant believe I’m saying this but I’m actually rooting for Xander to get the gold. Guy blows everything, he gotta get a win here. CM must weight about 145 pounds. That like a welterweight but in golf, he punch like Mike Tyson!!
  12. Announcer said Rory wants to go watch Dressage. He will never win another major again Rory an aristocratic now yo!
  13. “The secret? I never do this, but I had a burger for four straight days. So my body is probably feeling it. I know my body’s feeling it.” https://www.golfwrx.com/657290/collin-morikawas-secret-to-winning-the-open-burgers/?utm_source=Front&utm_medium=Featured_Trending&utm_campaign=GolfWRX_OnSite&utm_content=unused
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