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  1. I wanna stay up see who win but I too old
  2. Man, Tokyo. That’s some serious metropolis. Cant believe I’m saying this but I’m actually rooting for Xander to get the gold. Guy blows everything, he gotta get a win here. CM must weight about 145 pounds. That like a welterweight but in golf, he punch like Mike Tyson!!
  3. Announcer said Rory wants to go watch Dressage. He will never win another major again Rory an aristocratic now yo!
  4. “The secret? I never do this, but I had a burger for four straight days. So my body is probably feeling it. I know my body’s feeling it.” https://www.golfwrx.com/657290/collin-morikawas-secret-to-winning-the-open-burgers/?utm_source=Front&utm_medium=Featured_Trending&utm_campaign=GolfWRX_OnSite&utm_content=unused
  5. That is a great post. But I think most golf fans understand this and wish there was a much footage of the greats throughout the decades. I’m a huge TW fan but how great would it be if there as much footage of all the insane shots so many greats hit over all these years. Is like our friend Roy Batty say… All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
  6. Well, you got this guy. Then… Angel Cabrera, Allenby! Oh, and this guy…. “According to multiple reports, Olesen allegedly assaulted a woman and urinated in the aisle of a plane while drunk on the flight.” And even Tiger, some say his wife swung a club at him…yup, she’s European! So, I’m thinking our golfers at least pretty chill ; )
  7. Well, actually, they all looked at us busboys with a bit of protectiveness, odd as it sounds. I think cause we were young and not yet spoiled by the worries of the world. Plus we worked like crazy! We would make like 100 bucks on a Saturday night, cash! That was a fortune. We go spend it all at “ the club” the same night, lol. One time the owner was like, What you guys doing tonight? My friend says we go out, try meet ladies, maybe get in fights. Owner says, I don’t know, you look a little weak in the @ss to be getting in
  8. Yeah, now it makes sense, I can’t visualize it exactly but he had a big military arm tattoo. Guy was nuts but a virtuoso chef, loved to grow his own basil too. His brothers worked there too. One of them was a monster, his forearm was the size of a frying pan. But you could see the entire tooth pattern of a Pit Bull bite scar on it. Apparently he approached this girl who was waking her dog and he went to pet it and it bit him!! But who knows how he got it. He would smoke joints in the giant walk in freezer
  9. I like that interpretation of the Lincoln quote! As far as that poem, It sounded familiar but I didn’t recall it. But… Reminds me when I was in HS and workin in the mobbed up Italian restaurant. The head chef was the owners son. Owner was like 5’10 350, he could have them make him a lobster or exquisite pasta but he’d sit around eating Mortadella (Italian Baloney). On a Saturday night there would be like 300 a la carte diners, it was a zoo. The kitchen had like 5 stoves and fortunately, as a lowly busboy, I never had to go back behind th
  10. Zinger gets a lead medal. Man. They should pay him not to talk. And is that…. Rory Sabatini?
  11. Oof, happy ye recover. I think some TWs bones like vaporized. If he’s just whole and walk around make a cut at Augusta, wave to the crowd, that’s a win. If he can compete, I’d be shocked but who knows. But pretty sure he won’t be doing this again ; )
  12. Somebody must have told JT he look all mopey yesterday. Just now he smile and do #1 sign when they announce him
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